The following was the basis of an email to a group of potential players:

There's no particularly nice way to sort people and then exclude some of them, but I can at least indicate what I'm looking for in a player so you know how you're getting judged:

  1. Reliability: Someone who expects to be able to play every Monday is much better than someone who won't show up regularly.
  2. Participation: Someone who writes emails, updates the wiki, contributes ideas, and the like is better than someone who doesn't.
  3. Interest: Someone who really likes GURPS, and who is interested in Dungeon Fantasy, is better than someone who is so-so interested.
  4. Personality/Presentation: Gaming is a social activity, and online gaming depends on an ability to write. Some of this is going to be subjective, but I'll take a good writer over someone incomprehensible.
  5. Rules knowledge: GURPS is complicated. All other things equal, I prefer people who know the rules, or who are trying to learn them. This factor is minor, though: I'd prefer an interested, reliable newbie over the GURPS Line Editor who couldn't make it on time.

--Mark 16:10, 11 June 2008 (CDT)