Narrator: The delvers put finishing blows into the last twitching skeletons, raising clouds of red dust from the undeads' weapons and armor.
** Lenia looks smug. **
Narrator: Singeon and Mordreona are injured from several skeleton attacks.
GM: What is everyone doing?

Singeon: "I am so good."
** Mordreona tries not to breath the dust. **
GM: Don't all speak up at once.
Mrugnak: Mrugnak is uninjured?

GM: Yes. Oh, everyone assess normal fatigue for your encumbrance.
Mordreona: "Lets rest for 10 min."
** Lenia looks somewhat tired. "Can you go on with those injuries, or do we need to heal them now? And then rest again?" **
Singeon: "It is a trifling wound, nothing to someone of my skill."

Mordreona: I could go on if I must.
Lenia: "Singeon, you said that about a severed hand."
Singeon: "Well, it is true."
Berkun: If I'm unencumbered, it's still 1FP because the battle lasted long enough, right?
Mrugnak: "Mrugnak OK. You fix Mor-dee, Mrugnak watch for more bone men."

Mrugnak: (( yep ))
Narrator: As Mrugnak moves into the guard room, the door opens and a mass of gravely wounded bodies walk out, bellowing "Lungs!"
Mordreona: "Great"
Lenia: Major Healing: [3d.... "Lungs?"

Mrugnak: "Waugh!"
Berkun: "Who said that?"
Mrugnak: (( whoops. ))
GM: Everyone make Fear checks at +2. Failure means you're stunned by the sudden advance of your foes.
Lenia: "The zombies, I'd guess."

Berkun: [3d6] => [5,2,2] = (9)
Mordreona: IQ (13) [3d6.skill(13,2)] => [6,6,1] = 13 vs (15) or less Success! by 2

Singeon: Fear check [3d6.skill(12,2)] => [3,4,1] = 8 vs (14) or less Success! by 6
Lenia: Fear checks cap at 14, correct?

GM: Sadly, yes.
Berkun: if Fear is against Will then I succeeded by 0
Lenia: Fear Check: [3d6.skill(14,0)] => [5,4,5] = 14 vs (14) or less Success! by 0

Mrugnak: Will (10) [3d6.skill(10,+2+2)] => 3d6.skill(10,+2+2)
Mrugnak: whoops
GM: Berkun, you have a Fear score of 13, you're good.
Mrugnak: Will (10) [3d6.skill(10,+2+2)] => [3,5,3] = 11 vs (14) or less Success! by 3

1) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[32]<b> Singeon
(on deck: [28] Mordreona)

Singeon: Fast-Draw Sword [3d6.skill(16,0)] => [1,6,1] = 8 vs (16) or less Success! by 8 and move forward. "Ah-ha!"

2) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[28]<b> Mordreona
(on deck: [27] Berkun)

Mordreona: "Pull them into the light."

Mrugnak: (( Starts with Will. +2 with Combat Reflexes. +whatever for Fearless. -something for Cowardice. And if you've been Living Large, you get a conditional bonus on the first roll, which I forgot but I passed anyways. ))
** Mordreona backs up. **
Mordreona: ##
whispering to Mrugnak, Cowardice?

3) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[27]<b> Berkun
(on deck: [24] Mrugnak)

Berkun: "Yes, back out of the room and draw them closer..."
Lenia: ((Is anyone but me generating light?))
Mordreona: ((I am))

Berkun: Berkun moves forward, bow ready with a blunt-tipped arrow
GM: okay.

4) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[24]<b> Mrugnak
(on deck: [24] Lenia)

Mrugnak: "Back? Go back?"
** Mrugnak looks slightly puzzled by this. "Uh. Mens! Here dead mens!" (Wait) **
Mrugnak: Specifically, Wait until one gets within reach, then Attack.

Mrugnak: ###
Berkun: "Living dead. Destroy them."

5) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[24]<b> Lenia
(on deck: [20] Zombies)

Mrugnak: (( and yes, that was his brilliant idea for drawing them towards him. ))
Lenia: Turn around as a 'step, and cast Shocking Touch.
GM: okay.

Lenia: Shocking Touch: [3d6.skill(17,0)] => [3,3,4] = 10 vs (17) or less Success! by 7 for 2 FP drawn from the Power Item (3d6 damage on a melee attack).

6) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[20]<b> Zombies
(on deck: [32] Singeon)

Zombie: Zombie 4 all-out slams Singeon [3d6.skill(12,0)] => [6,1,6] = 13 vs (12) or less Failure! by 1

Zombie: Zombie 3 all-out slams Singeon [3d6.skill(12,0)] => [6,2,4] = 12 vs (12) or less Success! by 0
Singeon: AcroDodge [3d6.skill(15,0)] => [3,4,6] = 13 vs (15) or less Success! by 2

Singeon: Dodge [3d6.skill(12,2)] => [4,6,2] = 12 vs (14) or less Success! by 2
Zombie: 4 other zombies shuffle forward. Behind them, another mass of zombies slowly rouse themselves.

GM: Just as a note - if your target is not within 3 hexes of Lenia or Mordreona, you have a -3 to attack and a -1 on all defenses because of the dim light.
Lenia: "No. Seriously. Lungs? Who creates zombies and tells them to eat peoples' lungs?"

1) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[32]<b> Singeon
(on deck: [28] Mordreona)

Mrugnak: "Mrugnak no tell!"
Singeon: "Ha!" Slash Zombie 3's brain [3d6.skill(22,7-3)] => [3,3,4] = 10 vs (26) or less Success! by 16

Singeon: "Ha!" Slash Zombie 3's brain [3d6.skill(22,-7-3)] => [5,6,5] = 16 vs (12) or less Failure! by 4

2) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[28]<b> Mordreona
(on deck: [27] Berkun)

Mordreona: Fast draw a knife, step and throw it at zombie 3
Mordreona: Fast-Draw (Knife) (16) [3d6.skill(16,0)] => [4,4,3] = 11 vs (16) or less Success! by 5 Includes: +1 from 'Combat Reflexes'

GM: You're at -8 for Berkun and Lenia in the way.
Berkun: oop
Mordreona: Thrown Weapon (Knife) (15) [3d6.skill(15,0)] => [6,4,3] = 13 vs (15) or less Success! by 2

Berkun: oops, I mean
GM: -4 more for range.
Mordreona: I miss
GM: [3d6.skill(9,0)] => [5,4,4] = 13 vs (9) or less Failure! by 4 versus Berkun.

GM: [3d6.skill(9,0)] => [3,1,2] = 6 vs (9) or less Success! by 3 versus Lenia
GM: Damage is [1d6] => [6] = (6) Impaling versus Lenia.

Lenia: ...
Mrugnak: ...
** Mordreona tries to act like she tripped. **
** Lenia lets out a shrill yelp of pain, twisting wildly to try and see what just hit her. **

3) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[27]<b> Berkun
(on deck: [24] Mrugnak)

Berkun: "Back into the corridor, have'em all come into the room, then I'll BURN THEM!"

Berkun: does alchemist fire need two hands to 'set off'?
GM: No.
Berkun: drop arrow, put bow into left hand, right hand draws alchemist fire
Singeon: "A great swordman never retreats from rabble like this!"
GM: Fine by me, you have alchemist's fire in your good hand.

4) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[24]<b> Mrugnak
(on deck: [24] Lenia)

Berkun: I've got webbing, so it should be faster than I'd need to take it from a backpack

Mrugnak: (( one turn is way faster than a backpack :D ))
Berkun: (yeah, the webbing is very good stuff)
Mrugnak: I have all my weapons out, from the last fight?
GM: Sure.
Mrugnak: I presume.

Mrugnak: Ok!
** Mrugnak tries to wave with his offhand, but mostly ends up waggling his axe back and fourth (nearly smacking Lenia in the process). "Hello! Hello dead mens! Come here!" (Wait, attack when in reach, again.) **
Mrugnak: ###
GM: okay...

5) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[24]<b> Lenia
(on deck: [20] Zombies)

Berkun: "Singeon, I'm throwing a petard inside, so be wise and move back!"

Singeon: "I'll dodge it!"
Berkun: "I mean the whole will burn, if I'll score a good hit!"
Lenia: Step forward and all-out defend (parry); I don't trust attacking when I'm in this much pain.
Lenia: ###
Singeon: "Then I will advance past them!"

6) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[20]<b> Zombies
(on deck: [32] Singeon)

Berkun: Berkun hesitates visibly when Singeon keeps insisting on pressing ahead

Zombie: Zombie 4 turns and grabs at Singeon [3d6.skill(12,0)] => [6,5,6] = 17 vs (12) or less Critical Failure! [B556]
Zombie: [3d6.crit_unarm()] => [3,2,3] = 8 You fall down! [B557]

Zombie: Zombie 3 steps and grabs at Singeon [3d6.skill(12,0)] => [5,5,5] = 15 vs (12) or less Failure! by 3
Zombie: zombie 5 shuffles forward.

Zombie: So do the other zombies.

1) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[32]<b> Singeon
(on deck: [28] Mordreona)

Singeon: Acrobatics to evade past the Zombie [3d6.skill(15,0)] => [1,4,2] = 7 vs (15) or less Success! by 8
Zombie: Resists [3d6.skill(12,-8)] => [4,1,6] = 11 vs (4) or less Failure! by 7

Singeon: Move forward to the other room. "Throw your petard, I'll be safe!"

2) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[28]<b> Mordreona
(on deck: [27] Berkun)

Mordreona: Move up and pull my sword.
Lenia: "Great move, Singeon. Good to see you meant all that talk about defending Lenia!"
Mordreona: Fast-Draw (Short Sword) (16) [3d6.skill(16,0)] => [5,3,3] = 11 vs (16) or less Success! by 5 Includes: +1 from 'Combat Reflexes'

Mrugnak: "Mrugnak save Le-nee!"
Mordreona: ##
Singeon: "I'm defending you from the next wave!"

3) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[27]<b> Berkun
(on deck: [24] Mrugnak)

Berkun: "Damnation, you go where I was going to throw it!" Berkun secures the vial back into the webbing...
Berkun: (yeah, I realize how silly this is:) )
Berkun: done here

4) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[24]<b> Mrugnak
(on deck: [24] Lenia)

** Mrugnak steps forward, and hacks Zombie 5 with Trovaardig yxa's blade, and slams Zombie 1 with Huvudet-krossat-i! (Dual Weapon Attack) **

GM: You know the drill.
whispering to Lenia, You working on War and Peace II or what?
Mrugnak: Trovaardig yxa (Axe/Pick) * Primary [3d6.skill(18,-4)] => [1,4,1] = 6 vs (14) or less Success! by 8

Mrugnak: Huvudet-krossat-i (Morningstar) [3d6.skill(22,-4)] => [4,6,3] = 13 vs (18) or less Success! by 5
Zombie: Zombie 5: Dodge [3d6.skill(7,0)] => [4,3,2] = 9 vs (7) or less Failure! by 2

Zombie: Zombie 1: Dodge [3d6.skill(7,0)] => [3,4,3] = 10 vs (7) or less Failure! by 3
Mrugnak: Trovaardig yxa (Axe/Pick) * Primary [4d6+3] => [3,2,4,6,3] = (18) cut

Mrugnak: Huvudet-krossat-i (Morningstar) [4d6+3] => [2,4,2,5,3] = (16) cr
Narrator: Mrugnak explodes on the zombies, sending dismembered body parts flying.
Mrugnak: "Mrugnak save Le-nee!"
Mrugnak: ###

GM: That's 27 damage to Z5 and 16 to Z1. They're both out of it.

5) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[24]<b> Lenia
(on deck: [20] Zombies)

Lenia: "Clearly!" Lenia swings her staff at zombie 6, and then steps back.
GM: Attack roll?
Lenia: Staff Swing: [3d6.skill(14,0)] => [1,5,3] = 9 vs (14) or less Success! by 5

Zombie: Zombie 6: Dodge [3d6.skill(7,0)] => [2,5,6] = 13 vs (7) or less Failure! by 6
Lenia: Damage: [1d6+2] => [4,2] = (6) cr and [3d6] => [5,1,6] = (12) bu

GM: Damage?
GM: Oh, thanks. It takes a total 18 and mostly stops moving except for the shaking and twitching.

6) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[20]<b> Zombies
(on deck: [32] Singeon)

Singeon: Zombie 4 kneels. Zombie 2 all-out slams Lenia [3d6.skill(12,0)] => [5,6,2] = 13 vs (12) or less Failure! by 1 DA-4/-2

Zombie: Zombie 3 all-out slams Lenia [3d6.skill(12,0)] => [6,4,2] = 12 vs (12) or less Success! by 0 DA-4/-2
Mrugnak: Hm. Hey, are we using that Attack of Opportunity trick?

Mrugnak: (( No is a valid answer. ))
GM: Sure, I think we agreed to try it.
Mrugnak: Mrugnak will try to hack one of the zombies!
GM: You can get Zombie 2.
GM: Starts with a parry, right?

Berkun: (attacks of opportunity?)
Mrugnak: Yeah, I was just looking that up.
GM: Armed Interdiction:
Mrugnak: Trovaardig yxa (Axe/Pick) * Primary parry [3d6.skill(13,0)] => [3,4,4] = 11 vs (13) or less Success! by 2

Mrugnak: I didn't get the modifier in there, so that's Success by 0
GM: Roll skill to actually hit, then.
Mrugnak: Trovaardig yxa (Axe/Pick) * Primary [3d6.skill(18,0)] => [1,5,3] = 9 vs (18) or less Success! by 9

whispering to Mrugnak, I have your axe parry as 12.?
Zombie: All out attack - no defense!
GM: Damage is -2 per die.
Lenia: Retreating Dodge vs Zombie 3's slam: [3d6.skill(9,-1+1+3)] => [5,5,1] = 11 vs (12) or less Success! by 1 . I can't move the token 'coz there's a zombie in the way, but I'd be retreating 1 to the NW.

Mrugnak: [4d6+3-4] => [6,6,1,5,3,-4] = (17)
Mrugnak: Cutting
Lenia: Thanks much.
Narrator: Lenia neatly steps back as Mrugnak clotheslines another zombie with his axe.

1) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[32]<b> Singeon
(on deck: [28] Morderona)

Singeon: Heroic charge on Zombie 4, strike to the brain [3d6.skill(22,-7)] => [6,1,6] = 13 vs (15) or less Success! by 2

Lenia: -3 for light.
Singeon: Z4 dodges [3d6.skill(7,-2)] => [3,2,2] = 7 vs (5) or less Failure! by 2

Lenia: Mister 'I'm too good to fight in formation'. >.>
GM: I show his target as being within 3 of you.
Lenia: Oh, aha. I can't count. Never mind me!
Singeon: Damage is [2d6+2] => [2,4,2] = (8) DR2 cutting to the brain.
Narrator: Singeon runs back into the room and fleches to cut off the zombie's skull.

2) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[28]<b> Morderona
(on deck: [27] Berkun)

Mordreona: I all out attack zombie 3, +4 to hit, telegraphed Swing for the neck.

GM: That gives you a net +3 to hit.
Mordreona: Shortsword (15) [3d6.skill(15,3)] => [4,4,3] = 11 vs (18) or less Success! by 7

Mordreona: [2d6+2] => [3,4,2] = (9)
Narrator: Mordreona steps forward and beheads the zombie charging Lenia.
Mordreona: ##
Narrator: Behind them, the other zombies have risen to their feet and are stumbling forward.

3) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[27]<b> Berkun
(on deck: [24] Mrugnak)

Mordreona: "Can we run out into the sun light now?"
Berkun: does having my bow in left hand mean I need to 'ready' it to put it in right?
Lenia: "Why? They fall like ninepins."

GM: No... you hold a bow in your off-hand anyway.
Berkun: ok
Berkun: fast draw blunt arrow [3d6] => [1,2,6] = (9) quick shot [3d6] => [2,3,6] = (11)
Berkun: and shoot the nearest zombie in the skull...
Berkun: 23 effective skill, -7 for targeting the skull

Berkun: is 1 hex range -1?
GM: 22 effective skill. -6 for range, -3 for lighting. Net is -16.
Mrugnak: No, 2 hexes or less is -0.
Berkun: Zombie 3 is a hex away from Berkun
GM: (sorry - Mordreona killed Zombie 3!)

Berkun: then Berkun only AIMS this turn:)
Berkun: at the nearest zombie, skull, blunt arrow
GM: Okay. No problem there.
Berkun: done here

4) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[24]<b> Mrugnak
(on deck: [24] Lenia)

** Mrugnak backs up, hoping to stop more zombies from running past him to Lenia! And Waits! Eventually this burning thing is supposed to happen, right? **
Mrugnak: "Here zombie!
Mrugnak: "

Mrugnak: ###

5) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[24]<b> Lenia
(on deck: [20] Zombies)

Mrugnak: (( Hm. You know, he might even be able to see Berkun. Freakish cow head. ))
Lenia: Begin casting Ice Slick, aiming for a 2-yard radius (second 1 of 2).
Lenia: ###

6) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[20]<b> Zombies
(on deck: [32] Singeon)

Zombie: "Lungs! Lungs! Luu-uun-nngs!"
Zombie: The zombies shuffle forward.
Mordreona: "By the gods I hate Zombies more than rats."

Berkun: "A most terrible fate!"
Lenia: "Am I the only one here with any respect for tradition? It's supposed to be BRAINS, you undead dolts!"
Singeon: "Don't get so angry, dear Lenia. They'll fall before my blade, imbeciles or not."

1) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[32]<b> Singeon
(on deck: [28] Morderona)

Singeon: Heroic Charge to turn and attack ZOmbie 10's brain [3d6.skill(22,-7-3)] => [4,5,2] = 11 vs (12) or less Success! by 1

Zombie: Dodge [3d6.skill(7,0)] => [4,2,2] = 8 vs (7) or less Failure! by 1
Singeon: Damage is [2d6+2] => [5,5,2] = (12) vs DR2 to the brain.

2) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[28]<b> Morderona
(on deck: [27] Berkun)

Lenia: "Mrugnak! Charge them!"

Mordreona: Move up to help plug the doorway. AoD Parry
Mordreona: ##

3) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[27]<b> Berkun
(on deck: [24] Mrugnak)

GM: You were aiming at 12, BTW.
Berkun: yes
Berkun: I shoot now

Berkun: will Mrugnak/Mordreona make it harder to hit?
GM: If you step up, you can shoot over Mordreona's shoulder and not shoot her in the back.
Mrugnak: Mrugnak, however, makes a better wall than door.
GM: Mrugnak is not blocking that shot, though.
Mrugnak: Oh good!

Berkun: great
Berkun: I step up and shoot over her shoulder
GM: -4 for range, -3 for light, +2 for the round of aiming.
Berkun: it's 8 yards
Berkun: so it should be -3 for range? or am I mistaking?

GM: And? More than 7 is -4.
Berkun: ah, ok
Mrugnak: (( I'll send you the table. ))
Berkun: +4 for accuracy, +1 for bond, 19 skill
Lenia: ((Beat you to it.))

Berkun: (no need, I have the table:) )
Mrugnak: (( Hee, he's got two copies then. Or three! ))
Berkun: so, 12 needed to hit
Berkun: [3d6] => [1,5,3] = (9)
Zombie: Dodge [3d6.skill(7,0)] => [3,3,1] = 7 vs (7) or less Success! by 0

GM: miss chance on zombie 11 [3d6.skill(9,0)] => [2,6,2] = 10 vs (9) or less Failure! by 1
Berkun: wow

Berkun: blunt arrow, [1d6+6] => [3,6] = (9) crushing
Narrator: Berkun's arrow "thunks" into a door behind the zombies.
Narrator: "thuds" against a door.

4) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[24]<b> Mrugnak
(on deck: [24] Lenia)

** Mrugnak seems to be getting really grumpy. "Siiiiiin-gin! Come here! Mans come here too!" **
Lenia: "Mrugnak! Charge!
Mrugnak: "Charge? Oh!"

Zombie: "I'm doing fine! Come join me!"
Singeon: "I'm doing fine! Come join me!"
Zombie: "LUNGS!"
Mrugnak: "CHAAARGE!" (Heroic charge, Zombie 12, morning star to the face, Deceptive -2/-1)
GM: okay, attack at -10 with light penalties.

Mrugnak: ...
Mrugnak: Oh, Not PLUS the above penalties.
Mrugnak: Ok!
Mrugnak: Huvudet-krossat-i (Morningstar) [3d6.skill(22,-10)] => [5,4,2] = 11 vs (12) or less Success! by 1

Mrugnak: (( Sorry, tried to figure out why I could see them if the light penalties were -10. But they aren't! ))
Zombie: Dodge [3d6.skill(7,-1)] => [3,3,6] = 12 vs (6) or less Failure! by 6

Mrugnak: Huvudet-krossat-i (Morningstar) [4d6+3] => [3,5,2,5,3] = (18) cr
Zombie: Zombie 11 must roll ST or fall over when what's left of 12 slams into him [3d6.skill(13,0)] => [2,5,6] = 13 vs (13) or less Success! by 0

5) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[24]<b> Lenia
(on deck: [20] Zombies)

Lenia: Ice Slick: [3d6.skill(18,-4)] => [6,5,6] = 17 vs (14) or less Critical Failure! [B556], centered on the hex Zombie 11 is in and covering an extra yard around that. Anyone in the area is -3 to all attacks and defenses and must roll DX-2 to remain standing if he moves.

