Appearance Edit

Cid is a foxman, a rare race that is a relation to the catfolk. He has red fur topped by a mane of white hair. He stands tall, with a lean but muscular build. All in all, he resembles the famous foxman paladin Scydd Silverblade.

Cid wears shining steel plate armor of dwarven manufacturer and carries a silvered broadsword and a tower shield.

Personality Edit

Cid claims to be a brave paladin, fighting against evil in service to The Light. Although a skilled warrior with many divine abilities, he can be rash in battle. He tends to underestimate his opponents, and overestimate the abilities of his allies.

Goals Edit

To fight against evil.

Background Edit

Cid never spoke of his background in any detail. He was involuntarily transported to the Shrouded Vale by Elder Spawn. He joined the delving band in their fight against goblins there.

Exploits and Deeds of Valor Edit

Nothing of note.

Reason for and Method of Leaving the Group Edit

Cid was beheaded by Brok the Bloodthirsty, the wannabe ogre hero, while fighting the greenskin high command in the old castle in the Shrouded Vale. He had previously been shot through the heart by Gorish Rah-jo, the orcish Master Archer, and then repeatedly assaulted by Brok.

Character Sheets Edit

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