Background Edit

Sea elves are short, slender humanoids with pointed ears, blue-tinged skin, nictating membranes over their eyes, and slightly webbed hands and feet. They cannot breathe water but they can hold their breathes for long periods, much like their dolphin allies. All of them have at some innate magic talent and know a few spells. They age to maturity as fast as humans do, but live for several centuries. They reproduce slowly.

Sea elves organize as nomadic tribes under a Queen or other royal, usually around 200 strong. Each Queen claims to rule over all other tribes, and will often claim elaborate, fanciful titles for herself. There is no evidence that any Queen rules over any other tribe. Most Queens give their families, friends, and other favorites in the tribe equally elaborate titles as her nobility and courtiers. The rest of the tribe considers themselves gentry.

Sea elves are hunted for sport by the murderous devilfish. Although the elves are individually roughly equivalent to the devilfish, the disparity in breeding rates means that trading one elf life for thirty devilfish is unfavorable to the elves. After millenia of war, the elves have been pushed back into the least valuable and most defensible parts of the coastal floor.

Fortunately for the elves, their widespread magery allows them to use massive circles of ceremonial magic to create enough food to survive for months from almost nothing with just a few days effort. The rest of the time, elves spend fortifying their defenses and eluding the devilfish.

Technology Edit

Although elves are technically a TL(1+1) society that uses magically augmented bronze age tools, its easiest to refer to them as TL2.

Military Edit

Sea Elf troops are effectively TL2 with Basic gear and Average quality. They have the Night special.

Sea Elf forces are mainly composed of Sea Elf warriors armed with bow and spear. They fight equally well in the water or on the ground. As usual with elves, their mages are mixed in with the battle line, though the most skilled elves have the ability to fly. Dolphins augment the force and act as scouts.

Troop Name Unit Type Percentage
Sea Elf Tribefolk Amphibious Bowmen 60%
War Dolphins Aquatic Beasts 20%
Sea Elf Mages Amphibious Mages 15%
Veteran Sea Elf Mages Flying Amphibious Mages 5%

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