Connell: "Hello there! I need to know about the lizardman village near here.

Raven: "You're headed toward it, more or less. What about it?"

Connell: "They've taken a human prisoner. Have you seen him?"

Raven: "I'm afraid there are many humans in the swamps. I've seen some around the village, but not recently - but I haven't been there recently! I'm not interested in being eaten."

Connell: "The lizardmen are violent? They'll attack if we go near the village?"

Raven: "They have bows, and they're good shots. My mother's brother's second son's second mate was eaten by them."

Connell: "Has anyone been attacking them lately? Like maybe the wolves?"

Raven: "Wolves, crocodiles, spiders - there are a lot of predators in this swamp. They all attack each other and most other things."

Connell: "Alright. The druid grove not far from here, something bad happened there recently. What do you know?"

Raven: "Could you tell the big walking bull to desist his attempts to speak? He sounds like a penguin trolling for extra stones."

Raven: "The druid grove? I don't know what that is."

Connell: "The, ah, circle of stones thataway," he points.

Raven: "Oh, that. It was attacked, I believe, and burned. I do not go there any longer - the air is foul there, and the crocodiles are violent."

Connell: "What attacked it?"

Raven: "I did not see. One of the those who tended the rocks fled deeper into the swamp. Mayhap you should ask him."

Raven: "I have answered your questions. May I go now?"

GM: You don't have to let him go - but you do have to spend FP to continue holding him.

Connell: "Just a few more." I spend the FP. "The one who fled, where in the swamp did he go?"

Raven: "To the tall trees. He is guarded by predators, and I do not fly there either."

Raven: "I say, you are not a good host."

Connell: "Of course, where are my manners... just a second."

Connell: "Here, try this." Feeds him elven rations.

Raven: "Hmmm... ah! Quite the gourmand, are you not? My apologies. What were we discussing? The last of the grove tenderers? He is there..." the raven points "about thirty minutes flight, I suppose. Look for the giant eagles and such."

Connell: "Alright. Thank you. If you like evil wolf, there's a bunch of dead ones a few minutes thataway," he points to the site of the last encounter.

Connell: I release the raven.

Raven: "My family thanks you." He flies off.

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