Connell Barleygold is a faun, first off, so that comes with certain things: goat-legs and big cloven hooves, and a set of heavy ram-horns on top of his head. His hair, and the fur on his legs, is curly, blond and woolen, and his body has a lean build. He has an oval sort of face with dark green eyes, and it lends itself very well to smirking and grinning. He's wearing mail and leather on his chest, and a leather skirt.


Connell's favourite pastime is sitting around a fire, drinking and singing and generally carousing. He tries hard to keep things light-hearted and he hates, hates having nobody to talk to. He'll start conversing with himself if he has to.



Connell used to be part of a larger circle of faun druids who lived in a secluded forest valley far from Westmarch. They tended to treat the circle as more of a gentleman's club than a serious endeavor, with much drinking and laughing and magical pranks at the expense of humans living on the edge of the forest. This came back to bite them when powerful necromancers arose in the area, and the fauns were ill-equipped to handle them. The druids were driven from their glades, and scattered across the continent. Connell, although he tends to be light-hearted, is still journeying to find his old allies and gather strength for a return home someday.

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Connell has yet to do much of note.

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