Lenia: LUCK
Lenia: [3d6.skill(18,-4)] => [6,4,4] = 14 vs (14) or less Success! by 0

Lenia: [3d6.skill(18,-4)] => [3,2,4] = 9 vs (14) or less Success! by 5
GM: Bummer.

Lenia: Costs 5 FP, which is all coming from Lenia, leaving her at 0.
GM: Roll HT or collapse?
GM: Where's the ice slick at?
Lenia: Center is Zombie 11's hex.
Lenia: And B426 doesn't mention anything about HT or collapse; it's a Will roll to do anything but Do Nothing.

GM: Ah, okay. Thanks, couldn't remember off the top of my head.
Lenia: No worries. I made sure I had the reference before I tried that stunt. >.>
Lenia: ###
GM: I got the area right?
Lenia: Yup!

GM: Stupid "we'll put in square areas for D&D 4th, but not freaking hexes..."

6) YOUR TURN NOW:: </b>[20]<b> Zombies
(on deck: [32] Singeon)

Mrugnak: (( (I've bitched about that) ))
Mrugnak: (( I believe they did square areas because it's simple :D ))
Zombie: Zombie 8 moves on the ice [3d6.skill(8,-2)] => [5,2,5] = 12 vs (6) or less Failure! by 6

Lenia: ((I love this spell.))
Zombie: Zombie 11 moves on the ice [3d6.skill(8,-2)] => [6,5,3] = 14 vs (6) or less Failure! by 8

Zombie: Zombie 9 moves on the ice [3d6.skill(8,-2)] => [2,5,5] = 12 vs (6) or less Failure! by 6
Zombie: Zombie 7 moves on the ice [3d6.skill(8,-2)] => [3,4,3] = 10 vs (6) or less Failure! by 4

Mrugnak: Yes. This spell is awesome.
GM: Does anyone want to play out this particular set of keystone capers, or can we assume you can kill 4 horde zombies that are pretty much permanently prone?
Lenia: "Beware of the ice if you advance!"
Lenia: I'm happy to assume that.
Mrugnak: As am I :D

Mordreona: Sure
Mrugnak: brb, stuffing dinner in the oven.
Berkun: haha
Narrator: The magical ice slick drops the zombies to their hands and knees. Singeon, Mrugnak, and Berkun proceed to dismember them while they try to stand.
Narrator: ...

Mrugnak: (( back. Made the husband do it. ))
Mrugnak: "Rawr! Smash!"
Mordreona: "Should we step out side to let Lenia rest up?"
Narrator: The delvers find themselves in a pair of identical looking guard rooms, roughly 20' square each. Ironshod wood doors, strongly locked, seperate each room and the second room from the rest of the tomb.
Narrator: The walls are painted with scenes from the baron's life.

Lenia: "You folks search. I need a sit-down."
Lenia: ((Out of combat, is it a problem if I pull a vial of Paut and drink it?))
Berkun: Berkun picks his arrow up first, then he starts to observe the room, looking if there's no irregularities in the paintings
** Mrugnak goes back, and hovers protectively over Lenia. He sneers at Singeon on the way. **

GM: No problem.
Mordreona: "OK, I look for traps and the like in the next room."
Singeon: Singeon is too elated with himself.
Mordreona: Traps/TL3 (14) [3d6.skill(14,0)] => [2,2,6] = 10 vs (14) or less Success! by 4

GM: You find no traps in the room.
** Mordreona goes back and sits by Lenia. **
Mordreona: "Looks free of traps."
Lenia: "And treasure, sadly. Unless someone wants to search the corpses."

Lenia: "I doubt they've anything of value."
** Mordreona starts to first aid herself. ((I do not think I did this after the last fight last week.)) **
** Lenia hands Mordreona her throwing knife. **
Mordreona: "Ah..err...Thanks."

Berkun: did the arrow break?
Singeon: Pokes through the corpses. "Nothing here but rags and rust. I fear we have found another false tomb. But I will lead us on to riches, soon enough!"
Mordreona: "Glad you are here for us Singeon."
Singeon: "And well you should be."
** Mrugnak grumbles. **

Berkun: "No, it might not be false..."
Berkun: Berkun looks around the walls unsurely
Singeon: "What ails you, my ... large ... friend?"
Berkun: "Depends what is farther, these could be just a chamber for barons servants..."
Berkun: "But he could be resting deeper."

Lenia: "I thought I told you to stop obsessing over Mrugnak's phallus, Singeon."
Mordreona: First Aid/TL3 (Human) (13) [3d6.skill(13,0)] => [5,6,1] = 12 vs (13) or less Success! by 1

Singeon: "Ha! You are a funny lady, displacing like that, Lenia."
GM: You patch yourself up a bit, Mordreona [1d6-3] => [2,-3] = (-1)
** Mrugnak stops looking cranky long enough to look utterly confused, but after Singeon speaks he goes back to looking cranky again. **
GM: Well, 1 point, anyway.

Mordreona: "Anyone else want me to spit on a wound for them?"
Lenia: "Are we ready to go? Is anyone badly hurt? Did they even land a blow on any of us?"
Singeon: "Those skeletal knights got lucky. I am bit sorry but not badly injured."
Mordreona: "No I did all the damage to our side."
** Lenia gets to her feet. "Let's move on, then." **

Berkun: "Shambling corpses are no threat to us."
GM: How long are you resting for? Or how much Paut are you drinking?
Mordreona: "I'm ready to go. The next door looks clear. I'll try to open it."
Lenia: 10 minutes for Mordreona to patch herself up, and one vial.
Lenia: Leaving me at 6 FP.

GM: Okay.
** Mordreona trys the door. **
Singeon: "No one else has come through this door while I have been guarding it."
GM: The door is locked.

** Mrugnak recovers 2 FP, if standing around guarding counts as resting. **
** Mordreona picks the lock. **
Mordreona: Lockpicking/TL3 (14) [3d6.skill(14,0)] => [5,6,1] = 12 vs (14) or less Success! by 2 Conditional: +1 from 'High Manual Dexterity' when performing DX-based tasks

Mrugnak: Oh, we loose another Encumbrence level of FP for the fight, don't we?
Mrugnak: (+1)
Berkun: Berkun stands ready with a cutting arrow, in case there are enemies behind the door
GM: You almost get the lock (it's at -4, but you have fine lockpicks for +1) but it resists you. You can try again at -2.
Mordreona: "One sec guys, I allmost have it."

** Mordreona trys again. **
Mordreona: Lockpicking/TL3 (14) [3d6.skill(14,-5)] => [3,2,4] = 9 vs (9) or less Success! by 0 Conditional: +1 from 'High Manual Dexterity' when performing DX-based tasks

Narrator: With a click, the lock opens.
Mrugnak: Mark? Was the fight short enough that we didn't lose more FP?
** Mordreona steps back and looks at Mrugnak. **
GM: sure.

Mrugnak: Nice.
** Mrugnak strides confidently up to the door, weapons at the ready, and then stares at the handle for a second, then at his hands, which are both full of weapons. **
Lenia: "..."
Lenia: "Singeon, open the door please?"

Singeon: "My hand is full, also."
** Mrugnak drops his trusty axe on the chain lanyard, and opens the door with his left hand. **
Mrugnak: (( It's a puzzle, but not one that's COMPLETELY beyond him. ))
Narrator: The door opens into yet another small, square room. Surprisingly, it appears to be unoccupied. A familiar ironbound door is across the room.

