The anthological speaking about metaphysics and the utmost truth Cancherbell (the famed Scholar-Holy Warrior-Wizard-Druid) delivered to a random encounter of Balors during twelve days in the Spring of 773 years ago, near the town of Bakhitán during in mid of the ritual casting of Plane Shift. They are recorded in the Heavily Armored Tome.

The Imp claims really was the activation of the Jumper (Spirit) ability, with no doubt he had.

Some people thinks Cancherbell actually copied his 'Total Predication' from the 'Utmost Teachings' from Tulkani the Arkane, and because that, they portray them as being false and Cancherbell not more than a worshiped impostor.

An entirely different hypothesis claims Cancherbell wasn't but Kanchershell, the industrious (Hell?) Gnome who consigned the Artificer's Science in the Armored and Trapped Book of The Subearthly Fire, mainly treating about Black and Red Powder. From this viewpoint, the encounter with Balors was what actually triggered the Ah-ha in Kanchershell while trying to save his life.