The patron god of a mystic order supporting Clerics, Holy Warriors and other High Purpose Delvers along with some scholarly and contemplative members. Tyrandor's known main headquarters is located in the land northeast of the Westmarch, in the snowy mountains of Azharia.

It's supposed Tyrandor is the currently known name of the dwarven deity Hrömnyr, the elven inspirer and teacher Alifâr, and one of the former names of the figure centuries ago worshiped in the civilized lands east of Westmarch under the archaic name of Hexusucrathör, before of the Dolorous Disaster in the Isle of Ark centuries ago.

Tyrandor's Scholars, based from the hidden Holy Palace of Azharia, enjoy good relationships with orthodox dwarven travelers randomly crossing along the High Road near Azharia during Spring.

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