Mordreona: "Guess I should look for traps."
** Mrugnak re-readies his trusty axe. **
Mordreona: Traps/TL3 (14) [3d6.skill(14,0)] => [2,1,6] = 9 vs (14) or less Success! by 5

GM: Everyone make IQ-5 or Perception -5 rolls, whichever is better. Vision based perception.
Mordreona: Traps/TL3 (14) [3d6.skill(14,0)] => [2,6,5] = 13 vs (14) or less Success! by 1

Lenia: IQ: [3d6.skill(16,-5)] => [1,2,5] = 8 vs (11) or less Success! by 3
Berkun: [3d6] => [1,1,3] = (5)

Mordreona: Per (13) [3d6.skill(13,-5)] => [6,2,5] = 13 vs (8) or less Failure! by 5
Mrugnak: Vision (12) [3d6.skill(12,-5)] => [5,3,1] = 9 vs (7) or less Failure! by 2

** Mordreona moves in **
Berkun: success by 4
whispering to Lenia, The ceiling of this room does not quite rest on the long walls.
whispering to Berkun, The ceiling of this room does not quite rest on the long walls.
Lenia: "There's something odd about the ceiling! Be careful!"

whispering to Mordreona, You still don't spot any traps.
Mordreona: "Looks fine to me."
Berkun: "The ceiling could be a trap...!"
Lenia: "Look at how the walls don't quite reach it?"
** Mordreona moves on into the room. **

** Mordreona looks up. **
GM: Nothing has happened to you, yet.
** Mrugnak looks about. The ceiling is how far up? **
Berkun: Berkun looks at the space between walls and ceiling

Mordreona: "See everything is fine."
Mrugnak: Sort of near his eye level, perchance?
Lenia: "Berkun - could you toss Alchemist's Fire up there?"
GM: The ceiling is 18-20 feet up, same as the rest of the tomb.
Mrugnak: Ah. Not so much then.

Mordreona: I look over the door for traps.
Lenia: ((The Baron didn't build 'small'.))

** Mrugnak wanders into the room. **
Berkun: "I could, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea... you reckon what trap this could be?"

whispering to Mordreona, There's some kind of covered pit in front of the door.
Mordreona: Traps/TL3 (14) [3d6.skill(14,0)] => [3,5,6] = 14 vs (14) or less Success! by 0

Mrugnak: How far up DO those walls go?
Mrugnak: Like, most of the way, or 3' short?
GM: All the way to the ceiling?
Mordreona: Hold on I see a pit here in front of the door.
GM: All of the way.

** Mrugnak looks confused. **
Lenia: "..."
** Mordreona points to a covered pit in the floor. **
Mrugnak: "Walls go up. Dat wat walls do. Wat Len-ee say?"

Singeon: "What is the matter?"
Lenia: "I call shenanigans." ((And sadly, Dispel Magic is *area* and *expensive*.))
Berkun: "Someone throw a stone on it?"
Singeon: "My blades thirst for undead flesh! And I seek the Baron's riches. Why are we waiting?"
Lenia: "If you want to walk into the illusion-covered traps, Singeon, be my guest."

Mrugnak: Mordreona is pointing in front of herself?
** Mordreona throws he second short sword onto the pit. **
GM: It clatters to the floor.
** Mordreona goes to grab an undead body to do the same with. **

GM: ((that didn't work!))
GM: Okay, you go grab a zombie corpse and lug it back.
** Mrugnak grabs it from her as she goes by, and one-hands it. **
Mrugnak: "Where put?"

** Lenia sighs, and drinks two more vials of Paut while Mordreona lugs corpses. **
** Mordreona here. **
Mordreona: "here."
Narrator: With an easy toss, Mrugnak throws the zombie in front of the door. A cleverly concealed pit trap opens and the zombie corpse tumbles downward. The trap closes immediately.

Lenia: "Right. So that one's real."
** Mordreona looks for a way to disarm it. **
whispering to Mordreona, You're pretty sure there is no mechanical way to disarm that trap, short of not putting weight on it.
Berkun: "And it's reusable... Mordreona, can you work it so to keep it open?"
Mordreona: "Looks like we need to stay off of it, I see no way to disarm it."

Berkun: "Who knows if someone didn't fall inside long ago and their valuables are still there?"
Mordreona: We could try to jam it open as a zombie falls into it."
Mrugnak: "Mrugnak can hit?"
Mrugnak: "Mrugnak make it open!"
Mordreona: "Guess that could work too."

** Mrugnak hefts his morning star. **
** Mordreona backs up. **
Mordreona: "Sorry guess you need the light, I will stay close."
Mrugnak: "tanks."

GM: What are you doing, Mrugnak?
Mrugnak: I am using my morning star to SMASH the trapdoor to smithereens.
Mordreona: ((getting ready to kill us all.))
Mrugnak: Probabl using Forced Entry in some way.
Mrugnak: Should I be rolling something?

Berkun: Berkun stays near the entrance in case the room caves in or something...
Mrugnak: I presume I'd have to kneel down to get good smashing leverage, rathe rthan just barely hitting it.
GM: No... this isn't in combat, you have the skill, you can go all telegraphed and all-out. The trap door will eventually be destroyed.
** Mrugnak smashes! **

Lenia: "Hey, guys? I think there's something behind these walls. The ceiling is suspended, or something."
Narrator: After several blows, the trap door gives way and falls into a deep pit. Mordreona's light reflects off sharp spikes intended to kill any victim that survived the fall.
** Lenia holds her lighted staff up closer to the ceiling. **
Mordreona: wWait, we could let Singeon go down in there and open it from bellow."

** Mordreona moves closer. **
Mordreona: "Well anyone want to go in there and look for loot?"
** Mrugnak peers into the pit. "Dat sharp down dere." **
Berkun: "Well, I'll be of better use up here with a bow"

Singeon: "Open what from below?" Singeon peers over the edge. "Treasure? I see none."
Mrugnak: Any victims other than our zombie in the pit?
Berkun: "But I climbed down worse..."
GM: No, just the zombie remains.
Mordreona: (( do we have room to work with/ unlock the door with the pit here?))

Berkun: "Anyone has rope? Do we go there? Or not?"
Berkun: "Vote on it, let's not waste time!"
GM: No, it's about 4 feet wide. You'd have a hard time not falling in and dying horribly.
Mordreona: "I say we use one of the doors back there to cover it up and go on.
Berkun: "Yeah, good thinking."

Lenia: "I'm still really worried about this ceiling."
Berkun: "And if there's anything on the other side, we can use it against them."
Singeon: "An excellent suggestion. I was about it say it myself!"
Berkun: "Yeah, there's space between the ceiling and walls. But I've got no idea at all what that could be used for!"

Singeon: "Why would you be worried about the ceiling, Lenia?"
** Mrugnak puts his weapons down on their chains and wanders over to teh walls that everyone is talking about. **
Berkun: "It *looks* like some siege engineering trick, but I'm no siege engineer!"
whispering to Berkun, It's really more than the ceiling doesn't rest on the walls. If there's a gap, it's very fine.
Mordreona: "I will climb up the wall and have a closer look while they cover the pit."

