Connell: Which reminds me, the first thing I wanted to try today was to Beast Summon a bunch of ravens to chat with.
Mordreona: We should scout it out better when we get closer. I assume we are going there to save the lost guy.
Narrator: After defeating the swamp wolves, the delvers continued their trek over the swamp.
Mrugnak: "It bad guy get eat."
GM: Time is passing. What are folks doing?
Mordreona: Looking for useful plants, unless someone is making me do something else.
Kevin: Resting comfortably in Mrugnak's arms while he walks, I think.
Connell: "I could ask the local wildlife. Sounds like a nice plan to me, if we can find somewhere to stop."
** Mrugnak keeps an eye out for swamp rat huts, and other edibles. **
Mordreona: ((Kevin could you change your name pls?
GM: Swamp rat huts?
Mrugnak: (( Heheheh ))
Lenia: ((Whoop, sorry.))
Mrugnak: Dem huts wat swam rats make dat dey live in.
Lenia: ((Mrugnak seems to have the impression that 'beavers' are 'swamp rats'.))
Berkun: Berkun watches out for threats
Mordreona: "god pls no more rats."
GM: Oh, right.
Mrugnak: Dose rats wit der big flat tails, like dat (makes a pancake gesture)
Berkun: If possible, he'll fly just a bit higher than others
Berkun: and he keeps his bow ready in case there's an ambush
GM: Jeremy, you were casting Bird Summoning?
Connell: Nobody's stopping me, so yes! [3d6.skill(16,0)] => [3,4,3] = 10 vs (16) or less Success! by 6
Connell: Beast Summoning ravens, I think.
GM: There's a raven about 1/2 mile away. It will take about 2 minutes to fly over.
GM: It will take a total of 3 fatigue to summon the Raven.
** Connell just stands somewhere solid, chanting to himself and shaking a handful of plants occasionally. Could be a ritual, could just be crazy. **
Connell: Ok.
Mordreona: "How long will we be able to walk on air?"
Lenia: "Until I decide to drop you in the swamp."
Narrator: A few minutes after Connell chants, a black raven flies up and begins circling the druid, making raucous noises.
Mordreona: "K"
Mrugnak: (( got dc'd from maptools ))
Connell: (( So, does Speak With Animals mean I speak raven, complete with weird noises, or I speak normally and they understand me? I have the Advantage version, not the spell. ))
Mordreona: Points at the bird."I'm not sure that is wise."
whispering to Connell, "You have summoned me. What do you need?"
GM: Special effects are up to you... it's probably easier if we just have a whisper conversation, but it's more amusing if everyone else only gets your half of the conversation.
Lenia: "Actually, ravens are among the more intelligent of bird species; if Connell can get anything intelligible out of it, it could give us valuable information."
** Mrugnak looks at the raven. "Dat bird OK smart. Not like dumb duck." **
** Connell replies in kind, making caws and toc-toc noises. **
Lenia: ((The More You Know.))
Mordreona: "Do we not think the lizard men would think this odd if they saw it acting that way?"
Mrugnak: "Dey see us, dey more odd bout 'dat, ya?"
Mordreona: "I think they would see it first, as it is way up in the air."
Berkun: "Lizardmen don't have to watch the sky at the moment"
Mrugnak: "Lotta more bird up in der air dan dere mens."
Berkun: "There's nothing up there that would pose a threat to them, or so it would seem"
Mordreona: "OK works for me." I hide in a tree.
GM: You're walking on air, you know.
Mordreona: ((yes, I just want some cover. I assume we are not moving while he talks to the raven.))
Berkun: that makes hiding in a tree easy:)
Berkun: Berkun floats towards a treetop also
** Mrugnak hangs out in his natural habitat - ground level. **
Mordreona: "Are we sure Connell is talking to that thing and has not just gone bird brained?"
** Connell glares at Mordreona for a second, then turns back to making weird noises at a bird. **
Lenia: "I've seen him do this before. He was convincing a nightingale to sing for some tavern wench he wanted to bed."
Berkun: "It's good, let him do this..."
** Mrugnak attempts some crude birdcalls. **
Berkun: Berkun looks shiftily
Lenia: "As I recall, the girl wasn't a music lover."
Mordreona: "That was nice Mrugnak, I think you have it. "
Berkun: "If we can get the bird to tell us things... Quiet Mrugnak, you'll scare...!"
Mordreona: "I'm not sure that means he can understand them tho."
Berkun: "You sound like an angry, fighting bird!"
** Lenia thumps Mrugnak's shoulder gently. "If you're going to whistle, put me down." **
Mordreona: "Not true, you have it down Mrugnak, try again."
** Connell speaks briefly to Lenia, "While I've got this thing here, any questions? I'm not getting anything useful." **
Mordreona: "Has it seen any people like us around?"
** Connell caws at the bird and points in the direction of the menhir ring Berkun scouted earlier. **
Lenia: "Does it have any idea what kind of creatures they are living in the huts over there?"
Connell: "He said we were headed to the lizardmen village, so our guess was right about those."
Mordreona: "Does it know where we could find some fresh eggs?"
Lenia: "..."
Mordreona: "did it see any non-lizard men there?"
Connell: "Used to be humans about, but not lately."
Mordreona: "Do the lizard men set traps for the prey they kill?"
Mrugnak: "Dey nice mens?"
Connell: "They use bows. They're not nice to ravens, but that might not mean much."
Mordreona: "OH do the have missile weapons?"
Berkun: "Ask... if there were humans taken *into* their village?"
Berkun: "Can you?
Berkun: "
Mordreona: "ok, all I can think of."
Connell: "He can't tell, he doesn't go near there."
Mrugnak: "Raven ok bird. You see lotta dem, you know dere's lotta killing done.
Connell: "Anyone have meat? The raven deserves a little treat."
Mordreona: "Why do we not eat the raven?"
** Lenia tosses Connell a packet of elven rations. Essential Food is tasty for everything. **
** Connell glares at Mordreona, and catches the packet. He breaks off some rations, and holds it out for the raven. **
Mrugnak: "Dat not meat."
Mordreona: ((are the pack animals walking on air too?)
Lenia: ((The pack animals are back at the camp outside the marsh.))
Mordreona: (Sorry I just recalled that.)
Mordreona: "Are we really going to attack the poor lizard men village? they could have lizlits there."
** Connell passes the rest of the rations back to Lenia. **
Berkun: "Much rather we determine if people are held there and move on if they aren't."
Connell: "Okay, so, the lizardmen are up ahead. They have bows. The druid grove got attacked and burned, and one survivor is surrounded by giant eagles, a thirty-minute flight that way," he points.
Narrator: The raven gestures deeper into the swamp, caws a bit more at Connell, and then flies away.
Berkun: "Fighting the whole village would be unnecessary trouble otherwise."
Lenia: "They've been ambushing and murdering traders, and have a helpless prisoner we're sworn to save."
Mordreona: "I agree. and only if they have the guy we get paid to save."
Mordreona: "well we ambush and murder all sorts of things on the delves."
GM: So?
Mrugnak: "Dat guy bein hurt by dem egles?"
Mrugnak: (( *eggles. As in eggs. ))
Mordreona: I follow Lenia.
Mrugnak: "Or dey good eggles?"
Connell: "I could fly in and look around, I don't think the lizards would eat a chickadee, but my preference is to see if Lenia can get us a diplomatic solution."
Mordreona: "I could scout it out if you guys want."
Berkun: "Do so, I'll be covering you"
Berkun: Berkun will sneak 30 feet behind Lenia
Mordreona: "Will I fall out of the air if I get to far from Lenia?"
GM: You guys are several miles away from the village, still.
Berkun: "I don't think... I didn't fall"
** Lenia casts Missile Shield (-3 for spells on; -5 for reduced FP cost; +2 for extra time (10 seconds)): [3d6.skill(18,-3--5+2)] => [6,2,1] = 9 vs (22) or less Success! by 13 **
Lenia: ((Uh. Success by 3. Not 13. O.o))
Mordreona: "I say we get within a mile then Berkun and I go look it over."
Lenia: "We get to within a mile; Berkun and Mordreona scout the situation; if it doesn't look immediately hostile, then I'd like the two of you to hang back and stay hidden while Mrugnak, Connell and I go in to negotiate."
Lenia: "If negotiations go sour, then we'll need you in the fight for backup."
Berkun: "Good, how do we signal if things go bad? Screaming?"
Mordreona: "Why not let me sneak in, if the guy is not there we could just bypass them."
Connell: "Screaming works."
Berkun: "Mordreona is right. But prisoners could be hidden from sight..."
Berkun: "Talking might be helpful. Tell you are looking for the captive, maybe that you're willing to pay ransom?"
Lenia: "Because if somethin
Lenia: ((Ignore that.))
Lenia: "Because the prisoner, if he's there, is likely not as good at sneaking as you are - and getting him out won't be as easy as getting you in."
Mordreona: "yes but if he is not there why should we let them know about us?"
Berkun: "If we'd need to get the prisoner out forcibly, we're attack as a diversion while Mordreona rescues him..."
Mrugnak: "Inn dat why Lenee say go scout?"
Lenia: "So we're back to the 'you pair sneak in, scout around, sneak back out, and then we negotiate' plan."
Berkun: "Right. Lenia, I'm guarding your back. If you get in trouble and run away I'll slow them down."
Mordreona: "well I think the negotiate part is not for sure, lets see what we find out first."
Berkun: "So just focus at what's in front"
Berkun: (I mean Mordreona)
Mordreona: "OK lets do this."
Mordreona: "you going to stay back 100 yards or so Berkun?"
Berkun: "Less than that"
Berkun: "One third"
Mordreona: "OK"
Narrator: The delvers walk through a low river valley in the swamp. Reeds break through the surface of two parallel, sludgy rivers to either side of them.
Berkun: "So that if you start running I'll shoot at them and make them consider finding cover..."
Berkun: "Then r un as well"
Berkun: Berkun unceremoniously applies mud camouflage to his face
Berkun: (can I benefit from camouflage skill by just using mud and bits of bushes?)
Narrator: Suddenly a blue stone flies out of the bushes at the top of the creek and lands between Connell and Berkun. Air rushes by in a concussive thunderclap with a deafening crack.
Mrugnak: (( sounds like improvised tools. ))
** Lenia decides that being carried by a minotaur is not the best way to begin negotiations. Walk on Air: [3d6.skill(18,-4-5+2)] => [5,3,6] = 14 vs (11) or less Failure! by 3 **
GM: Everyone can make HT-3 rolls or be stunned. Combat is starting.
Lenia: HT: [3d6.skill(12,-3)] => [4,1,6] = 11 vs (9) or less Failure! by 2
Lenia: Luck!
Lenia: HT: [3d6.skill(12,-3)] => [4,3,3] = 10 vs (9) or less Failure! by 1
Lenia: HT: [3d6.skill(12,-3)] => [6,5,2] = 13 vs (9) or less Failure! by 4
Mordreona: HT (13) [3d6.skill(13,-3+2)] => [1,6,6] = 13 vs (12) or less Failure! by 1
Lenia: Boo.
Mrugnak: HT (13) [3d6.skill(13,-3+2)] => [5,2,4] = 11 vs (12) or less Success! by 1 Bless +2
Connell: HT [3d6.skill(14,-3)] => [6,4,2] = 12 vs (11) or less Failure! by 1
Berkun: [3d6.skill(13,-3)] => [2,1,5] = 8 vs (10) or less Success! by 2
Mordreona: ((OMG I failed a HT roll first one I think))
GM: Mordreona needs to roll DX-3 or fall into the mud, losing her walk on air ability.
Mordreona: DX (15) [3d6.skill(15,-3)] => [6,5,3] = 14 vs (12) or less Failure! by 2
Lenia: ((?))
GM: She's stunned, she fell, she's not walking on air any more - you lose it if you fall.
Narrator: Movement in the bushes to either side.
Mordreona: ((I may cry))
Lenia: ((Oh! Right. I though it dropped because *I* failed. >.>))
Berkun: "All charge one group first!"
Berkun: "Everyone attack right!"
Mordreona: (I think my random number script is cursed)
Mrugnak: (( You and Jeremy share that problem :D ))
Bandits: Slingers on their readied shot [3d6.skill(14,6-4+1-5)] => [2,2,2] = 6 vs (12) or less Success! by 6

