Narrator: The delvers have been in and out of Polisberg for the last 5 days, and are now trudging through the swampy remains of a ruined village west of Polisberg off the silk road.

Narrator: Small, dark shapes scuttle near them, half-surfacing out of the water before submerging again. Ahead of them, the delvers can see a variety of ruined foundations. A single large chest is half-exposed in the water, nestled against the remnants of a collapsed stone wall.

Narrator: The dark shapes, once visible both for and back, have mostly fallen behind the delvers.

GM: So. What are you up to?

Lyralen: "I can investigate the chest easily without being in the water, if you'd like?"

Beltarne: ((We're all in the water))

Ystävä: Warily observing the crabs. Or possibly hungrily observing.

Osgar: I'm not!

Osgar: In the water, that is.

Beltarne: was at first half-trotting ahead of the group, has since slowed and is scanning the water for dangers once the swarming shapes have been pointed out.

Beltarne: was, rather.

Lyralen: is flying over the water.

GM: The water is about 2-3' deep and counts as difficult terrain if you get into a fight: half movement, no retreats.

GM: On the map that's coming up if there's a fight (heh), the greyish, road-like areas are ancient dwarven roads. The green grass areas are mud, and provide a -2 to attack and -1 to defense for anyone without an appropriate Terrain Adaptation or the like.

GM: Assuming you're trudging, and not flying, that is. Standing on the ruined walls and foundations removes both of these penalties.

GM: Heck, let's show you the map...

Ystävä: The mottled rocky bits are?

Ystävä: bad areas of dwarven road?

GM: Right, old submerged dwarven roads. Most of the remaining foundations/walls are submerged to the water line, but a few bit stick up out of the water and block lines of sight.

Beltarne: is forging ahead at about a yard a second, scanning the water in front with axe and shield at the ready.

Ystävä: is watching for crabby self-delivering meals.

Beltarne: stopping at the edge of the road if Lyralen is checking the chest.

Lyralen: flies ahead to hover over the chest (whenever he gets there).

GM: Move up to where you want to be, Lyralen.

Lyralen: ###

Lyralen: ((tokens keep disappearing...))

Bedlam: ((i can't see even my tokens))

Narrator: Up close, the chest looks to be a well-made wooden chest, bound and reinforced with brass strips. A prominent lock seals it shut.

Lyralen: ((I was able to get them back by 2xclicking mine in the Map Explorer, but now it's gone))

Bedlam: ((ah ha!))

Lyralen: "Oh. Um."

Lyralen: "It looks to be locked. That's not really something I can do anything about."

Beltarne: "Can you fly it over here? How heavy is it?"

Ystävä: "Is it with the stuck in the mud?"

Lyralen: hovers lower, looking for handholds.

Bedlam: "Bah, no lock can stand up to a well-placed kick."

Bedlam: ((and there goes the tokens again))

GM: There are brass handgrips on each side.

GM: It's not huge: about the size of foot locker.

Lyralen: attempts to lift the chest.

Beltarne: uses LUCK at 2011-02-21 16:22:53 MTN.

Beltarne: ((Sorry))

Narrator: After Lyralen tucks his bow in his quiver, he reaches down and firmly grasps both brass handles. Then the wood ripples and bows, flowing into a massive fist that punches Lyralen.

Lyralen: ((that's going to hurt.))

GM: Think fast, Lyralen! roll Perception-5 (+6 for Combat Reflexes) to avoid being stunned!

Ystävä: Woof

GM: Actually, everyone can roll that.

Lyralen: Perception result: ?succeeded by 0 »

Lyralen: ((phew))

Ystävä: Perception check result: ?succeeded by 6»

Beltarne: Perception check result: ?succeeded by 6

Bedlam: ((once again, I cannot see my tokens))

Bedlam: Perception check result: ?succeeded by 2

Mimic: Grab! Grab! result: ?succeeded by 2 »
and punch result: ?succeeded by 2 » TA technique to the face!

Mouser: Perception check result: ?succeeded by 6

Narrator: The brass handles also warp, and one catches onto Lyralen's left arm.

Lyralen: ((Can I use my defensive-only Luck to force the chest to reroll that crit?))

GM: Yes, yes you can.

Mimic: result: ?succeeded by 1 »
and result: ?succeeded by 0 »

Lyralen: ((i'll take the success by 0, thanks))

<p><i>GM whispers to Beltarne: This is a mimic (duh!) It lurks in dank places and entices people with magic. It is some kind of weird faerie thing! It is vulnerable to silver!


GM: Are you going to defend, Lyralen, or just take the grabs and the punch?

Lyralen: ((sorry - didn't realize you were waiting rfor me. I assume dodge is my only option?))

GM: No, you can totally parry, but you are currently unarmed.

Beltarne: "Silver! Silver hurts it!"