Berkun: "Mrugnak, can you grab something and stick it there? Try to check what the ceiling rests on?
Berkun: "
Lenia: "Because it's not properly connected to the walls, like Berkun said. It might mean there's something on the other side of the walls holding up the ceiling, or that the ceiling's meant to shift - possibly fall in."
** Mrugnak sees if he can see anything. So far, he's not seeing this mysterious mystery. **

Mordreona: Climbing (18) [3d6.skill(18,0)] => [2,1,4] = 7 vs (18) or less Success! by 11 Includes: +3 from 'Flexibility', +1 from 'Perfect Balance'

Mordreona: Traps/TL3 (14) [3d6.skill(14,0)] => [1,3,4] = 8 vs (14) or less Success! by 6
Mrugnak: "huh? Wat want Mrugnak do?"

Narrator: Mordreona climbs up the walls, despite the fact that they're sheer. As far as the other delvers can tell, she's holding on to swirls in the oil paintings on the walls.
Mordreona: Pull down one of the open doors and cover the pit with it."
** Mrugnak draws his crowbar, and sets to work on one of the doors. **
whispering to Mordreona, From the top, it looks like there is a paper thin gap between the ceiling and wall in a few places, not very regular.
Berkun: "You know, we could stick stones in the empty space"

Mordreona: "Well, looks like there is a paper thin gap between the ceiling and wall in a few places, not very regular."
Berkun: "It might mess with the trap"
Narrator: Mrugnak strains at the door for a bit, then pulls it off its hinges.
** Mordreona jumps down. **

Berkun: Berkun moves backwards
GM: What are folks up to?
** Lenia looks worried, but steps away from the walls. "I hate trying to figure out what designers were thinking." **
Mordreona: Waiting on Mrugnak to cover the pit.

** Mrugnak is prying a door off it's hinges to make an impromptu bridge out of. **
GM: You did that. See the narration and everything?
Berkun: "I think something could push it"
Berkun: "There's no other thing I can think of, something really strong can push the whole bit of stone

Berkun: "So let's try to block it in some way..."
Singeon: "The whole bit of what stone, my friend?"
Mordreona: "I'm sure we will find out soon."
Mordreona: "Bring the door you big lug."
Berkun: "Ceiling is one bit of stone, maybe..."

Berkun: Berkun shakes head
Mrugnak: Oh, no, I didn't see that.
Berkun: "I'm not a siege engineer."
Lenia: "Some kind of gas trap?"
** Mrugnak goes and lays the door across the pit then! **

Mrugnak: Assuming there's actually enough of a ledge to rest the other end of the door on.
Mordreona: "Good job."
Mrugnak: There may not be!
GM: Close enough. If Mrugnak stands on one corner, Mordreona can get to the door.
Mrugnak: (( crowbar stowed again. ))

Mordreona: ((do I think the door will open without hitting the make shift bridge?))
GM: You could work something out if you needed to.
** Mordreona trys to open the door. **
GM: It's locked.

Mordreona: Lockpicking/TL3 (14) [3d6.skill(14,0)] => [4,5,2] = 11 vs (14) or less Success! by 3 Conditional: +1 from 'High Manual Dexterity' when performing DX-based tasks

** Mrugnak draws his weapons again. **
GM: Still locked. The tumblers are fiendishly difficult.
Mordreona: "Hmm, one more try."
Mordreona: Lockpicking/TL3 (14) [3d6.skill(14,0)] => [4,2,1] = 7 vs (14) or less Success! by 7 Conditional: +1 from 'High Manual Dexterity' when performing DX-based tasks

GM: Still locked. The tumblers are fiendishly difficult.
** Mordreona kicks the door. **
GM: Your foot hurts, but it does not budge an inch.
Lenia: "...That bad, eh?"

Mordreona: "The lock is broken, can not be picked."
Mrugnak: "Mrugnak open?"
** Mrugnak eyes the iron door. **
Mrugnak: (( Iron, or Iron-bound? ))

GM: It's ironbound wood, but heavily constructed.
Mordreona: "Hope the "door" holds you."
Mordreona: "We could also go get the acid."
Berkun: "Might be a better idea, really..."
Mordreona: "I'll be just back."

** Mordreona runs off to get a vial of acid. **
GM: Anyone else?
Mordreona: ((move9))
Berkun: Berkun escorts Mordreona half-way

GM: Okay, Mordreona is gone for a few minutes and comes back.
GM: With the acid.
** Lenia remains here, resting. **
** Mordreona puts it on the lock. **

Berkun: Berkun stays in the door with arrow ready
Berkun: (cutting)
GM: The acid sizzles and burns through the lock, eventually.
Mordreona: ((where I think it will do the most good))
** Mordreona steps back and looks at Mrugnak. **

Berkun: Berkun narrows eyes
** Mordreona looks at the closed door, then back at Mrugnak. **
** Mrugnak carefully steps on the door, testing it's strength. **
Mrugnak: Mrugnak weighs 480 lbs, and is carrying 362 lbs of gear.

GM: There's no way for you to stand on the door without having it give way - no one can counterbalance you.
Mrugnak: [480+362] => 842
GM: Dear god in heaven!
Mordreona: "Great."
Mrugnak: Mrugnak's not smart enough to think about THAT, but little things like his WEIGHT do register.

** Mordreona moves back to the door. **
Mrugnak: "Dat thin. You open door, Mrugnak jump."
** Mordreona opens the door slowly. **
GM: The door does not budge an inch.

Mrugnak: Yay high cieling.
Mordreona: "Crap"
** Mordreona kicks the door. **
Berkun: "Lock gone and door won't move?"

Mrugnak: "Dat bad door."
Berkun: "It's a trap, I can feel it..."
GM: The door does not budge an inch. But your foot hurts more.
Lenia: "Fake door."
Lenia: "So about those ceilings..."

Berkun: "We force it and entire thing comes down on us..."
Berkun: Is the door bound in iron?
GM: Yes.
Berkun: On an iron frame?
Mrugnak: "Mrugnak strong, break door! But door break, Mrugnak not break door. Ow."

Berkun: "Listen, it's in an iron frame..."
GM: Yes, ironframe.
Berkun: "Let's destroy just the wood..."
Berkun: "Let's make a hole first, peek on the other side."
Berkun: Berkun bites his lip

Mrugnak: (( KNEW I shoud have packed the drill. ))
** Mordreona looks for another lock. **
Berkun: "Then we can consider fire..."
Lenia: "Remind me to give you a lecture on materials stress someday. Also, there's no mana near the door at all - I can't magic it open."

Mrugnak: (( I took one look at the bit and brace and said Self, you'll need that. ))
Mrugnak: (( but NO, mrugnak is too STUPID to pack it. ))
whispering to Mordreona, You can't find any other lock.
Mordreona: "I see no other locks, I'm not sure we should mess with it."
** Lenia begins moving around the room, rapping on the walls with her staff to see if any sound hollow **

Berkun: "Think we should abandon the door completely?"
** Mordreona starts looking for hidded doors also. **
whispering to Lenia, They all sound thick to you.
GM: How long are you guys searching for?
Mordreona: 20 min or so.

Berkun: 15 minutes?
Berkun: ok
Singeon: "This is boring. Why doesn't the minotaur just bash the door down?"
GM: (gm makes hidden rolls)
Berkun: "Can you dodge the whole celining?