[3d6.skill(14,6-4+1-5)] => [3,6,1] = 10 vs (12) or less Success! by 2  to Mrugnak's face
and to Berkun's chest [3d6.skill(14,6-6)] => [1,3,4] = 8 vs (14) or less Success! by 6

Mordreona: ((I'll try to get a spell to fix it when we get back to town.))
Narrator: Following the stone, sling bullets emerge from the bushes, smashing into Mrugnak and Berkun.
GM: You guys can defend at -2 for partial surprise.
Berkun: feverish dodge + retreat [3d6.skill(11,-2+3+2)] => [6,3,5] = 14 vs (14) or less Success! by 0
GM: Can't retreat against ranged attacks - though you can drop. Want to drop?
Berkun: yes
Berkun: Berkun dives lower to duck under the stone
GM: You are no longer walking on air, but instead are lying in muck.
Mrugnak: sling bullets are to small to parry, so I'll dodge!
Mrugnak: 1 FP on a Frenzied Dodge, keeping to my feet.
Mrugnak: Dodge (9) [3d6.skill(9,-2-2+2)] => [3,1,1] = 5 vs (7) or less Success! by 2
Lenia: ((Note that you are carrying a Lenia.))
** Mordreona found the F10 macro key **
GM: 2 hits...
Mrugnak: (first -2 is for Encumbrance)
Mordreona: (nice)
Lenia: ((Second dodge, Mrug?))
Mrugnak: Oh wpps
Mrugnak: Dodge (9) [3d6.skill(9,-2-2+2)] => [3,2,3] = 8 vs (7) or less Failure! by 1
Mrugnak: *woops
GM: Damage is [2d6] => [3,2] = (5) to the face.
GM: DR1?
Mrugnak: 3 DR
GM: From what?
Mrugnak: 2 natural, 1 from the enchantment?
GM: Doh!
Mordreona: ((I know I should not ask this but am I face up or down in the mud.That is can I breath?))
GM: You're on your knees, Mordreona.
GM: A bullet bounces of Mrugnak's cheek, to his annoyance.
Lenia: ((It's impossible to Concentrate while grappled. How does this apply to 'carried'?))
Mrugnak: Mrugnak is not trying to restrain you, if that's any help.
GM: You have to make subtle gestures, but you can cast normally otherwise.

1) YOUR TURN NOW:: [28] Mordreona
(on deck: [28] Berkun)

Mordreona: I'm stunned yes.
Mrugnak: Roll HT at the original penalty to recover? or what?
GM: HT-3 to recover.
Lenia: If it's Concussion, yeah.
Mrugnak: (( Actually, Lenia, how much do you weigh? ))
Mordreona: HT (13) [3d6.skill(13,+2-3)] => [2,1,6] = 9 vs (12) or less Success! by 3
GM: It was a Concussion Spellstone.