Lyralen: ((we'll try the unarmed parry))

Lyralen: result: ?succeeded by 2 »

GM: And the other grab and the punch?

Lyralen: ((i guess those will have to be dodges))

Bedlam: "Silver what? Coins?"

Lyralen: result: ?succeeded by 0 »

Lyralen: result: ?failed by 2 »

Mimic: Does 13 crushing, to Lyralen's face!

GM: Got any face armor?

Lyralen: ((nope))

Lyralen: That puts me at 0

GM: Ow! Major wound to the face, HT-5 to avoid stunning!

Lyralen: result: ?failed by 3 »

GM: Well, at least you're not unconscious.

Lyralen: ((sweet))

ROUND1: YOU ARE UP, Lyralen!

Lyralen: beats a hasty retreat!

GM: Well, no, since he's stunned. And, um, prone. And needs to roll HT to avoid unconsciousness.

Lyralen: ((oh. right.))

Ystävä: "Ack! The things are with the hungry! That is the very bad."

Lyralen: HT result: ?succeeded by 3 »

GM: Do nothing! Roll to recover from Stun!

Lyralen: HT result: ?failed by 1 »

Bedlam: "It's just a box! Smash it!"


Lyralen: raises his head dazedly in the general direction of some person shouting at him.

Mouser: moving up

Mouser: half move through the muck?

GM: Yes, that is what I wrote earlier.

Mouser: just making sure


Bedlam: also moving up

Bedlam: "No stupid box hurts my friends and gets away with it!"

Narrator: Bedlam and Mouser charge north, slipping in the mud and splashing through the water.


Ystävä: runs along the stonework. "We save you bird bones!"

ROUND1: YOU ARE UP, Beltarne!

Beltarne: Slog forward!

ROUND1: YOU ARE UP, Torvall!

Beltarne: ###

GM: Half speed in the water, Torvall.

Torvall: Move up...the grey area is no penalty right?

Torvall: oh missed that

GM: It's no penalty to attack or defense, but it's still kneed deep under the water. Only the straight gray stone lines are no movement penalty.

Torvall: Did you push me back...if so im done


Osgar: "Goddamnit!" Move forward, casting Lightning result: ?succeeded by 2 »

Osgar: for 4D at 2FP

ROUND1: YOU ARE UP, Large Crab 1!

Narrator: A dozen crablike shapes emerge from the water and start splashing toward the delvers, skimming through the water comparitively fast.

Osgar: Crabs move back and forth, sidling through the water.

Ystävä: Osgar says what now?

Large Crab: Crabs move back and forth, sidling through the water.


Mimic: Sits ominously, waiting.

ROUND2: YOU ARE UP, Lyralen!

Lyralen: Recover from stun: HT result: ?succeeded by 6 »

Ystävä: Yay!

Lyralen: Indeed. Yay.

Lyralen: Retreat, aerially if possible.

GM: Uhm, you have to Do Nothing this round.

Lyralen: ((ok))

GM: But you're not stunned.


Mouser: moving

Narrator: More hands and arms flow out the chest's sides. It sidles back, as it punches and grabs out and Lyralen and Mouser.

Mimic: Wait action! Move away as a step! Grab Mouser result: ?succeeded by 3 » DA-2/-1

and again result: ?succeeded by 6 » DA-2/-1 and punch Mouser in the face! result: ?succeeded by 1 » technique and grab Lyralen by the leg, too result: ?succeeded by 7 » telegraphed

Mouser: can i parry the grabs?

Lyralen: Retreating dodge result: ?failed by 1 »

GM: I don't think 4-legged animals can parry anything, right?

Mouser: not even brawling parry?

GM: They don't have any arms free

Beltarne: Bite?

Mouser: i see... no worries, it's on my sheet...

Mouser: Dodge(10) result: ?failed by 4

Mouser: Dodge(10) result: ?succeeded by 2

Mouser: Dodge(11) result: ?failed by 4

GM: People can't parry with their teeth.

Mouser: meh, grabbed and punched

Mimic: Mouse is Punched for 8 crushing


Bedlam: moving


Ystävä: Slog through mud!

Ystävä: ***

ROUND2: YOU ARE UP, Beltarne!

Beltarne: I slog more.

ROUND2: YOU ARE UP, Torvall!

Torvall: Trudge, trudge, trudge..

Torvall: ###


Osgar: Move a bunch and blast the mimic with lightning! result: ?failed by 1 »

Osgar: luck

Osgar: Move a bunch and blast the mimic with lightning! result: ?failed by 1 »

Osgar: Move a bunch and blast the mimic with lightning! result: ?failed by 1 »

Osgar: grrr!

ROUND2: YOU ARE UP, Large Crab 1!

Large Crab: Crabs move forward, some running rapidly along the submerged foundations of a house.

Bedlam: "Uh oh."