Berkun: "
GM: You don't find anything in 20 minutes of searching.
Berkun: "Well, mayhap you can..."
Mordreona: "Because we do not want to all end up with one hand."
Berkun: "But it's not a good idea"

Singeon: "I'm sure I could."
Lenia: "So. Materials stress for Berkun, and weights & balances for Singeon. Don't worry, I'll be sure to use small words."
** Mrugnak mutters something, "Door weak, Mrugnak strong. Door not cary Mrugnak." **

Mrugnak: "Mrugnak carry lotta thing, door not carry Mrugnak. Mrugnak not smash door in hole with pointy bits."
** Mordreona backs out of the room and starts suggesting that Singeon break the door down. **
** Mrugnak is spelling it out in small words. **
Lenia: "...I have a plan."

Singeon: "I am a swashbuckler, not some common thug that batters things! Though I'm sure I would do it with uncommon grace and skill."
Mordreona: (( I can not move my toon on the map))
Singeon: "If the minotaur doesn't feel up to the job, I'll outdo him with one hand crippled. Hand me the crowbar."
Mordreona: "I just thought you could do whatever needed to be done, if you CAN NOT do it I understand."
Berkun: Berkun looks over the iron frame the door rests in.

Berkun: Could it be linked to the ceiling?
GM: The door is 2-3 feet shorter than the ceiling.
** Mordreona takes a swig off her flack. **
Mordreona: flask

Singeon: Singeon waits impatiently, tapping his foot, for Mrugnak to pass over the crowbar.
** Lenia steps towards one of the walls and eyes the ceiling, then begins chanting. **
Berkun: "We should make a hole, but do as you think."
Lenia: Create Water: [3d6.skill(18,0)] => [1,4,2] = 7 vs (18) or less Success! by 11 for 5 FP (3 gallons)

** Mordreona uses fast talk to get Singeon going on the door. **
Mordreona: Fast-Talk (12) [3d6.skill(12,0)] => [1,1,5] = 7 vs (12) or less Success! by 5 Conditional: +1 from 'Charisma' when making Influence rolls

Lenia: Shape Water:: [3d6.skill(18,0)] => [1,3,3] = 7 vs (18) or less Success! by 11 for 0 FP (controlling up to 20 gallons of water).
Singeon: "I assure you, good lady, I will amaze you with the speed, grace, elan, and panache with which I open that door. If the minotaur will just hand over his prying tool - my blades are too good for such crass work."

Lenia: Freeze: [3d6.skill(18,-1)] => [4,2,6] = 12 vs (17) or less Success! by 5 for 5 FP (1 cubic yard; if that's not enough, 7 FP is 2 cubic yards.)

** Mordreona uses fast talk to get Mrugnak to hand over the crowbar. **
Mordreona: Fast-Talk (12) [3d6.skill(12,0)] => [6,2,2] = 10 vs (12) or less Success! by 2 Conditional: +1 from 'Charisma' when making Influence rolls

Narrator: Lenia chants and mutters in the background, and the walls become slick with moisture.
** Mrugnak cheerfully hands over the crowbar, only vaguely aware of the happenings. **
Mordreona: "Let him have it big guy, lets see what he can do,"
Mrugnak: (( oh crap I forgot my food in the oven. ))

Mordreona: ((k afk a sec to get a drink))
GM: You need a lot more water to make a cubic yard - it's like 250 gallons!
Lenia: ((Oh. This is what I get for being raised in a country with a sane measuring system.))
Lenia: ((Cubic foot, then?))
Narrator: At the point where the ceiling meets the walls, a few chunks of rock are suddenly forced out as Lenia soaks water into the cracks and freezes it.

GM: Hey, a gallon is roughly 4 liters, and there's about 8 gallons to the cubic foot.
Mordreona: ((back))
Lenia: Thanks. =)
Mrugnak: (( litres = 1000 cubic cm. Nice system. ))
Mrugnak: (( also, 1 litre = 1 kg of water :D ))

Singeon: Singeon grunts and pulls at the door, slowly splintering it.
Lenia: "Oh hey, look at that. A secret hole near the ceiling."
Mrugnak: "Le-nee. Wat?"
** Mrugnak is totally gullible. "Le-nee found secret!" **

** Lenia points with her staff. "A hole. Near the ceiling. Really, there's very little you *can't* do with water." **
Mordreona: "Want me to look into it?"
Singeon: "It is a droll jest, Lenia, but if you give me a few minutes more I will have this door open!"
Berkun: "Splendid sorcery"

Lenia: ((It is so very tempting to just let him keep working at it.))
Berkun: "It might be the second lock!"
Mordreona: "I think we should all let Singeon work."
Lenia: "Singeon. Fake door."
whispering to Lenia, Which side did you soak with water? left, right, entrance, exit?

Mordreona: "Ignore her Singeon, keep at it ."
Singeon: "Whatever do you mean?"
** Mordreona tries not to laugh. **
Mrugnak: "Mordee, want lift up to hole?"

Mordreona: "Sure, thanks."
** Lenia settles down crosslegged with her staff across her knees. **
** Mordreona moves to the base of the wall near the hole." **
Singeon: Singeon jumps clear as Mrugnak moves away and the counterbalance on the door departs.

Singeon: "Watch where you're going!"
** Mrugnak looks back. "Wat?" **
** Mrugnak picks up Mordreona around the hips and holds her up so she can see the hole. **
** Mordreona laughs **

Mrugnak: "Mrugnak helping!"
GM: You really need to lift her by her ankles over your head to get that high...
** Mordreona I use my light to look into the hole. **
Mordreona: I can stand on his hands

Lenia: Fortunately, with Perfect Balance that's not actually a freakish feat.
Mrugnak: Wee!
whispering to Mordreona, It's very small, but it looks like the wall is only a foot thick, and there's a gap on the other side of it.
Mrugnak: [8.6*1.5] => 12.9
Mordreona: "Well, it looks like the wall is only a foot thick, and there's a gap on the other side of it."

Mordreona: ((can I get through the hole?))
GM: No, it's like a few fingers wide.
Mordreona: "put me down please."
** Mrugnak puts Mordreona down carefully. **

Mrugnak: "So... door up dere?"
Mrugnak: "Mrugnak not fit."
Mordreona: "I would say wait until I am out of the room and bash the wall down here."
Lenia: "You know, with a little work I could probably bring the whole thing down with nothing more than cantrips. As much as that appeals to my sense of humor, I think this is one of those times when the crowbar is the best option."
** Mordreona makes an "X" on the wall and goes out into the doorway. **

Mordreona: "Yeah, I'm sure Singeon can have it down in no time."
Singeon: "Now that the minotaur can stand on solid ground, I will defer to him in his area of expertise: unsubtle and brute force, crudely applied."
** Mrugnak examines the wall, looking for places to jam the crowbar. If they don't exist, he'll just bash it. **
** Mordreona cheers Mrugnak on. **

GM: There's lot of pretty paintings on plaster. Beneath the plaster, who knows?
Berkun: "Damnation, we'll just dig the barons corpse out if we have to!"
GM: Pretty in the sense of lots and lots of red.
GM: Like the Matt Wagner "Grendel" comics.
Berkun: Berkun examines the paintings, what exactly do they show?

