Appearance Edit

An irrationally beautiful woman with pointed ears and a willowy build. Her skin is the pale white of fresh snow, and her hair hangs in wild curls down her back in the stormy grey of winter skies. She wears finely-tailored local clothing of leather and silk.


Personality Edit

Friendly, outgoing, naturally charming, and both well-used to the effect her appearance has on people and good at taking advantage of it. She has a basically optimistic outlook on life, and is always ready to give nearly any creature the benefit of the doubt - especially if there might be something she can learn from it - with exceptions made for her fellow adventurers; she expects them to hew to a higher standard. She was raised in human cities, and mixes a deep respect for nature with a love of civilization and its wonders.

Goals Edit

Lenia's foster father was a delver, and while he didn't make any particular effort to raise his daughter to the same profession, the old wizard found it hard to refuse her anything. She's gone into the same line of work out of a desire to learn more about the world.

Background Edit

Captured when very young by Orcish slavers, Lenia was rescued by a group of delvers; that party's wizard had been near retirement, and took in the young Nymph. She grew up surrounded by human civilization, and enjoying all the luxuries that her foster father's wealth could buy. Despite her distractible nature and "brisk" social life, her natural abilities have made her a competent mage (with particular strength in Air and Water) and a talented diplomat.

Exploits and Deeds of Valor Edit

Lenia single handedly killed a Toxifier and a Flaming Skull in the Hidden Library in the Caverns of Madness (session 4).

During her time in the Caverns, Lenia was never successfully attacked if she had an opportunity to defend herself. She almost the most accurate member of the delvers and did the most damage per hit.

Lenia became the leader of the group during the delves to the Tomb of the Bloody Baron and the Fens of Despair.

Reason for and Method of Leaving the Group Edit

Lenia embraced the Corruption of the Fens of Despair and became more and more tolerant of it. She relied on it repeatedly to further her aims. Her magic became darker and darker, more inimical to life and she became a threat to the safety of her allies. Upon returning from the Fens, she retired to a remote temple to cleanse her soul.

Character Sheets Edit

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