2) YOUR TURN NOW:: [28] Berkun
(on deck: [26] Connell)

Mrugnak: (( inc. gear. ))
Lenia: ((Lenia's small - call it 160-180 with all her gear?))
Mrugnak: (( dodges should have been at -3 then. ))
Mrugnak: (( same results, but good to know! ))
Lenia: Berkun?
Berkun: I am here now
Berkun: Berkun turns in the muck and immediately shoots his bow
Berkun: target: bandit 2 with net
GM: -5 for range, -2 for cover, no Acc bonus.
Berkun: vital shot, barbed arrow [3d6.skill(19,1-3-5-2)] => [6,3,6] = 15 vs (10) or less Failure! by 5
GM: Your shot goes wide.

3) YOUR TURN NOW:: [26] Connell
(on deck: [24] Mrugnak)

** Connell is stunned! [3d6.skill(14,-3)] => [4,6,2] = 12 vs (11) or less Failure! by 1 **
** Connell remains stunned! **

4) YOUR TURN NOW:: [24] Mrugnak
(on deck: [24] Lenia)

** Mrugnak charges Bandit 3 with a Heroic Charge, Mace to the Face and a ferocious roar. **
Lenia: "Waugh!"
Mrugnak: Oh.
Mrugnak: wait.
Mrugnak: Didn't I put you down already?
GM: Are you taking Lenia with you?
Mrugnak: If not, Mrugnak puts you down.
Mrugnak: and saves that idea for later!
GM: Okay.
Mrugnak: ***

5) YOUR TURN NOW:: [24] Lenia
(on deck: [20] Bandits)

Lenia: Stun Recovery (HT): [3d6.skill(12,-3)] => [4,2,2] = 8 vs (9) or less Success! by 1

6) YOUR TURN NOW:: [20] Bandits
(on deck: [28] Mordreona)

Bandits: Net Bandit 1 steps forward, throwing a large net onto Mrugnak [3d6.skill(14,1+6-4+1)] => [6,5,1] = 12 vs (18) or less Success! by 6
and Lenia [3d6.skill(14,1+6-4)] => [4,6,6] = 16 vs (17) or less Success! by 1

Lenia: ((Does that count as a missile?))
** Mrugnak parries the large thrown weapon? **
Mrugnak: (( with an axe ))
GM: Yes, and yes.
GM: It's on your flank, though ... stupid peripheral vision.
Mrugnak: :D
Berkun: Can I dodge a net normally?
** Lenia has Missile Shield up, and remains unworried. **
Mrugnak: Trovaardig yxa (Axe/Pick) * Axe Blade parry [3d6.skill(13,0+1+2)] => [5,3,3] = 11 vs (16) or less Success! by 5 Bless +2
Bandits: Net Bandit 2 steps forward, throwing a large net onto Berkun [3d6.skill(14,1+6-4)] => [3,3,5] = 11 vs (17) or less Success! by 6
GM: Berkun dodges at -3 for being on the ground.
Berkun: feverish dodge + retreat [3d6.skill(11,-2+3+2-3)] => [3,6,2] = 11 vs (11) or less Success! by 0
Berkun: that's one dodge
Berkun: and the other:
Berkun: Could not execute the command: null
Berkun: feverish dodge + retreat [3d6.skill(11,-2+3+2-3)] => [6,3,1] = 10 vs (11) or less Success! by 1
GM: There was only one dodge for Berkun...
Mrugnak: (( aaaugh they're following us ))
Berkun: Sorry, I misread
Bandits: The slingers step back, drawing sling bullets.
Berkun: Berkun rolls away trough the mud, holding to his bow
Bandits: Other shapes rustle through the bushes.
Mrugnak: (( quick afk ))

1) YOUR TURN NOW:: [28] Mordreona
(on deck: [28] Berkun)

Mordreona: I stand up and advance if I can with a heroic charge. "Look what you did to my new clothes you Son of a Bitch!" as I fast draw my sword.
GM: Well, you can stand.
GM: Fast-draw?
Mordreona: I can fast draw too?
GM: Roll it.
Mordreona: Fast-Draw (ShortSword) (16) [3d6.skill(16,0)] => [3,4,5] = 12 vs (16) or less Success! by 4 Includes: +1 from 'Combat Reflexes'
Mordreona: ###

2) YOUR TURN NOW:: [28] Berkun
(on deck: [26] Connell)

Berkun: draw barbed arrow [3d6] => [6,3,1] = (10) and fast load [3d6] => [2,2,5] = (9)
Berkun: despite the mud, Berkun gets off another shot at the bandit
Berkun: vital shot, barbed arrow [3d6.skill(19,1-3-5-2)] => [4,6,6] = 16 vs (10) or less Failure! by 6
Berkun: and again the arrow goes past the target
GM: Shooting in the mud is slowing Berkun down.

3) YOUR TURN NOW:: [26] Connell
(on deck: [24] Mrugnak)

** Connell is stunned! [3d6.skill(14,-3)] => [3,5,3] = 11 vs (11) or less Success! by 0 **
Berkun: indeed, muck flaps around and gets into his eyes. he curses and spits as he tries to lift himself

4) YOUR TURN NOW:: [24] Mrugnak
(on deck: [24] Lenia)

** Connell recovers. **
** Mrugnak tries that heroic charging thing again. **
Mrugnak: Only with less Lenia in the mix.
Mrugnak: So Bandit Slinger 3!
Mrugnak: Any penalties for muddy footing etc?
GM: Aren't you walking on Air?
Mrugnak: durp.
Mrugnak: So no.
GM: because otherwise, it's double movement on the ground, triple through the brush, and don't enter the water.
Mrugnak: Morning star, to the face, with -4/-2 DA.
Mrugnak: Huvudet-krossat-i (Morningstar) [3d6.skill(24,-5-4+2)] => [5,1,6] = 12 vs (17) or less Success! by 5 Bless +2 Conditional: -1 from 'Size Modifier' when Bigger Than Them
Mrugnak: "Waaaagh!"
Bandits: Readied attacks from mace-wielding bandits! [3d6.skill(16,1-5)] => [2,1,4] = 7 vs (12) or less Success! by 5 to the face!
[3d6.skill(16,1-5)] => [2,4,5] = 11 vs (12) or less Success! by 1 to the face!

Mrugnak: Can I parry with the axe?
Narrator: As Mrugnak charges, two bandits step out of the brush and clobber him.
GM: Well, you can try...
Mordreona: ((can I still walk on air?))
Mrugnak: Ah, there they are.
GM: Mordreona, no.
Mrugnak: I parry the left one with the axe, and the right one with my horns.
GM: You are peevesome but tricksy.
GM: Good call!
Mrugnak: And I forgot that I have a +1 deflect bonus on those dodges but it is remembered for future reference.
Mrugnak: Trovaardig yxa (Axe/Pick) * Axe Blade parry [3d6.skill(13,0+1+2)] => [3,1,6] = 10 vs (16) or less Success! by 6 Bless +2
Mrugnak: Striker (Horns; Impaling) parry [3d6.skill(11,0+1+2)] => [3,2,6] = 11 vs (14) or less Success! by 3 Bless +2
Bandits: Slinger dodges! [3d6.skill(7,-2)] => [5,4,5] = 14 vs (5) or less Failure! by 9
GM: Or not.
Mrugnak: "-AAAAHG!"
Mrugnak: Huvudet-krossat-i (Morningstar) [4d6+3] => [3,3,4,1,3] = (14) cr
GM: The bandit crumples under the mighty blow.