Large Crab: Others sidle forward, one grabbing at Torvall's legs result: ?failed by 4 » on a move and attack


Torvall: Dodge: result: ?failed by 3 » ... 2 less if no DB from shield.

GM: Yeah, it missed but thanks.

Torvall: oh dur!

Torvall: yeesh

Mimic: Mimic grapples Lyralen's torso with another arm result: ?succeeded by 9 automatic deceptive attack for -2/-1 » telegraphed
grabs Mouser result: ?succeeded by 4 » DA-2/-1
and punches Mouser result: ?succeeded by 2 » in the face!
and grabs Beltarne result: ?succeeded by 3 » DA-2/-1
and punches the dwarf in the face result: ?succeeded by 1 » technique!

Ystävä: Technique?

GM: Yeah, he knows "Targeted attack: punch/face" and only has a -2 penalty to punch your face.

Bedlam: dodge while grappled?

GM: Sure, at -1.

Mouser: Dodge(10) result: ?failed by 5

Mouser: Dodge(10) result: ?succeeded by 4

Bedlam: grabbed more, but not punched

Lyralen: Unarmed Parry result: ?succeeded by 0 »

Beltarne: Parry with Axe(17) result: ?succeeded by 7

Beltarne: Uhm¸ that's not right.

Beltarne: A success, but not by 7.

GM: Yeah, but you rolled well enough.

Beltarne: Does he have strikers?

GM: Sadly no, since he's grappling.

Beltarne: Yay!

GM: Also, you're still being punched in the face.

Beltarne: Attack with Axe/Mace result: ?succeeded by 4 automatic deceptive attack for -2/-1

Beltarne: Blocking(15) result: ?succeeded by 5

Beltarne: No I'm not!

Beltarne: Axe does 9 (cut)

Narrator: The chest has transformed into a vaguely wood-paneled mass of goo and 5 whirling arms.

Narrator: Beltarne's axe cuts into the thick arm, but not deeply. Some strange ooze flows from the wound.

ROUND3: YOU ARE UP, Lyralen!

Lyralen: Oh, hell. Might as well amuse the crowd by attempting to break free.

Mimic: Resist break free! result: ?succeeded by 21 »

Lyralen: lol

GM: Good luck with that.

Lyralen: ST result: ?succeeded by 8 »

Narrator: Lyralen discovers that the creature is incredibly strong.

Lyralen: ###

Narrator: Also... Beltarne's axe is stuck to the creature, by some weird goo.


GM: While I'm remembering, the mimic basically has the effect of making weapon (or unarmed) attack or defense against it use the Pick rules: your weapon becomes unready, ST check to reready it and do some additional damage.

Mouser: bite him... it... whatever

Mouser: what's the penalty?

Beltarne: Does it get to attack with the limbs that your weapon is stuck in at no penalty?

GM: Mouser: -1 for size, -2 for footing, and it's 2 hexes away from you which is a problem. Beltarne: no, it'll need to pull the weapon free too... that's fair.

Mouser: i can bite the limbs that are grappling right?

GM: Oh, right, but at another -4 for being grappled and +2 for the length of the arms (4 yards) and -2 for attacking arms.

GM: I keep forgetting about the grapple.

Mouser: so.. -7 total?

GM: Looks like. How are you closing the last two hexes?

Mouser: that doesn't look viable, actually

Mouser: i could try breaking free, but it seems useless

GM: Actually, you could just bite the limbs grappling you, since they're definitely RIGHT there.

Mouser: ...

Mouser: that's what i was just talking about

Mouser: -7 penalty?

GM: Oh, sorry. Right.

GM: Looks like it.

Mouser: i guess that's better than trying to break free

Mouser: Bite result: ?failed by 4 »

GM: Sadness.


Bedlam: fast draw sword and attack crab 7

GM: Okay, you're at -2 to DX rolls for unstable footing (-1 to parries/blocks)

Bedlam: okay

Bedlam: Attack with Greatsword result: ?succeeded by 2 »

GM: And the crabs are SM-1.

Bedlam: they are?

GM: SM -1

Bedlam: these are different crabs?

Ystävä: Yes, they're smalelr ones

Ystävä: It was mentioned last week

Bedlam: oh i see

GM: These are large crabs, not giant crabs: dog-sized, not pony-sized.

Ystävä: Size of a gnome

Large Crab: Dodge and sidestep result: ?failed by 1 »

Bedlam: ha!

Bedlam: Greatsword does 8 (imp)

Large Crab: clatter-clatter-oops!

Bedlam: oh i'm sorry, i forgot to roll fastdraw

Bedlam: Fast-Draw (Two-Handed Sword) result: ?succeeded by 3

Narrator: Bedlam's sword spears through crab and it collapses, bleeding out.


Ystävä: Bedlam and Torval clearly have the whole crab thing under control. Ystava trudges up to the mess with the mimic.

