Marching Order Edit

Narrow Hall Edit

Sithis-L Arganyev-L Singeon-L Mrugnak-L Lenia-L Thog-L

Wide Hall Edit

Sithis-L Mrugnak-L Lenia-L
Arganyev-L Singeon-L Thog-L


Arganyev-L Thog-L Sithis-L
Mrugnak-L Singeon-L Lenia-L

Open Area Edit

Sithis-L Arganyev-L Lenia-L Thog-L

Standard Operation Procedures Edit

A list of situations and the things that everyone normally does in them here.

Securing a room Edit

  1. Sithis and Lenia carefully examine the door for traps.
    1. If necessary, Sithis and Lenia disarm the traps.
      Thog know Traps, too!
  2. Sithis listens for enemies on the far side of the door.
  3. Arganyev makes a plan to deal with enemies on the far side of the door.
  4. Singeon gets bored waiting.
    1. He decides his swords are sufficient to deal with the enemies.
    2. He opens the door and Fast-Draws his swords.
    3. He shouts "Leeeee-roy JENKINS!"
    4. He enters the room and attacks.
      Heeey... Mrugnak want charge too!
  5. Everyone takes unco-ordinated action until the foes are defeated.
  6. Post combat actions.
    1. Singeon brags about his combat prowess.
    2. Thog falls over from excessive damage caused by too much All-Out Attacking and too little Dodging
    3. Beltarne casts healing spells to revive badly wounded delvers.
    4. Sithis and Lenia search the room.
      1. Sithis recovers any choice loot.
    5. The party gets ambushed because no one was watching the door.
      How we get ambushed by a door?
      How? Good question. Perhaps the mythic Tale of Eric and the Dread Gazebo will teach you caution in the light of the ordinary.

Special Tactics and Formations Edit

Stunball of Doom Edit

When attacked by many foes, Lenia will cast a 1d Concussion and then throw it amid the group's enemies in such a way as to catch at least one (but preferably more) fellow delver in the blast radius. Done properly against high HT foes, several of the delvers will be out of action but most of the foes won't be, dramatically increasing the difficulty of the encounter and hopefully scoring additional CP when the delvers win.

Defensive Spells Edit

When traveling overland, Lenia maintains Blur (-1 to attackers' rolls), Shield (+1 to DB from the front), and Armor (+1 DR) on herself.