5) YOUR TURN NOW:: [24] Lenia
(on deck: [20] Bandits)

** Lenia stands smoothly, extending her staff in an elaborate gesture and shouting words of magic as she directs the fury of the elements at Bandit Slinger 1. **
Lenia: Range is 8 yards (6 with Staff), -4 for spells on, +2 for Shouted Words, +2 for Exaggerated Gestures. 2 FP for 4d damage.
Frostbite:[3d6.skill(20,-6-4+2+2)] => [2,6,3] = 11 vs (14) or less Success! by 3

Lenia: ((Does he resist?))
GM: Can you do Exaggerated gestures while kneeling?
Lenia: That's why I got to my feet.
Lenia: As a step.
GM: Doh! Okay.
Mrugnak: *stands not *lands :D
Mrugnak: (( I read lands the first two times :P ))
GM: No, he doesn't resist. Damage?
Lenia: [4d6] => [5,5,5,3] = (18)
GM: Ice forms on another bandit and he drops.

6) YOUR TURN NOW:: [20] Bandits
(on deck: [28] Mordreona)

Lenia: ((These are humans?))
GM: Yes.
Connell: (( I'll have to duck out after my next turn. ))
Bandits: Mace Bandits 3 and 4 try to clobber Mrugnak again [3d6.skill(16,1-5)] => [1,2,2] = 5 vs (12) or less Success! by 7 to the face!
[3d6.skill(16,1-5)] => [5,3,2] = 10 vs (12) or less Success! by 2 to the face!

** Mrugnak tries to repeat his trick, but with more penalties for repeated parries! **
Mrugnak: Striker (Horns; Impaling) parry [3d6.skill(11,-4+1+2)] => [6,6,2] = 14 vs (10) or less Failure! by 4 Bless +2, Trovaardig yxa (Axe/Pick) * Axe Blade parry [3d6.skill(13,-4+1+2)] => [1,3,1] = 5 vs (12) or less Success! by 7 Bless +2
Bandits: Slingers move and ready their slings. Net Bandits step back, readying maces.
Bandits: Damage is [2d6+2] => [6,4,2] = (12) to Mrugnak's face, DR3.
Mrugnak: 9 crushing, to the face, not a major wound.
Mrugnak: And I sort of can't believe i just wrote that, but.
GM: Mrugnak needs to make an HT roll since he took shocking damage to the face (B420).
Mrugnak: oh hey.
Mrugnak: HPT help?
Mrugnak: HT (13) [3d6.skill(13,0+2)] => [2,3,5] = 10 vs (15) or less Success! by 5 Bless +2
Mrugnak: Does it matter?
GM: +3 as usual...
Mrugnak: Success! by 8 :D
GM: The bandit looks in disbelief as the minotaur doesn't even flinch from taking a blow that would kill a mortal man.
Mrugnak: (( If it makes him feel better, Mrugnak probably has a bloody nose. ))

1) YOUR TURN NOW:: [28] Mordreona
(on deck: [28] Berkun)

Mordreona: I try Fast talk. "If you surrender now, I can keep the minotaur and wizard from killing all of you. Soon he will be to battle raged to stop."
Mordreona: Fast-Talk (13) [3d6.skill(13,0)] => [6,2,3] = 11 vs (13) or less Success! by 2 Conditional: +1 from 'Charisma' when making Influence rolls
Mrugnak: [30/9] => 3
** Mrugnak makes a note to check if he's too battle raged to stop next turn. **
Mordreona: ###
Bandits: Fear to resist, at +5 [3d6.skill(11,5-3)] => [1,5,6] = 12 vs (13) or less Success! by 1
Bandits: "We can do this!"

2) YOUR TURN NOW:: [28] Berkun
(on deck: [26] Connell)

Mordreona: "Thats what the last group said, and they had 3 times your numbers."
Berkun: Berkun gets up to his knees
Berkun: "You can just get killed..." *spit*

3) YOUR TURN NOW:: [26] Connell
(on deck: [24] Mrugnak)

** Connell remains kneeling in the muck, and calls on the wind spirits. Because that worked so well before. (( Body of Wind [3d6.skill(16,0)] => [4,6,4] = 14 vs (16) or less Success! by 2 )) **
whispering to Connell, Hope your wife feels better.

4) YOUR TURN NOW:: [24] Mrugnak
(on deck: [24] Lenia)

Mordreona: ((see you next time ))
Connell: Connell chants and shouts.
** Mrugnak checks to see if he goes crazy-go-nuts! [3d6.skill(15,+2)] => [5,2,2] = 9 vs (17) or less Success! by 8 bless! **
Mrugnak: Mrugnak now makes a good imitation of Crazy-Go-Nuts by Dual-Weapon-Attacking, Bandit 4 with the axe, Bandit 3 with the morningstar.
GM: They're at -2 for being in cover.
Mrugnak: -4 on both for DWA
GM: To hit, I mean.
Mrugnak: ok, so -4, -2 on axe, -4-2, and -4/-2 DA on the morning star.
Mrugnak: Huvudet-krossat-i (Morningstar) [3d6.skill(24,-4-2-4+2)] => [4,5,5] = 14 vs (16) or less Success! by 2 Bless +2 Conditional: -1 from 'Size Modifier' when Bigger Than Them
Mrugnak: Trovaardig yxa (Axe/Pick) * Axe Blade [3d6.skill(20,-4-2+2)] => [3,3,5] = 11 vs (16) or less Success! by 5 Bless +2 Conditional: -1 from 'Size Modifier' when Bigger Than Them
Mrugnak: "OW!"
Bandits: Bandit 4 blocks [3d6.skill(10,1-2)] => [5,1,4] = 10 vs (9) or less Failure! by 1
Bandits: Or not...
Mrugnak: Trovaardig yxa (Axe/Pick) * Axe Blade [4d6+3] => [1,3,2,3,3] = (12) cut
Mrugnak: Bandit 3?
Narrator: The bandit fails to get his shield up in time and dies in a spray of blood.
Bandits: Bandit 3 blocks [3d6.skill(10,1-2-2)] => [5,1,6] = 12 vs (7) or less Failure! by 5
GM: Was there a DA on the axe?
Mrugnak: Nope.
Mrugnak: Just on the morning star.
GM: Okay, Bandit 4 made it, Bandit 3 didn't and dies.
GM: Oops.
Mordreona: ((whats the - to jumping in this muck?))
Mrugnak: Bandit 3 was with the morning star. I use my Follow Through perk and attempt to terrify the rest of them?
GM: Uhm? Sure.
Mrugnak: Flail (22) [3d6.skill(22,0+2)] => [1,4,1] = 6 vs (24) or less Critical Success! by 18 [B556] Bless +2 Conditional: -1 from 'Size Modifier' when Bigger Than Them, +1 from 'Weapon Bond (Huvudet-krossat-i)' when using Huvudet-krossat-i
Mrugnak: Success on that check lets me make an intimidation check as a free action, as Mrugnak frighteningly whirls the spiked ball of omg doom around and resets it masterfully.
Mrugnak: Intimidation (13) [3d6.skill(13,0+2)] => [2,1,6] = 9 vs (15) or less Success! by 6 Bless +2 Includes: +2 from 'Appearance'; Conditional: +1 from 'Size Modifier' when Bigger Than Them
Mrugnak: And whatever bonuses for size, exploding people, etc.
GM: Thanks...
Mrugnak: Follow-Through: On any turn during which you knock down or kill an enemy using the chosen skill, make an immediate skill roll. Success lets you try Intimidation (p. B202) against any remaining foes as a free action that turn. A good example here is chiburi: flicking blood off a sword blade, practiced by Japanese swordsmen.
Bandits: "Flee!"