Ystävä: **

ROUND3: YOU ARE UP, Beltarne!

Beltarne: Slog forward more.

Beltarne: ###

Beltarne: Wait!


Beltarne: Ready to free axe instead.

GM: Roll ST.

Beltarne: ST check result: ?succeeded by 0

Beltarne: Tada!

Beltarne: And step.

Beltarne: Damage is.....

Beltarne: half damage roll?

Ystävä: I think it was glue-stuck not pick-stuck?

GM: No, it's the same injury coming out as going in.

Beltarne: GM was saying pick-stuck.

Beltarne: Okay.

Ystävä: Oh, pick stuck!

Beltarne: ###

Narrator: Bits of mimic flesh rip from the arm as Beltarne yanks his axe free.

ROUND3: YOU ARE UP, Torvall!

Torvall: Step to the side and swat crab #1. Broadsword(19): result: ?succeeded by 7 » -1/-2 deceptive.

Large Crab: Oh hey dodge! result: ?succeeded by 2 »

Torvall: Boo!

Torvall: ###


Osgar whispers: was that including the -1 for skill? or is mana bad?

Ystävä: Good timing!

<p><i>GM whispers to Osgar: Mana is still low.


Osgar: hmm, it has long arms?

GM: 4 yard long arms.

Osgar: ah, I will NOT get closer then

Osgar: cast lightning bolt!

Osgar: Casting Lightning result: ?succeeded by 4 -1 FP

Osgar: BTW, even in low I should be spending 1 FP per single 4d bolt

Osgar: donw

GM: Oh, right, forgot about that.

ROUND3: YOU ARE UP, Large Crab 1!

Large Crab: Many crabs sidle forward

Osgar: (( invite to other chat please? ))

Large Crab: Large Crab 12 all-out attacks Torvall from behind, scuttling up behind him and making a double telegraphed grapple to neck result: ?succeeded by 4 »

and torso result: ?succeeded by 0 » from behind!

Torvall: Truly behind or runaround?

Large Crab: Crab 11 moves up, and all-out dodes.

GM: Truly from behind: it started 3 hexes behind you. Which is why it had to all-out attack. well, that and the "jump on Torvall" thing

Torvall: Just making sure...a lot of movement happened was all.


Mimic: Mimic tries to grapple Lyralen with an arm again result: ?succeeded by 4 automatic deceptive attack for -2/-1 » telegraphed

and tries to takedown Mouser result: ?succeeded by 23 » and punches Mouser result: ?succeeded by 3 » in the face! and grabs at Beltarne again result: ?succeeded by 4 » DA-2/-1 and punches him in the face result: ?failed by 1 »

Beltarne: Command.

Mimic: well, misses Beltarne's face but punches him in the torso.

Beltarne: Command (Holy) result: ?succeeded by 8

Beltarne: "Let Go"

Beltarne: Oh, and that's only success by 4, forgot range penalties.

Bedlam: how to resist takedown?

<p><i>GM whispers to Beltarne: this doesn't have enough of a mind to control


Beltarne: Ah well.

Lyralen: Feverish defense unarmed parry result: ?failed by 1 »

GM: "Takedown This is an attempt to bear your opponent to the ground. You may only try this on a standing foe. Roll a Quick Contest, with each contestant using the highest of ST, DX, or his best grap- pling skill."

Beltarne: Blocking(12) result: ?succeeded by 5

GM: Beltarne already knew the Command wouldn't work from reading the book of faeries; he can make a different defense against the grab.

Bedlam: okay, will striking ST count for this?

GM: Nope, lifting ST for grapples.

Mouser: ST check result: ?succeeded by 10

Bedlam: and i'll roll the dodge for the punch

Mouser: Dodge(10) result: ?failed by 6

Bedlam: not that it would matter

Beltarne: I can block a grapple attempt, yes?

Mimic: Does 12 crushing to Mouser's face

GM: Yes, Beltarne

GM: Mouser takes a major wound to the face, needs to roll HT-5 to avoid stun.

Mouser: Health check result: ?succeeded by 0

ROUND4: YOU ARE UP, Lyralen!

Lyralen: Change Posture from prone to kneeling

GM: You need to roll HT or fall unconscious, first.

Lyralen: for exactly 0? I thought you rolled once for that, period.

GM: P419 disagrees

Ystävä: 0 isn't special except being the start of "not positive".

Lyralen: HT result: ?succeeded by 1 »


Bedlam: biting the limbs... what's the penalty now?

Bedlam: i lost count

Beltarne: -4 for grappled?

Beltarne: arm length and arm location cancel out, I think

GM: uhm (-4 grappled, -4 prone ... prone cancels the bad footing, so just -8 I think)

Bedlam: oh that's not so bad

Mouser: Bite result: ?succeeded by 3 »

Mimic: has free arms, will parry result: ?succeeded by 5 »


Bedlam: step and attack crab 11

Bedlam: Attack with Greatsword result: ?succeeded by 8 »

Large Crab: Dodge and sidestep result: ?succeeded by 2 »


Ystävä: If I do just the one hex facing shift to the left, is the crab still in my front 50%? He's sort of half and half.

