Character Creation Edit

Original characters can have up 275 points and 60 points of Disadvantages (not including quirks or disadvantages in racial templates). All characters must choose a Template from DF: Adventurers and may choose a race or lens from DF: The Next Level. Human characters that do not take a lens may choose up to 25 points of Power-ups from DF: The Next Level.

All characters can take Disfavored even if it is not listed on their template. Other disadvantages not on a template must be approved by the GM, who is lenient about that kind of stuff. Advantages should be limited to choices from the Template.

All characters know their personal native tongue fluently. They also know the Trade Tongue at Accented at no point charge. Most creatures encountered during a delve will speak the Trade Tongue at Broken or better. Characters can purchase Fluent ability in the Trade Tongue, but there's really no point to doing so.

Any character may take 1 or more Perk: Signature Attack. Each Signature Attack gives +1 on all rolls for a specific Maneuver, Attack Option, and Hit Location combination. An example would Signature Attack: Committed (Determined) with Rapid Strike, the first attack to the torso with Deceptive Attack -1, the second a Telegraphed strike to the neck.

Note there are many House Rules and Rules Clarifications that may effect building a character.

Wealth and Starting Equipment Edit

All characters start with $4000 in goods. Permanent magical items are not available.

Changing Characters Edit

After a delve is completed, a player may choose a new character. Earned Character points are transferred to the new character, along with 80% of the previous character's share of the wealth gained from the delve.

It is not generally acceptable to change characters except at the end of a delve or after the very first session of a new delve.

Replacing a Dead Character Edit

If a PC is killed and not brought back to life during a delve, the player must create a new character. Earned character points are transferred to the new character, along with a -5 CP penalty for dying. Wealth will need to be worked out with the GM, but generally 50-75% of earned wealth will be retained. The replacement character will be added to party at a time and manner of the GM's convenience.

Characters for Replacement Players Edit

A player who replaces a previous player starts with a 275 point character, as described above. After creation, the character will be given enough CP and cash to bring them in line with the current characters.

See Also Edit

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