5) YOUR TURN NOW:: [24] Lenia
(on deck: [20] Bandits)

Lenia: ((It's like Chiburi, but, uh, brutaller.))
** Lenia whirls in place, turning her attention to Net Bandit 1 and continuing the elaborate motions; her words echo off the nearby trees, and the air between the tip of her staff and the bandit shimmers blue-white. **
Mrugnak: Sprays blood all over the place, I'm sure.
Lenia: Range is 9 yards (7 with Staff), -4 for spells on, +2 for Shouted Words, +2 for Exaggerated Gestures. 2 FP for 4d damage.

Frostbite:[3d6.skill(20,-7-4+2+2)] => [1,1,6] = 8 vs (13) or less Success! by 5

Lenia: Damage:: [4d6] => [3,1,1,2] = (7)
Lenia: Luck.
Lenia: Damage:: [4d6] => [6,3,2,6] = (17)
Lenia: Damage:: [4d6] => [4,1,2,5] = (12)
Lenia: I like 17.
Narrator: The bandit steps aside, screaming in sudden panic, and his leg shatters. As he drops into the bushes, he cracks like an ice cube.

6) YOUR TURN NOW:: [20] Bandits
(on deck: [28] Mordreona)

Mordreona: " I tried to warn you."
Narrator: The remaining bandits flee in multiple directions, like a panicked school of fishes.
Bandits: Mace Bandit 4 smacks Mrugnak in the face and steps back [3d6.skill(16,1-5)] => [6,4,6] = 16 vs (12) or less Failure! by 4
GM: Do you guys intend to pursue?
Mordreona: No I want to get the mud off of myself before it drys.
Lenia: I'm good with letting them go.
Mrugnak: Mrugnak's a little annoyed at Bandit #4, who I think is the guy who broke his nose.
Mrugnak: but not terribad.
Mrugnak: Who's got Bloodlust?
Berkun: not me
Mordreona: Me
Mrugnak: Or is that my other group?
Lenia: No Bloodlust here.
GM: I'm assuming that Mrugnak will kill Bandit 4 in a second.
Berkun: can Berkun try to get off a shot at one of the escaping bandits, though?
Mordreona: But I only fell in the mud
Berkun: before the closest one gets too far Berkun could try to shoot
GM: And while Mordreona wants to kill the bandits, she can't get to them.
GM: Berkun can't see any of them through the brush.
Mordreona: Can we track them in this mud Berkun?
Mordreona: ""
GM: They fled in at least 3 directions.
Berkun: "Almost... But this won't be that simple"
Berkun: "A better question would be if we even want to"
Mordreona: "Do you have a clean spell or something"
Mordreona: "Lenia"
Lenia: "Nope."
Mrugnak: "Mrugnak want get thing that does Cleaning."
Berkun: "They might just get killed by the swamp creatures... Darn weird that we met humans here at all."
** Lenia looks at the mud on her knees, and shrugs. "That's life in the swamp." **
** Mrugnak shakes blood off of his weapons, his arms, his face, his chest, and probably his everything else. **
Mordreona: "Look what they did to me, and Mrugnak nose. They spoiled his good looks."
Berkun: "Unless they know the the terrain. In this case they will know how not to leave tracks"
** Mrugnak manages to look even more confused than normal. "Mrugnak not have good looks. Mrugnak have BIG looks. And scary looks. And dirty looks." **
Mordreona: "So much for the raven giving us good info, I told you Connell was nuts."
Mordreona: "No offense Connell."
Berkun: "Better stick to our plan and be fast..."
Connell: "I am not! The raven said there were many men in the swamp."
Mrugnak: "Din't dat guy in der town get he nice cloth take by der guys in der Sad Swamp?"
Mrugnak: "In't dis der Sad Swamp?"
Connell: "What was that, my big cousin?"
Mordreona: "I thought he said he didn't see any anymore."
Mrugnak: "Dat guy? He in der bar, real sad, drink lots."
Lenia: "Bandits raided a silk caravan. They probably have a camp nearby."
Mrugnak: "Had lot nice cloth. Den dese guys take it when dat guy bring it. Now dat guy got no cloth no money no happy."
Connell: "Oh, that would make sense."
Mrugnak: "Mrugnak drink lotta drink wit dat guy."
Mordreona: """Used to be humans about, but not lately.""
Lenia: "We should probably track them down; they're likely to harass us again."
Berkun: "If that's so, we better fly"
Mordreona: "I think you said it said "used to be humans but not lately""
Berkun: "There's no telling what we'd step on here"
Connell: "Well, I can follow one of them. But they have slings. That could be dangerous."
Lenia: "I'd like to recover that silk. It could be worth a fair bit of money."
Mordreona: ((sorry had some lag there))
Berkun: Berkun gazes after where their enemies ran off
Connell: "I could take the shape of the wind... they could hardly hurt me that way. But the wind is unpredictable here."
Mrugnak: "Dat guy sad. Mrugnak make dat guy happy wit get his cloth back."
Berkun: "They would have an agreed meeting spot."
Mordreona: "Can I get another walk on air Lenia?"
Berkun: "But finding it... I can't promise"
** Lenia renews the Walk on Air spells for her companions, not to mention herself. -2 for spells on, -5 for reduced FP cost, +1 for double time taken (2 seconds each) Walk on Air: [3d6.skill(18,-2-5+1)] => [1,1,1] = 3 vs (12) or less Critical Success! [B556] **
Lenia: Whoa.
Lenia: Congratulations, Mordreona. :P
Mordreona: "Thanks"
Lenia: Walk on Air: [3d6.skill(18,-3-5+1)] => [2,5,3] = 10 vs (11) or less Success! by 1 on Berkun
Lenia: Walk on Air: [3d6.skill(18,-4-5+1)] => [3,6,4] = 13 vs (10) or less Failure! by 3 on herself
GM: I'll just call that Mass Walk on Air, one casting roll, no fatigue, but it sill counts as 4 spells maintained.
Lenia: I like.
GM: What are you guys doing?
Berkun: [1d8] => [3] = (3)
Mordreona: Bitching about the mud.
Berkun: (mistake)
Mrugnak: I think Mrugnak is mostly moping about that poor sad guy at the moment.
Berkun: Berkun scouts in the general direction of where the bandit he saw ran off
Mrugnak: and or rolling over the dead bandits and seeing if they have cloth.
Mrugnak: Not that he knows what expensive cloth looks like or anything.
Berkun: He'll try to find tracks in the mud and if he'll see them, he'll shout for the rest to follow
Mordreona: "See if they have any gold too Mrugnak."
Mrugnak: But! If they have anything else that looks good, score.
GM: You have no idea, Mrugnak.
GM: Berkun, tracking at -1 every 5 minutes to follow a single man through the swamp.
Berkun: [3d6.skill(16,-1)] => [1,1,3] = 5 vs (15) or less Critical Success! by 10 [B556]
Berkun: [3d6.skill(16,-1)] => [6,4,2] = 12 vs (15) or less Success! by 3
Berkun: [3d6.skill(16,-1)] => [5,2,6] = 13 vs (15) or less Success! by 2
** Lenia checks to see if any of them are actually still alive. She doubts it. **
Mordreona: I'll follow Berkun at 15 yards in stealth mode.
Berkun: [3d6.skill(16,-1)] => [3,4,3] = 10 vs (15) or less Success! by 5
Mordreona: Stealth (19) [3d6.skill(19,0)] => [2,2,1] = 5 vs (19) or less Critical Success! by 14 [B556]
GM: They're dying.
GM: You could save them with a lot of magic, maybe.
Berkun: [3d6.skill(16,-1)] => [6,1,4] = 11 vs (15) or less Success! by 4
** Mrugnak says "s'cus me." while rolling them over, in that case. **
GM: Berkun is off tracking, though, so you don't have much time.
Mordreona: ((dnm I spaced killing them, guess we could get some info this time. I'll do better next time.))
Lenia: ((...))
Berkun: that's at least 25 minutes of staying on track...
Berkun: and he doesn't wait for stragglers
GM: Okay, Berkun and Mordreona chase one guy down. What are you two doing to him?
Berkun: "Drop your weapons or die...!"
Berkun: Berkun aims at him
GM: Mrugnak is searching bodies. Connell is fretting.
Berkun: fast draw [3d6] => [3,3,6] = (12) fast load [3d6] => [2,4,4] = (10)
Mordreona: I stay stealthed and move closer to him.
Bandits: "Aie?"
Bandits: [3d6+2] => [3,1,6,2] = (12)
Berkun: Berkun advances with the bow ready
Berkun: "Drop your weapons dreg and you'll live..."
Lenia: Lenia is a generally compassionate and friendly person, but they had nets and she had a bad experience with slavers when she was young. She slits their throats.
Bandits: He keeps running, shifting and jumping as best he can.
Berkun: "Fight me and this will be your grave"
Berkun: Berkun shoots
GM: Range is -5. Roll.
Mordreona: [3d6] => [1,2,3] = (6)
Mordreona: I try to resist the urge to kill him.
Lenia: ((Which is probably more compassionate than letting them bleed to death or die slowly from having internal organs that are frozen solid.))
Berkun: vitals shot [3d6.skill(19,-5+3+1-3)] => [4,4,3] = 11 vs (15) or less Success! by 4
Bandits: Dodge! [3d6.skill(7,0)] => [3,4,3] = 10 vs (7) or less Failure! by 3
GM: Damage?
Mordreona: ((Wish Mordreona had seen Lenia do that.))
Berkun: [1d6+6] => [1,6] = (7) impaling to the vitals
Connell: Your arrow takes him through the heart and he dies.
GM: Your arrow takes him through the heart and he dies.
Berkun: "Told you..." Berkun frowns
Mordreona: "What are you doing Berkun, you could have shot him in the leg."
Berkun: After a quick sift trough his purse, Berkun turns back
Connell: "What should we do?"
Mordreona: I follow Berkun still using stealth.
Berkun: "He'd not tell us much... scared stupid."
GM: Navigation roll at -3 to find your way back, or 5 tracking rolls at -1 to retrace your steps.