Ystävä: Crab 8

GM: I'm pretty sure he isn't. See the reach diagram on the wiki.

GM: Definitely wild swing territory.

Ystävä: I can't find a reach diagram


GM: under "combat facing"

Ystävä: Thanks, the wiki search was being totally unhelpful.

Ystävä: Yellow + Peripheral Vision shouldn't be Wild Swing

Ystävä: It's not addresssed, only orange.

Ystävä: In fact, by the text on that diagram, yellow serves no purpose.

Ystävä: Has no meaning assigned to it.

Ystävä: AFAIKT

Ystävä: Anyways, turn on crab, stick it on a horn!

Ystävä: Horn Thrust to SM 0: result: ?succeeded by 9 » (SM0)

GM: affects shield DB.

Large Crab: oh, doh! Dodge result: ?failed by 6 »

Large Crab: Crab 8 does not dodge.

Ystävä: Horn does 15 (imp)

Narrator: The crab becomes a horn adornment for Ystava.

ROUND4: YOU ARE UP, Beltarne!

Beltarne: I Move!

Beltarne: ###

ROUND4: YOU ARE UP, Torvall!

Torvall: Attampt to break free from the grappling crab (probably won't). What do I need to roll ST at?

GM: You roll ST normally. It rolls ST+5 for having 2 hand-like things on you.

Large Crab: Resist breaking free result: ?succeeded by 11 »

Torvall: result: ?succeeded by 4 »

Torvall: "Ack....get 'em off! Get 'em off!"

Torvall: ###


Osgar: -1 range, -1 SM on the mimic? or are only crabs small?

GM: The mimic is also small.

Osgar: I still have the modifier even though I am small?

GM: I think so, at least in ranged combat.

Ystävä: Not in melee. Ranged I have no clue.

Ystävä: Probably.

Osgar: Lightning result: ?succeeded by 6 »

Mimic: Uhm... I is a semi-mobile block of pseudo-wood. I can't dodge!

Osgar: Lightning does 16

Mimic: Resist stun! result: ?succeeded by 3 »

ROUND4: YOU ARE UP, Large Crab 1!

Ystävä: Is it on fire

Ystävä: ?

Ystävä: I mean, it's pseudo wood, and that's burning

Torvall: Pseudo on fire?

GM: uhm... yeah, that's more than 10 damage, but... lightning is tight-beam, so 1/10th for fire purposes.

GM: On a 1 on a 1d6: 3

GM: No.

Large Crab: Large Crab 2 moves and grab's Ystava's legs from behind result: ?failed by 4 »

Large Crab: Large Crab 3 moves and grab's Ystava's legs from the shield flank result: ?failed by 3 »

Large Crab: Large Crab 12 tries to snap Torvall's neck result: ?succeeded by 0 » (resist with ST or HT)

Torvall: Resist!!! result: ?succeeded by 0 »

Torvall: Eeesh!

Large Crab: Large Crab 10 steps forward and grabs Torvall's leg result: ?succeeded by 1 »

Torvall: What are my penalties on defending at the moment?

Large Crab: Large Crab 11 steps forward and grabs Bedlam's leg result: ?succeeded by 4 »

GM: You're at -1 dodge, -2 to block/parry

Torvall: I will try to parry #10. result: ?succeeded by 3 »

Large Crab: Large Crab 1 steps forward and grabs Torvall's leg result: ?succeeded by 0 »

Bedlam: Greatsword Parry (12) result: ?failed by 3

Bedlam: that should have been -2, but either way...

Large Crab: Large crab 6 all-out jumps and grabs at Bedlam's left arm from his flank result: ?failed by 2 » determined, DA-6/-3

Large Crab: Crab 9 moves forward

GM: The mimic ignites from Osgar's lightning bolt.

Large Crab: Large Crab 4 all-out attacks Torvall's sword arm from behind (Grappling) result: ?succeeded by 5 automatic deceptive attack for -4/-2 » telegraphed

Torvall: Can I block that?

GM: No, came from behind, you never saw it coming.

Torvall: Oh...dang


Torvall: ((I think they are gonna drag me under soon))

Mimic: Uhm, I'm on fire 2 burning vs DR4

Mimic: Mimic does a takedown on Lyralen result: ?succeeded by 23 »
and pins him if that works result: ?succeeded by 7 » (lyralen resist with ST-14)
and pins Mouser result: ?succeeded by 4 » (Mouser resists with ST-14)
and punches Beltarne result: ?succeeded by 5 » in the face
and steps to the side and grapples Osgar result: ?succeeded by 6 » DA-6/-3 (size modifier for grappling)

Bedlam: ST check result: ?failed by 6

Mimic: oops, DA effect for Osgar should only be DA-4/-2 after the damage penalty.

