Champions sometimes need to chase monsters that are far away, hiding, and moving around the country. The normal investigation and chase rules aren't quite up to the task.

Hunters and Quarry Edit

These rules assume one or more teams of hunters pursuing a single team of targets (the quarry).

Range Bands Edit

Range Band Distance Investigate and Counter surveillance modifier
Close Within 2 miles +3 and -4
Short Within 12 miles +2 and -2
Medium Within 60 miles +1 and 0
Long Within 300 miles 0 and 0
Extreme Within 1500 miles -1 and +2

Rounds Edit

Long chases take place in rounds, of roughly four hours. During each round, each hunter and the quarry choose and resolve maneuvers. Then the hunters make opposed Deduction rolls against the quarry, and resolve counter-surveillance. The range bands of the quarry's current location, next location, and next movement time are adjusted based on the success of the deduction.

Chase Maneuvers Edit

The basic maneuver in a long chase is to try and find clues: use the rules in MHM to resolve the success. Each hunter can investigate the where the quarry is now, or where the quarry is going to go next, or when the quarry will next move.
Investigation rolls get a modifier for the distance between the hunter's location and the target's location (even if that distance isn't known). A hunter can repeatedly trade a +1 on the investigation rolls for a -2 on his counter surveillance rolls, or a -2 on the investigation rolls for a +1 on his counter surveillance rolls.
A hunter can relocate to close in on the quarry. Travel by car averages 75 mph (60 mph for Honest hunters). Travel by plane averages 500 mph but cannot get the hunter close than Medium range. Traveling by plan gives a -4 on counter surveillance rolls, as it is much easier to detect air travelers.
Hunters and quarry need to spend one round each day relaxing or they start getting stressed. At the end of each day that a chase participant didn't take a Relax maneuver, they need to roll Will, with a cumulative penalty for the number of missed Relax maneuvers. Failure causes the loss of 1 FP that can only be recovered by recovering the missed Relax maneuvers.
Characters with Addictions, Alcoholism, Compulsive Behaviors, or Lecherousness are assumed to indulge while Relaxing. They must roll Self-Control at a cumulative penalty if they attempt to avoid taking a Relax maneuver.
Most hunters and quarry need to spend two rounds each day sleeping. See Campaigns pp426-427 for the effects of missed sleep.

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