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Thasos has light tanned skin and a shaggy blue roan coat covers his chest, head, arms, and legs. The long horns on his head black, turning to gray at the tips, and curve forward. His fierce dark eyes betray the emotions raging in his otherwise calm face. While not as tall or muscular as others of his race, he is larger than the average human, and his muscles are well defined. ThasosPortrait


Conceited, selfish, and oafish, he is a loner that doesn't work with others. That is until his teacher decided to teach him humility. It is only his vow of silence that keeps him from being a complete prick, and he has a semblance of a sense of duty to his companions as a result of his situation.

It appears that he may be on his way to giving up his selfishness after witnessing the tragic death of a fellow delver. The importance of cooperation is becoming obvious to him, though he stubbornly resists the constant lessons. He finally had an epiphany upon meeting a group of harpies, the embodiment of selfishness.


Thasos Es-Barash was born to farmers, but his parents are long forgotten to him. Poor crops led to the family being impoverished, and they were forced to send their youngest child to a temple. The ascetic monks taught him that by training the body, one can overcome the inherent evil of the soul. The lessons only partially took, and as Thasos' skills increased, so did his conceit. Hoping he would beat some humility into himself, they taught him the dangerous art of "kusarijutsu". Instead, he excelled at it and even mastered the devastating "meteor hammer". So great was his conceit that he had a blacksmith craft the weights in the shape of his own fists. This was the final straw. While the monks couldn't outright kick him out, they used his own conceit against him to convince him to leave. They created an elaborate legend, somewhat based on fact, about a secret mystical technique that was hidden from even them. But, if he joined a delving group, he might discover it on his own. Eager to have him gone, they provided him with an outlandish amount of money and cautioned him against frivolous spending. The wisest among them warned him that if others were to learn of his quest, he might never find what he sought. Thus, the last words he uttered were, "Until my quest is complete, I shall be under a vow of silence."

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He seeks a legendary mystical technique known only as "the Touch". While he believes it is a powerful attack, perhaps even the fabled "Touch of Death", it is merely the loyalty and affection of friends. And until he learns humility, he will never have it.

Reason for and Method of Leaving the Group Edit

Thasos went berserk while fighting snake demons under the black dome near the 4-Points Tower. A demon survived his attack and blinded him, then killed him as it fled from Beltarne's holy light.

Character SheetEdit

File:Thasos.pdf - PDF format character sheet.

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