Osgar: um, wasn't he rooted in place?

Beltarne: Yes he was.

GM: No, he has legs, he just can't dodge very well.

GM: Like, Dodge 2.

Beltarne: Parry with Axe(14) result: ?succeeded by 6

Lyralen: DX result: ?succeeded by 2 »

Mimic: actually, attack on Osgar should only be at DA-2/-1 because of the mimic being on fire.

Osgar: Blink result: ?succeeded by 2

GM: well, that works.

GM: Is Mouser resisting the pin?

Osgar: 2FP

Ystävä: Bedlam rolled ST up there.

Bedlam: failed, of course

Lyralen: Hm. According to p370 you can only attempt a takedown against a standing foe. But I can certainly see "kneeling" being close enough to standing for this purpose.

GM: Right.

ROUND5: YOU ARE UP, Lyralen!

Lyralen: HT result: ?succeeded by 2 »

Lyralen: Change posture from prone to kneeling.

GM: Yeah, no, you're pinned.

Lyralen: i thought it was a takedown attempt?

GM: "Mimic does a takedown on Lyralen result: ?succeeded by 23?? and pins him if that works result: ?succeeded by 7?? (lyralen resist with ST-14)"

Lyralen: gotcha missed the second part

Lyralen: Do I have any options?

Lyralen: I guess I'll try for the critical success on ST

GM: You can try to break free, vs ST32. This is not a high success strategy.

Lyralen: Draw a dagger.

Lyralen: ###

GM: Make a DX roll at -5 for being pinned.

Lyralen: DX result: ?failed by 3 »

Narrator: Lyralen reaches for his dagger as best he can.


Bedlam: bite him, i guess

Bedlam: -8 still?

GM: No, you're pinned. Helpless.

Bedlam: do nothing?

GM: Good plan.


Bedlam: step and attack 11

Bedlam: any chance i'll hit them both with one shot?

Torvall: It's called Rapid Strike.

Bedlam: Attack with Greatsword result: ?succeeded by 6 »

GM: You can't MOVE. You've been grabbed by the crabs.

Bedlam: oh i thought that was just an attack

Bedlam: i can attack though?

GM: Uhm, no, "grabbed"

GM: Well, you're at -12 to attack with a 3-hex greatsword in close combat unless you shift to a half-sword grip with makes your weapon reach C. Which you can do as a free action.

Osgar: (( you could attack one NOT in your hex at -4! ))

Bedlam: if i do that, what skill will i be attacking with?

GM: They're both in his hex; they've grappled his leg so he has no DX penalty.

GM: two-hnaded Sword skill.

Bedlam: oh, okay... yeah, why not

Bedlam: change to half sword grip

GM: stabbing only for Thrust Imp damage, BTW.

Bedlam: yes indeed

Bedlam: Attack with Greatsword result: ?succeeded by 7 »

Large Crab: Dodge! result: ?failed by 2 »

Bedlam: Greatsword does 8 (imp)

GM: The crab is dead; Bedlam is no longer grappled and can move.


Ystävä: Shield Bash #2, kabob #3. DWA!

Large Crab: We no like this plan.

Ystävä: Shield (Shield) (14): result: ?succeeded by 4»

Ystävä: Horn Thrust to SM 0: result: ?succeeded by 4 » (SM0)

Large Crab: Large Crab 2 Dodge result: ?failed by 3 »

Large Crab: Large Crab 3 Dodge result: ?failed by 5 »

Ystävä: Shield bash does 8 (cr)

Ystävä: Horn does 11 (imp)

Large Crab: we really no like this plan.

Narrator: Ystava picks up another ornament as his shield cracks the other crab's shell.

ROUND5: YOU ARE UP, Beltarne!

Beltarne: Step and rapid strike on the mimic, extra effort strong.

Beltarne: Rapid strike with Axe result: ?succeeded by 8 automatic deceptive attack for -2/-1 » result: ?succeeded by 9 automatic deceptive attack for -2/-1 »

Beltarne: Apparently my rapid strike macro doesn't account for the rapid strike penalty.

Mimic: Parry! result: ?failed by 1 »
result: ?failed by 2 »

Beltarne: Axe does 10 (cut)

Ystävä: Fortunately you still rolled well!

Beltarne: +2

GM: Your rapid strike gets stuck on the first strike.

Beltarne: Right.

Ystävä: May I suggest Rapid Strike and Break Free?

Beltarne: Can I use the second as a ST check at a penalty?

Beltarne: Yeah, that.

GM: uhm, sure, at -6, +2 for extra effort.

Beltarne: ST check result: ?failed by 1

Beltarne: Negatory.

ROUND5: YOU ARE UP, Torvall!