Mordreona: "Well I'm sure Lenia saved one or more."
Berkun: navigation [3d6.skill(12,-3)] => [5,3,6] = 14 vs (9) or less Failure! by 5
Berkun: tracking [3d6.skill(16,0)] => [5,3,4] = 12 vs (16) or less Success! by 4
Berkun: Need to retrace my steps...
Mordreona: I follow Berkun I assume he knows what he is doing.
Berkun: tracking [3d6.skill(16,0)] => [2,1,2] = 5 vs (16) or less Critical Success! by 11 [B556]
Berkun: tracking [3d6.skill(16,0)] => [6,1,6] = 13 vs (16) or less Success! by 3
Berkun: tracking [3d6.skill(16,0)] => [2,4,5] = 11 vs (16) or less Success! by 5
Berkun: tracking [3d6.skill(16,0)] => [3,3,3] = 9 vs (16) or less Success! by 7
Berkun: tracking [3d6.skill(16,0)] => [4,5,4] = 13 vs (16) or less Success! by 3
** Lenia checks the corpses for money or other valuables, and then rolls them into the water. **
GM: Errr... one or the other.
GM: Ah, whatever.
Berkun: "Tracks don't last long in the mud, but we have a chance..."
Mordreona: ((I say we get lost that would be great.))
GM: After about 2 hours, Berkun makes it back to the ambush site.
Lenia: ((One problem with the tracking rolls: They're walking on air.))
Lenia: ((Oh, bandit left tracks. Never mind!)
GM: Several hours have passed. It's getting near dark - maybe an hour of daylight left. You might be able to make it to the lizardman village before sunset if you push.
Berkun: Question though, do we want to get there just before dark?
Mordreona: How far is camp, our camp
Mordreona: "Let me think about that, NO."
Lenia: How many days before the soothsayer said the man we were here to rescue would be dead?
GM: Your camp is about 3 hours in the other direction.
GM: 9, I think.
Lenia: And we were 5 days getting here?
GM: Yes, this is 6th day.
Mordreona: "I could use some drink and to dry out, I say we return to camp."
Lenia: "I think we should make a camp here for the night - rest, and head for the lizardman village at first light."
Mordreona: "Here?"
Lenia: "Well, we should find some solid ground nearby."
** Mordreona looks around at all the mud and water. **
Lenia: "Going back to the main camp would just mean an even longer - and dangerous - march to the lizardman village in the morning. I can make a safe camp."
Mordreona: "I'll follow your lead, but I do not like it."
Lenia: "Mrugnak, Berkun, can you find us some solid ground? Dry may be too much to ask, but something that won't be too uncomfortable for a camp. I can make just about anything burn, if we need a fire."
GM: Berkun doesn't have his camping gear.
Mrugnak: (( can Connell shape Earth? ))
Berkun: It's on the mule
Mrugnak: (( to make a raised, dry bit? ))
** Mrugnak has camping gear! **
Mordreona: "Wish I had a hammock"
Berkun: "I can find something, but that's just by looking..."
Connell: "Earth is so stubborn. I prefer water, air - they flow."
Mrugnak: (( nuts ))
Lenia: ((Survival, maybe, to find us a decent campsite? And is there a penalty for roughing it without a bedroll or tent?))
Mordreona: "May I sleep with you on your blanket Mrugnak?"
GM: Let me look stuff up.
Mrugnak: (( if you can improvise equipment (with spells, or with other gear) it'd be -2 probably. -5 for no gear. ))
Berkun: Berkun only knows how to survive in a wasteland
Mrugnak: (( that's the general rule anyways. ))
Berkun: so rather opposite of a swamp
Mrugnak: Barbarian! (PER-Based) (14) [3d6.skill(14,0+2)] => [2,1,2] = 5 vs (16) or less Critical Success! by 11 [B556] Bless +2 Conditional: +4 from 'Discriminatory Smell' when scent is a factor
Berkun: on other hand, we can just try to spy something from far above
Lenia: ((Survival specialties default to each other at -2.))
Lenia: ((Go, Mrugnak!))
GM: Uhm... Mrugnak probably has some penalties on that roll, given the lack of equipment and stuff.
Mordreona: I try to talk Mrugnak into letting me use his bedroll.
Mrugnak: Mrugnak has his own gera.
Mrugnak: So that's not tooo bad.
GM: Yes, but I can give you penalties for sharing it amongst 4 other people.
GM: So it's a success, but not critical.
Mrugnak: NOBODY else brought their gear?
Mrugnak: You guys are the worst adventurers ever.
Lenia: <- carries Personal Basics.>
Mordreona: "You said you were going to bring my gear."
Mrugnak: I tease. But it's hilarious that the idiot remembered his junk.
Lenia: <- carries her Personal Basics.
Mordreona: Fast-Talk (13) [3d6.skill(13,0)] => [4,6,3] = 13 vs (13) or less Success! by 0 Conditional: +1 from 'Charisma' when making Influence rolls
Mordreona: "Now I'm here with out any and it is your fault."
GM: Okay. Let me see if I get this straight.
Lenia: ((I think we can accept 'success' at this point.))
GM: You guys decide to bed down, basically where you are.
Berkun: "Not much I can carry... certainly not a whole tent... darn, can't you fly us back to where we were?"
Berkun: "Or can't we sleep in the clouds?
Mrugnak: Or somewhere within an hours fussing around.
GM: Everyone was expecting to fight, so you're just carrying combat loads, not march loads, and only Mrugnak has gear (since his combat load is his march load).
Lenia: "If I go to sleep, all the spells that keep us in the air stop working."
Mordreona: ((so far so good))
GM: So you find some relatively high and dry location, make brush and muck shelters, eat twigs, berries, and elven bread, and try not to get rained on?
Lenia: Sounds good to me!
Lenia: Except the twigs part.
Mordreona: I try real hard to get Mrugnak to let me use his bedroll.
Mrugnak: I think Mrugnak's blanket has been turned into a tent.
Berkun: Berkun frowns
GM: Mrugnak lets Mordreona use his bedroll so that she doesn't get swamp fever.
Lenia: Also, Lenia uses Mystic Mist to guard the campsite.
GM: Everyone but Mrugnak sleeps poorly. Each person takes 1d-3 Fatigue from poor sleep, not recoverable until you get better sleep at a good camp.
Berkun: [d6-3] => d6-3
Berkun: [1d6-3] => [6,-3] = (3)
Mordreona: [1d3] => [1] = (1)
Lenia: [1d6-3] => [4,-3] = (1)
Connell: [1d6-3] => [3,-3] = (0)
Connell: "A pleasant night in the swamp. How refreshing."
** Mordreona tries not to stab Connell. **
Berkun: "Miserable... I hope the next night won't..."
Mordreona: "Same plan as before?"
Narrator: Shapes move around the camp through the night, but nothing penetrates the mist.
Lenia: "I believe so, yes."
Berkun: "Right."
Berkun: Berkun takes time to check his bow if it's not damaged or wet
Mordreona: "Thanks for the bedroll Mrugnak."
GM: What's the formation as you move through the woods?
GM: Swamp, whatever.
Mordreona: I stay behind Mrugnak.
Lenia: Lenia in front; Mrugnak and Connell side-by-side behind her; Mordreona and Berkun on the flanks at a distance, sneaking.
Mordreona: I do as Lenia says.
GM: Well.
Mordreona: We move to within 1 mile of the lizard men.
Berkun: Yes
Lenia: And I need to put spells back up.
Mordreona: Stealth (19) [3d6.skill(19,0)] => [3,6,1] = 10 vs (19) or less Success! by 9
GM: Everyone make Perception or Observation rolls at -8, please.
Lenia: ((Should I make the five rolls, or do we assume that I get through it without critical success or failure?))
Mordreona: Per (13) [3d6.skill(13,-8)] => [6,3,6] = 15 vs (5) or less Critical Failure! by 10 [B556]
GM: Assume.
Lenia: Per: [3d6.skill(12,-8)] => [3,2,6] = 11 vs (4) or less Failure! by 7
Mrugnak: Observation (12) [3d6.skill(12,0+2)] => [1,6,4] = 11 vs (14) or less Success! by 3 Bless +2
Mrugnak: (conditional +4 if smell is a factor)
Mordreona: ((do I see things that are not there?))
Berkun: perception [3d6.skill(14,-8)] => [3,2,5] = 10 vs (6) or less Failure! by 4
Mrugnak: ...
Mordreona: ....
Mrugnak: Oh dear god Connell succeed.
Mrugnak: Please please please don't let Mrugnak be the only success.
Mrugnak: Oh, did I get healed?
Mrugnak: at all?
GM: You failed with the -8! penalty.
Mrugnak: oh, -8 shit.
Mrugnak: missed that.
Lenia: ((I forgot to heal Mrugnak, which means I forgot to heal Mrugnak. Sorry. =())
Mrugnak: So do I get a HT check for natural healing? >.>
Narrator: The delvers are walking over a rough track through the swamp.
whispering to Mrugnak, No.
Narrator: Mrugnak sniffs the air, sampling the scents with a vague worried air.
Narrator: Suddenly, huge black and green spiders jump out of the swamp and onto the delvers!
Mordreona: ((I was using stealth, do I get jumped too?))
whispering to Berkun, Acid spiders! They jump far and do huge amounts of damage with sharp teeth and a corrosive bite
whispering to Kevin, Acid spiders! They jump far and do huge amounts of damage with sharp teeth and a corrosive bite
whispering to Mordreona, Acid spiders! They jump far and do huge amounts of damage with sharp teeth and a corrosive bite
Mrugnak: Which Swamp map should we be on?
Mrugnak: I see 1 and 2.
Mordreona: (I only see the old (last combat) map))
Mordreona: ((got it now))
Giant Spider: 3 spiders jump on Lenia [3d6.skill(15,-2)] => [3,1,5] = 9 vs (13) or less Success! by 4
[3d6.skill(15,-2)] => [4,1,5] = 10 vs (13) or less Success! by 3
[3d6.skill(15,-2)] => [5,3,5] = 13 vs (13) or less Success! by 0