Berkun: Is there any variance?
Mordreona: "Lenia, maybe you should get back here dear."
Berkun: anything that could be a secret mark?
GM: Scenes of the Bloody Baron conquering people and then torturing them, dismembering them, eviscerating them, exsanguinating them, etc. etc. etc.
** Mrugnak starts hacking off plaster on the marked section, not having many other options. **

** Mrugnak lacks an appreciation for art. **
GM: If there's a pattern, you really can't tell.
Mrugnak: Red's a nice colour though.
Berkun: "We've got little choice here, but I won't believe he could have every inch of this place trapped..."

Berkun: "Let's break a passage forward."
GM: My notes say that 1' of stone is DR156 (ablative) and HP94. Anyone care to calculate how long it takes for Mrugnak to work through that?
Berkun: How much damage does he deal?
Mrugnak: Sure, one second.
Lenia: "Wait, wait, wait. Abuses... Beatings... Crucifixions... Dismemberings... Exsanguinations... I think I'm seeing a pattern here."

Mrugnak: 4d6+3.
Mrugnak: On average rolls, I do 17 damage a round.
Berkun: "You do?"
** Mordreona drinks more and offers some to Berkun and Singeon. **

GM: All-Out attack brings that to 21.
Berkun: so, 21 crushing?
Singeon: "Most gracious. Thank you, my dear."
Berkun: [156/21] => 7
Mrugnak: Takes 7.4 seconds to remove DR.

Berkun: [94/21] => 4
Mrugnak: 4.4 seconds to remove stone.
Berkun: about 12 seconds together
Mrugnak: 12 seconds ish.
Lenia: "...No, never mind. Just imagining things."

Mordreona: You going to use your good weapon??
Lenia: ((The pick halves DR!))
Mrugnak: Oh, dang, a pick! Dur.
Mrugnak: THAT is what you use.
Mrugnak: so 4d+2, but it's armor piercing.

Mrugnak: My brain hurts trying to combine that with ablative.
Mrugnak: So 12 secondsish.
GM: I refuse to believe that Mrugnak, strong though he is, can tunnel through solid stone at 1ft/12 second.
GM: That's a narrow hole or something.
GM: Anyway.

Mrugnak: Well, use the digging rules!
GM: A surprisingly short time later.
** Mrugnak goes and finds the digging rules. **
Mrugnak: (( Oh, the pick doesn't halve dr, btw, the morning star does. But you'd use a pick on stone anyways. ))

Mrugnak: Mrugnak breaks up 20 cubic feet of stone an hour with a pick.
Mrugnak: >.>
Narrator: Hard work pays off. There is a hall on the other side of the wall, and a pair of ornate doors across it.
Mrugnak: He could make a Mrugnak-sized hole in an hour and 15 minutes.
Mordreona: "You need to rest after that big guy?"

Mrugnak: A Mrugnak sized hole takes 5 FP.
Mrugnak: so probably.
** Mrugnak is puffing. **
Lenia: "What ceiling holes? Oh, just paper thin cracks. Can't possibly be important. Don't worry about them, Lenia."

GM: What are folks doing now? You can rest for a bit.
GM: But then what?
Mordreona: I'll look over the hall and door we just found while he rests.
Lenia: "Mordreona, I believe the doors are your specialty?"
Mordreona: for traps that is.

Mordreona: Traps/TL3 (14) [3d6.skill(14,0)] => [2,1,4] = 7 vs (14) or less Success! by 7
whispering to Mordreona, You don't think there are any traps.

Mordreona: Looks clean to me.
** Mordreona looks to see if it is locked. **
Narrator: The door is a massive vault door, made from iron, with thick, heavy hinges of steel and bronze.
GM: There is a very, very elaborate lock.

** Mordreona takes her time and starts in on the lock. **
Mordreona: Lockpicking/TL3 (14) [3d6.skill(14,0)] => [6,5,4] = 15 vs (14) or less Failure! by 1 Conditional: +1 from 'High Manual Dexterity' when performing DX-based tasks

Mordreona: I try again.
Mordreona: Lockpicking/TL3 (14) [3d6.skill(14,0)] => [3,5,6] = 14 vs (14) or less Success! by 0 Conditional: +1 from 'High Manual Dexterity' when performing DX-based tasks

Mordreona: "Looks like this one is jammed, just to old to work with."
GM: The lock is very complicated, and you can't manage to keep the tumblers.
Lenia: ((Perhaps taking extra time for a bonus?))
Lenia: ((Just sayin'.))
Mordreona: ((I started that way))

Mordreona: (("" Mordreona takes her time and starts in on the lock""))
whispering to Lenia, Just as a note, the mana in this place is... unhealthy. It won't effect you directly, but you'll be penalized on Healing spells.
Mrugnak: (( math error. Mrugnak breaks 80 cubic feet an hour with a pick. ))
Mrugnak: Takes 20 minutes to make a 3' wide, 9' tall hole.
GM: It's a -5 lock, so even with extra time, she's failing.

Mrugnak: So 2FP.
Mordreona: (( I need to AFK for a min or 3, sorry be back as soon as I can. I try to look for traps and keep Lenia safe if I can.))
** Mrugnak squeezes through the hole and examines the door, not particularly optimisticly. **
Mordreona: I try the lock one more time, taking my time.

Mordreona: Lockpicking/TL3 (14) [3d6.skill(14,0)] => [1,1,2] = 4 vs (14) or less Critical Success! [B556] Conditional: +1 from 'High Manual Dexterity' when performing DX-based tasks
** Lenia makes a face. "There's something... distasteful about this place." **

Mordreona: ((AFK now))
Mrugnak: o.o
Mrugnak: good timing.
Lenia: ((Ahem.))

Narrator: Mordreona sighs, squares her shoulders, and tries again. The lock clicks open.
** Mrugnak pats Mordreona on the head. "Good!" **
Singeon: "Well, what are we waiting for? Onward to glory and wealth!"
** Mrugnak readies the morningstar in one hand, and opens the door with is off hand! **

whispering to Berkun, Hello?
GM: Did Berkun ever rejoin MapTools?
Mrugnak: He DC/d twice.
Mrugnak: with no login.
Mark: I'm afraid I'm not willing to run this next bit while botting two reasonably complex characters.

Mrugnak: It's coming up to a good time to shut down, probably, anyways. It's 9:15 here, so unless it's a short scene on theother side...
Mark: I suspect not, unfortunately.
Mark: Let's call it here and pick up again next week.
Mrugnak: Just for my book-keeping, how long did we rest?
Mrugnak: before I forget.

Mordreona: ((sorry guys back))
Mark: Good job on figuring out the puzzle without getting impaled.
Mark: Uhm. As long as you wanted to?
Mrugnak: Yes, but I don't know if other people went and did things before Mrugnak is at full. :D
Lenia: ((I'm calling it at least half an hour, which with the digging gives Lenia back all her FP. >.>))

Mrugnak: [(13-7)*5] => 30
Mrugnak: That's perfect for me :D
Mark: I don't have Fit on Mrugnak's advantages.
Mrugnak: That's odd.
Mrugnak: I do.

Mrugnak: I thought?
Mrugnak: ...
Mrugnak: Why don't I have Fit?
** Mrugnak pokes Mrugnak. **

Mrugnak: You.
Lenia: Fit of insanity?
Mrugnak: Fit of "meant to buy that" apparently. :P
Mark: It's not on the PDF on the Wiki.
Mrugnak: Gottdamnit I put it on him every time I build him.

Mrugnak: The original Mrugnak had the Endurance feat. I'll have to buy that as soon as we get cps.