Appearance Edit

Grumpy leprechaun 498x370

This is him in his "town" clothes. In his "work" clothes, he also is wearing webbing, a potion belt, climbing spikes, sh*t-kicking boots, and assorted equipment.

Personality Edit

Lóegaire Búadach has a huge chip on his shoulder. all at leprechauns feel the world of the "big people" is against them, losing many of their number each year to "giant" outsiders searching for treasure. Lóegaire, though, takes this a step further. He sees it as his duty to his people, to take as much money from the "big ones" as possible, especially gold, by any means possible. This leads him to be, as well as the normal leprechaun crotchety, extremely greedy , grasping, and a bit of a loner. And while he is not entirely without a conscience, he almost never passes up an opportunity to take as much as he can wherever he can. However, his sense of curiosity leads him to a life of adventure, rather than a life of simple petty theft

Goals Edit

Lóegaire Búadach wants to make money. Or rather, he wants to have money, and is a particular about how he gets it. Since leprechauns have a limited the carrying capacity, and as he feels it is fitting, he prefers as much in cold hard gold as possible.

Background Edit

Lóegaire Búadach Grew up in a typical leprechaun life, living in the forest avoiding greedy adventures. Like many leprechauns, this led him to life and the big city, as a thief. However, after getting in trouble with the law on many occasions, And with simple burglary not close enough of a challenge, he decided to explore the west march. Since in leprechaun wouldn't last long time self, he made the difficult decision to join with a band of fellow adventurers. Being a natural owner, this was a difficult decision to make, but at this point he sees it as his only reasonable choice.

Exploits and Deeds of Valor Edit

Lóegaire Búadach stole 3 magic potions and fled the delving band.

Reason for and Method of Leaving the Group Edit

Lóegaire decided that delving was not for him and fled the band at night on his flying carpet.

Character Sheets Edit

PDF Character Sheet