Mordreona: (I need to afk a sec, but I stay hidden and back away from this)
Giant Spider: Another jumps on Mrugnak's back [3d6.skill(15,1-2)] => [1,6,1] = 8 vs (14) or less Success! by 6
Giant Spider: 4th on Connell [3d6.skill(15,-2)] => [5,4,4] = 13 vs (13) or less Success! by 0
Giant Spider: Sorry, 5th.
Giant Spider: 6th on Berkun. [3d6.skill(15,-2)] => [6,5,3] = 14 vs (13) or less Failure! by 1
Giant Spider: But misses.
Mrugnak: Peripheral vision, for dodge at -2 as if a side attack?
GM: Indeed.
Lenia: ...They're SM +2 - is there even enough of Lenia for three of them to jump on her?
GM: These things are 7 feet tall and have huge legs and are darting in to bite Lenia.
Mrugnak: max two people on one for same size, iirc?
GM: Cite?
Mrugnak: ah, not grappling.
Lenia: Ah, 'bite', not 'jump on'. I feel better.
GM: Oh, the bites are grapples, but 2 will release immediately after.
Lenia: That looks like two frontal and one flank - do I get defenses?
Mrugnak: hm, slightly misremembered, but from B392
Mrugnak: Up to two fighters may combine
their efforts in a takedown attempt
against a single foe; up to three may
work together in a pin attempt against
a single foe. In either case, use the ST,
DX, or grappling skill of the attacker
with the best score, and add 1/5 (round
down) of the score of each of his

Mrugnak: but they're not combining, just doing.
Mrugnak: So never mind!
GM: Hmmm. 3rd spider missed Lenia because of too many people in close combat. Fair enough.
GM: [3d6.skill(9,0)] => [5,3,6] = 14 vs (9) or less Failure! by 5
Mrugnak: Dodge (9) [3d6.skill(9,0-2+2)] => [3,4,3] = 10 vs (9) or less Failure! by 1 Backpack on, Bless +2
GM: Doesn't hit any of the others.
Giant Spider: Spider 4 bites Mrugnak [2d6+1] => [2,6,1] = (9) impaling.
Lenia: I'm assuming Spider 3 missed.
Giant Spider: Sure.
Lenia: Retreating Dodge from Spider 6: [3d6.skill(9,+3)] => [1,5,3] = 9 vs (12) or less Success! by 3
Mrugnak: In the torso?
GM: Yes, so a bounce.
Mrugnak: DR is [9+4] => 13 on torso yah
Mrugnak: vs imp
Lenia: Feverish staff parry against Spider 5: [3d6.skill(12,+2)] => [1,6,5] = 12 vs (14) or less Success! by 2
Lenia: Hurt the spider with the staff? [3d6.skill(14,-3)] => [3,5,1] = 9 vs (11) or less Success! by 2
Lenia: [1d6+2] => [5,2] = (7)
GM: Lenia vigorously smacks one of the spiders with her staff as she darts out of the way of the other.
GM: Berkun?
Connell: Retreat and parry [3d6.skill(14,1+1)] => [3,2,2] = 7 vs (16) or less Success! by 9
Berkun: here, it's my turn?
Lenia: You have a spider to defend against.
GM: Oh, you were missed. My bad.
Lenia: Aha.
GM: That's everyone? Yes.