Torvall: Attempt to shield bash the crab grappling my sword arm. Shield(16): result: ?succeeded by 5 »

Torvall: I did not apply any if greater than 5 im boned

GM: So Torvall has a crab grabbing his sword arm, he can't use that at all, and another on his neck and torso, giving him -4 DX on everything else.

GM: ... no the shield bash totally worked.

Large Crab: Dodge! result: ?succeeded by 1 »

Torvall: "Why do I get all the nimble crabs!"

Torvall: ###


Osgar: laments the low mana

Osgar: lightning! 4d! loud and stuff

Osgar: Casting Lightning result: ?succeeded by 3 -1 FP

Osgar: done

ROUND5: YOU ARE UP, Large Crab 1!

Large Crab: Large Crab 6 keeps grabbing at Bedlam's sword arm result: ?succeeded by 3 » DA-2/-1

Ystävä: Armed INterdictions

Ystävä: against #5

Large Crab: Large Crab 5 scuttles forward and gets stabbed by Ystava, apparently. But he totally plans to bite Mouser and scuttle off.

Ystävä: Which starts with a Parry at -2 IIRC, just looking it up

Large Crab: Large Crab 12 keeps trying to break Torvall's neck result: ?succeeded by 3 »

Large Crab: (err, should have been a -4 penalty, so success by 2)

Torvall: Resist!!! result: ?succeeded by 3 »

Ystävä: Yep, Parry-2, then an attack, -2 per damage die if I hit

Ystävä: Horn does 12 (imp)

Ystävä: per,

Ystävä: erp

Ystävä: wrong button entirely

Ystävä: Parry with Horn (15) result: ?succeeded by 6»

Ystävä: Horn Thrust to SM 0: result: ?succeeded by 1 » (SM0)

Large Crab: Crab 5 Dodges Ystava result: ?failed by 4 »

Ystävä: Horn does 11 (imp)

Large Crab: Large Crab tries to wrench Torvall's arm result: ?succeeded by 2 »

Large Crab: resist with ST or HT, Torvall.

Torvall: Resist!!! result: ?succeeded by 5 »

Narrator: A crab scuttles across the water, running into one of Ystava's horns in the process.

Large Crab: Large Crab 10 steps behind Torvall, evaluating.

GM: Did Bedlam ever defend against the crab in his hex?

Bedlam: umm

Bedlam: i think i missed that

Large Crab: Large Crab 9 takes the better part of valor and attacks Bedlam, clawing at his leg as a damaging attack result: ?succeeded by 2 »

Ystävä: Sacrificial horn Parry!

Ystävä: Oh damn

Ystävä: never mind he kept moving

Ystävä: Sorry, thought he was stopping at 3 yards.

GM: Top of their actions. Is Bedlam defending or what?

Bedlam: yeah

Bedlam: Dodge(7) result: ?failed by 3

GM: Okay, you can't parry the next crab's attack because you can't use your sword.

Large Crab: That's crab 9, on your leg.

Large Crab: Bedlam?

Bedlam: ?

Large Crab: You got attacked by another crab. Do you want to defend?

Bedlam: oh

Bedlam: Dodge(7) result: ?failed by 3

Large Crab: Does 5 to Bedlam's leg


Mimic: Has to use one arm to hold Lyralen, and one arm to hold Mouser, can't reach Osgar or Ystava, so grabs Beltarne result: ?failed by 7 »
and grabs him again result: ?failed by 4 »
and punches Beltarne result: ?succeeded by 1 »
and takes 4 burning damage.

Beltarne: Blocking(12) result: ?succeeded by 2

Beltarne: "Let go ya beastie!"

Mimic: Sadness. Also on fire.

ROUND6: YOU ARE UP, Lyralen!

Lyralen: Attempt to ready a dagger again

Mimic: (had spare attacks, will pull his food along)

Lyralen: after HT roll

Lyralen: HT result: ?succeeded by 5 »

Lyralen: DX result: ?failed by 5 »

Lyralen: sigh

Lyralen: ###



Bedlam: attack crab

Bedlam: is there two there?

GM: With what? You can't use your right arm, and there are two crabs in your space, yes.

Bedlam: break free then

Bedlam: ST check result: ?succeeded by 8

GM: that's a good idea.

Large Crab: Crab 11 resists result: ?succeeded by 3 »

GM: You break free and can move 1 hex in any direction.


Ystävä: Rapid Strike Two Horn Stabs into Crabs 9 and 6.

Large Crab: Boo hiss!

Ystävä: Spending two FP on FLurry of Blows

Ystävä: Horn Thrust to SM 0: result: ?succeeded by 2 » (SM0)

Ystävä: Horn Thrust to SM 0: result: ?failed by 2 » (SM0)

Ystävä: Luck

Ystävä: uses LUCK at 2011-02-21 21:18:14 EST.

