Our heroes!

Bruno (Emily)
Ystävä Portrait 1


Ystävä Karhut, Enormous Minotaur Knight
Ystävä Token 1

Ystävä's Token

formerly Shelley McCrae, Human necromancer and bone golem advocate
killed by a Peshkali demon
formerly Minnizig Nerkor Gnomish Bard and all around Imp
formerly Firefly Moonshine, Pixie sorceress and fire-starter
maimed and involuntarily retired on the first trek
Mrugnak, Emergency Backup Mrugnak!
Osgar MacAllan, Leprechaun Wizard File:Osgar.png
formerly Wolfgang, Gargoyle knight and goblin hater
Beltarne, Dwarven cleric and cheapskate! Beltarne
Torvall, Holy Warrior

Torvall's Token

formerly Ghazeb Tigerman Swashbuckler
Bedlam and Mouser
Bedlam Smith and Mouser, Barbarian and his loyal panther-tiger companion
formerly Thasos Minotaur Martial Artist
Lyralen Goblin-hating Winged Elf Scout
formerly Artegal Nymph Knight and warleader
formerly Marik Grumpy Mountain Elf Scout

Former Players and their Characters Edit

Player Character
Hari Ghazeb
(original designer)
James Ghazeb
(second player)
Matt Lyralen (original designer)

New player suggestions Edit

These characters can be used by new players or people who need to jump in quickly.

Sample Barbarian
A half-ogre barbarian who wields a halberd as a hand axe.
Sample Holy Warrior
A human paladin with a greatsword and healing powers.
Sample Thief
A swashbuckling thief with a saber.

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