A Town wizard charges $2/energy point to cast a spell that requires Magery 0 or 1; $3/energy point to cast a spell that requires Magery 2; and $5/energy point to cast a spell that requires Magery 3. Town Druids and Clerics charge $1/energy point/Power Investiture required to cast the spell. Spells requiring more than 10 energy points have a $1/point surcharge; spells requiring more than 25 energy points have a $5/energy point surcharge; and spells requiring more than 100 energy points have a $10/energy point surcharge. Town clerics and priests won't cast spells on people who are Excommunicated.

Common town spells:

Spell Cost ($) Spell Cost ($)
Healing Spells
Major Healing 8 Great Healing 80
Cure Disease 12 Neutralize Poison 15
Restoration 60 Instant Restoration 450
Regeneration 100 Instant Regeneration 800
Halt Aging 140 Youth 1100
Resurrection 4800 Final Rest 20
Stone to Flesh 30 or 80 for metal
Cheap Items
Create Object 1/lb up to 25 lbs Duplicate 2/lb up to 15 lbs
Magic Item Identification and Repair
Analyze Magic 16 Ancient History 25-30 for 100-1000 years
Repair 1.25/lb up to 25 lbs;

1.6/lb up to 60 lbs;
3.2/lb up to 250 lbs 5.2/lb for heavier items

Magic Lights
Continual Light (Bright) 12 Continual Mage Light (Bright) 12
Bless 800 for 1

6500 for 2
75000 for 3

Curse 15 for 1

50 for 2
120 for 3

Geases and Charms
Oath 8 Lesser Geas 36
Enslave 300 Great Geas 300
Divination 20 Predict Weather (7 days) 210

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