Overview Edit

An extremely long large barbarian half-ogre, who wields a halberd as an axe. Massively strong, resistant to damage, and lucky, this character carves foes up at range in combat. Outside of combat, he's a useful assistant to a Scout or Druid, as well as a good fisherman.

Combat Tactics Edit

With the Grip and Reach Mastery Perks for his halberd, he can attack his foes at a range from 1 to 3 hexes, every round. He prefers to make cutting attacks at range 2 or 3, but can use the backspike to do serious damage against a dangerous foe. Close in, he can switch to a Defensive Grip at Reach 1, then stab with the head spike for an effective 2d+4 damage. He can also cross-check with the pole-arm, slamming foes who are out of his immediate reach.

His ranged combat is weak, with relatively low skill and an inaccurate weapon. However, 4d-2 damage at up to 84 hexes makes up for some of that.

His biggest worry is hostile spell-casters with spells that target Will. His Magic Resistance 2 and Lucky give him some hope for avoiding that.

Out of Combat Abilities Edit

He is an acceptable Navigator, but pails in comparison to a real Scout or Druid. He can assist, though. He is also a skilled fisherman, and can supplement the band's rations that way.

Somewhat surprisingly, he is reasonably good at collecting rumors, though his Gullibility means he will pass on a lot of fake and outrageous tales. He is otherwise something of a liability in town, with no ability to profit from selling goods.

His other non-combat use carrying stuff for weaker members of the delving band. He already carries a two-man tent, and could share some space with smaller delvers. He can carry another 25 lbs without slowing down, or another 110 lbs with only a slight speed reduction. In an emergency, he can carry 200 lbs more - another delver! - and still be at Medium encumbrance. His maximum lift is nearly a half-ton!

Character Sheet and Such Edit

File:Barbarian Half-Ogre.pdf - PDF version.

File:Sample Half-Ogre Barbarian.odt - GCA4 version. Change the extension from .odt to .gca4 to load it with GCA.

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