Background Edit

Plains elves are tall, slender humanoids with pointed ears. All of them have at some innate magic talent and know a few spells. They age to maturity as fast as humans do, but live for several centuries. They reproduce slowly.

Plains elves organize as nomadic tribes under a Queen or other royal, usually around 200 strong. Each Queen claims to rule over all other tribes, and will often claim elaborate, fanciful titles for herself. There is no evidence that any Queen rules over any other tribe. Most Queens give their families, friends, and other favorites in the tribe equally elaborate titles as her nobility and courtiers. The rest of the tribe considers themselves gentry, and no elf works for a living.

Most elves spend their days playing games, composing or singing music, producing works of art, and otherwise contributing to the beauty of the world. Several each year, the tribe holds multi-day festivals in which they use massive circles of ceremonial magic to raise or create all their food until the next festival.

A few members of each tribe are less lazy than the others, and spend their time learning magic. Elves are poor craftsmen compared to the dwarves, but elven magic allows them to compensate for their lack of skill in many ways. Orichalium and mithril are created by the elves, though not in any great quantity.

Almost all elves enjoy fencing and archery.

Technology Edit

Although elves are technically a TL(1+1) society that uses magically augmented bronze age tools, it is easiest to refer to them as TL2.

Military Edit

Plains elf troops are TL2 troops with Good gear and Good quality. All troops have the Night special. Superior troops improve to Fine gear and Crack quality; rare veterans are Fine gear and Elite quality.

All elves are mages to a greater or lesser degree, and there are no distinct elven mage units. The majority of their armies are elf nobles on horses fighting as horse archers; a small force of the Royal Guard fights as shock cavalry. Pegasus Riders patrol the skies. Elf tribes are led by a Royal: a Hero Battle Mage or Flying Battle Mage unit. Royals as a set have extremely variable quality: roll randomly to determine gear and training quality.

Unit Name Troop Type Force Percentage
Noble Horse Archers Horse Archers 40%
Royal Guard Medium Cavalry 20%
Mages Battle Mage Cavalry 25%
Pegasus Riders Flying Cavalry 10%
Aerial Mages Flying Mages 5%
The Royal Hero Battle Mage Cavalry or Hero Flying Mage 1 per tribe

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