1) YOUR TURN NOW:: [28] Mordreona
(on deck: [28] Berkun)

Lenia: "Be careful! Their bite is corrosive!"
Berkun: "Acid!"
GM: James?
Mordreona: Back
Mordreona: I just move back and stay hidden.
Mordreona: ###
GM: Kind of you.
GM: See, I played Mordreona *perfectly* last time.

2) YOUR TURN NOW:: [28] Berkun
(on deck: [28] Spiders)

Lenia: Absolutely. :P
Berkun: fast draw [3d6] => [2,6,1] = (9) and fast load [3d6] => [6,2,5] = (13)
GM: You're in close combat, so no Acc bonus.
Lenia: But hey, no range penalty!
Berkun: Berkun steps back and sends an arrow into the spiders bloated body...
Berkun: can step, though
GM: Sure can.
Berkun: vitals shot [3d6.skill(19,3-2+2)] => [2,2,3] = 7 vs (22) or less Success! by 15
Giant Spider: Parries at point blank range [3d6.skill(10,0)] => [1,4,6] = 11 vs (10) or less Failure! by 1
GM: Damage?
Berkun: [1d6+6] => [5,6] = (11)
Berkun: unless Berkun is mistaken about where a spiders vitals are located...
GM: It chitters and bleeds...
Berkun: then it's just stuck somewhere in the body
GM: You didn't specify vitals.
GM: That I saw?
Berkun: I did
Berkun: in my roll
GM: Oops. It chitters, bleeds, and collapses, then starts crawling away.
Berkun: it's not that visible:)

3) YOUR TURN NOW:: [28] Spiders
(on deck: [26] Connell)

Berkun: oh, nice
Giant Spider: Spider 2 bites at Connell again [3d6.skill(15,-2-2)] => [6,4,2] = 12 vs (11) or less Failure! by 1 DA -2/-1
Lenia: Oooh.
Lenia: I always like it when the Deceptive penalty causes someone to miss.
Giant Spider: Spider 4 is grappling Mrugnak. Bites in deeper. [2d6+1] => [3,5,1] = (9)
Giant Spider: Or not. Acid [1d6-3] => [3,-3] = (0)
Mrugnak: I can live with that.
Giant Spider: 3 spiders bite at Lenia again [3d6.skill(15,-2)] => [6,6,6] = 18 vs (13) or less Critical Failure! [B556]
[3d6.skill(15,-2-2)] => [4,6,2] = 12 vs (11) or less Failure! by 1
[3d6.skill(15,-2-2)] => [4,6,4] = 14 vs (11) or less Failure! by 3

Lenia: ...Wow.
Giant Spider: [3d6.crit_miss()] => [3,6,5] = 14 A swung weapon flies from hand 2 yards (50% chance straight forward/backward) anyone on the target of the flying weapon makes a DX roll or takes half-damage; a thrust or ranged weapon is dropped (& a cheap weapon breaks). [B556]
Giant Spider: [3d6.crit_unarm()] => [3,6,6] = 15 You tear a muscle; 2 HT damage to the limb used to attack (to one limb if two used to attack), & -3 to use it (-1 w/high pain thresh); also all attacks & defenses -1 until next turn. If neck was injured -3 (-1 w/high pain thresh) applies to ALL actions. [B557]
GM: One of the spiders does something painful, bouncing off another's armored stomach.
GM: stupid spiders.

4) YOUR TURN NOW:: [26] Connell
(on deck: [24] Mrugnak)

Connell: "Oh my! What do I do?" All-Out defense.

5) YOUR TURN NOW:: [24] Mrugnak
(on deck: [24] Lenia)

Lenia: ((Which one just hurt itself? Spider 5?))
GM: 3
Lenia: K.
** Mrugnak ignores the spider trying to attack him, steps forward, and Dual Weapon Attacks spiders 2 and 5. (( 2 is menacing lenia, yes? )) **
Lenia: ((2 is menacing Connell. 3, 5, and 6 are menacing Lenia.))
Mrugnak: Oh.
GM: You're grappled, -4 to attack.
Mrugnak: Eh.
Mrugnak: I'll eat it.
Mrugnak: Ok, so hm. I can't reach any of them other than 5 then.
GM: They're all in close combat with Lenia.
Mrugnak: Ok, step and DWA 5 and 6.
GM: This might be funny.
GM: How are you stepping while being grappled by something bigger than you?
Mrugnak: ...
Lenia: ((Can you move while grappled? -- yeah.))
Mrugnak: that's a good question!
Mrugnak: Sorry, sued to everything being smaller :D
Mrugnak: Ok, new plan! Break free!
Giant Spider: [3d6.skill(26,0)] => [3,3,3] = 9 vs (26) or less Success! by 17
GM: Go for it.
Mrugnak: +1 for Wrestling at DX+1
Mrugnak: ST (20) [3d6.skill(20,+1+2)] => [6,3,4] = 13 vs (23) or less Success! by 10 Bless +2
Mrugnak: failure!
Lenia: ((Spider 5's shock penalty is gone, too.))
Narrator: Mrugnak confidently steps forward to rescue Lenia, then roars in horror as he realizes the spider is holding him in place.

6) YOUR TURN NOW:: [24] Lenia
(on deck: [28] Morderona)

Lenia: Oh hey, they're animals. The Mind Control college is useless. New plan!
GM: Lot of new plans today.
** Lenia steps back, holding her staff at the ready and shouting words of power to call on frost. Frostbite on spider 6 (-5 for spells on, no range penalty, 0 for gestures, +2 for shouted words) [3d6.skill(20,-5+2)] => [3,5,6] = 14 vs (17) or less Success! by 3 **
Lenia: 4 FP for 4d6.
Lenia: Resist with HT-3.
GM: You can't hold your staff at the ready and take 0 penalty for casting.
GM: I know that, I wrote the rules.
Lenia: Right. I'd rather have no penalty.
Lenia: I'll rely on dodge.
GM: Okay.
Giant Spider: Spider 6 resists [3d6.skill(13,-3)] => [5,1,5] = 11 vs (10) or less Failure! by 1
Lenia: [4d6] => [4,4,4,2] = (14)
Narrator: several of the spider's legs crack off, and it starts retreating.
GM: Did you calculate the fatigue for these being SM +2?
Mrugnak: You changed that rule
Mrugnak: so you could nuke Mrugnak.
GM: Yes, but it still increases, just not as much.
Lenia: I may have gotten it wrong, let me double check the wording on the hosuerule.
GM: OKay.
Lenia: I did account for it, I just may have mathed wrong.

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