Appearance Edit

A tall, wiry, bald man with ornate tattoos over much of his body, Ayake's golden skin and slanted eyes mark him as hailing from the Far East. He wears a heavy black hide longcoat and sturdy boots, and his weapon of choice are the Claws of the Iron Tiger, a matching pair of unusually fine bagh nakh.

Personality Edit

Ayake is a friendly man, always willing to help those in need and rarely seeking reward for his efforts. Nominally an ascetic, he's still overfond of the finer things in life; delving affords him an outlet and distraction for his baser urges and provide him with the worldly experience needed to attain enlightenment.

Goals Edit

Ayake seeks to perfect his martial arts and achieve enlightenment. In Polisberg he witnessed the events of the Conjunction of Dark Stars, and is eager to investigate the meaning of the beams that fell to earth.

Background Edit

Ayake was raised in temple society, but was judged unfit for a life of quiet contemplation; he was too eager to apply the lessons of the martial arts. He was politely but firmly asked to leave the temple, and to return once he had achieved a more peaceful state. Over time, he's made his way to Polisberg, as much for an opportunity to hone his martial skills as for the opportunities to find enlightenment.

Exploits and Deeds of Valor Edit

Reason for and Method of Leaving the Group Edit

Character Sheets Edit

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