Jerril Oaseslab is a boney, angular man with a permanently startled expression and hair that seems to be trying to escape his head. He is swaddled in heavy robes as if to compensate for his weight, and clutches an ornate, solidly-built staff for both protection and comfort. He seems to stay skinny through constant worry.

Jerril is a man of firm convictions and strong goals, tempered by knowing a little too much about what could be out there waiting for him. He very much prefers to settle disputes by reasoned conversation (or at least stubbornly insisting he's right until the other side gives up in disgust), but if somebody starts something he can go somewhat overboard trying to protect himself.


Oaseslab is an experienced adventurer, and notably was involved in the defeat and banishment of Adren, Demon Prince of Rats. His surviving companions chose to retire on their rewards, but Jerril refused - partly due to a feeling of civic responsibility and a need to prevent further demonic disasters, and partly due to being half-convinced that Adren's minions are out for revenge.


  • Whacking things with a staff very hard when cornered. Does not appreciate "cornered rat" comparisons.
  • Too Much Demon Lore For His Own Peace Of Mind
  • General wizardry, with a firm grounding in the Four Elements and the study of Magic Itself.
  • Fleeing in terror.


"Of course it wants to eat me! Just look at those beady little eyes!"

"One less demon to worry about! ... you're sure it's dead, right?"

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