Ystävä: Horn Thrust to SM 0: result: ?succeeded by 5 » (SM0)

Ystävä: Horn Thrust to SM 0: result: ?succeeded by 2 » (SM0)

Ystävä: Forgot the -1 for SM, but I succeeded enough anyways.

Large Crab: Crab 6 dodges result: ?failed by 1 »

Ystävä: Horn does 15 (imp)

Large Crab: Crab 9 dodges result: ?succeeded by 0 »

GM: Hits Crab 6? result: ?failed by 2 »

Ystävä: Heh.

ROUND6: YOU ARE UP, Beltarne!

Beltarne: More rapid strike/break free if first hits, also extra effort: Mighty Blows

GM: Okay.

Beltarne: Rapid strike with Axe result: ?succeeded by 7 » result: ?failed by 2 »

Beltarne: Hooray first hit!

Mimic: Parry! result: ?failed by 7 »

Beltarne: Axe does 10 (cut)

Beltarne: +2

Beltarne: Wait!

Beltarne: No, can't

Beltarne: My axe was still stuck

Beltarne: I'm sorry

Beltarne: Brain fart.

GM: Oh, right.

GM: Well, your axe is free, one way or another.

Beltarne: Wanna call the first a break free (would have succeeded) and the second another strike?

Beltarne: In which case I'd like to luck it?

GM: Sure!

Beltarne: uses LUCK at 2011-02-21 19:22:17 MTN.

Beltarne: Rapid strike with Axe result: ?succeeded by 6 » result: ?succeeded by 4 »

Beltarne: I'll take the 6, I guess.

Beltarne: So 12 cut.

Beltarne: "I SAID LET GO!"

Beltarne: ###

GM: Carry on! It takes damage!

ROUND6: YOU ARE UP, Torvall!

Torvall: Attempt to shield bash the crab grappling my sword arm...again! Shield(16): result: ?succeeded by 2 »

GM: Miss!

Torvall: That is with a -4 penalty.

GM: Oh! Hit, potentially!

Large Crab: Dodge! result: ?failed by 2 »

Torvall: What kind of damage?

Torvall: Swing crush?

GM: SW-2 crushing, yes.

Torvall: Thrust crush?

Torvall: 3 crushing damage.

Torvall: bleh!!!!

GM: try 3d6-3 next time

Torvall: 10 crushing damage.

Torvall: yeah

GM: Crab meat flies from Torvall's arm!

Torvall: ###


Osgar: step and zap, -2 range, -1 size

Osgar: Lightning result: ?succeeded by 3 »

Torvall: Oh shhot...can I trun around or is the grapple preventing that?

Osgar: Lightning does 6

Osgar: ...

Osgar: luck on that

Osgar: Lightning does 6

Osgar: Lightning does 6

GM: Can't turn, Torvall, you're still grappled.

Torvall: Roger.

Osgar: uses LUCK at 2011-02-21 20:27:14 CST.

Narrator: The mimic continues to burn, but additional lightning fails to effect it.

ROUND6: YOU ARE UP, Large Crab 1!

Large Crab: Large Crab 9 flees!

Large Crab: Large 12 crab tries to break Torvall's neck already result: ?failed by 5 »

Large Crab: Large Crab 10 steps forward and all-out strong attacks Torvall's right foot result: ?succeeded by 2 » telegraphed

Large Crab: Damage is 6 crushing

Large Crab: not enough to cripple, sad.

Torvall: So 2 damage after foot DR

Large Crab: (crab 10 started behind Torvall)


Mimic: Takes fire damage 4

Mimic: keeps pulling on Lyralen and Mouser and steps NE to grab with pseudopods at Osgar result: ?succeeded by 3 » DA-4/-2
result: ?succeeded by 2 » DA-4/-2
and punches Beltarne result: ?succeeded by 2 »

Beltarne: Blocking(12) result: ?succeeded by 1

Osgar: retreating feverish dodge for 1 FP

Osgar: Dodge(12+3+2-2) result: ?CRITICALLY FAILED by 2

Ystävä: Owch!

Beltarne: Luckily he's a leprechaun

Osgar: but I used luck

GM: Yeah, but he used his luck 7 minutes ago.

Osgar: really, this is nuts luck

Bedlam: doesn't that level of luck protect you from crit fails?

Torvall: Especially in a aslow moving on line game

Osgar: too bad I can't tactics myself

Osgar: or can I?

GM: Uhm, yes you can if you have any tactics rerolls available.

Osgar: I mean roll tactics to get rerolls just for me, no leadership needed

Ystävä: Nobody rolled tactics.

Ystävä: AFAIK

Beltarne: I have it, don't know who else.

GM: No, you still need to roll Leadership, we just assumed that Artegal was capable of rolling Leadership.

Torvall: So do I.

Osgar: I have it

Ystävä: I have it, but it's a 7

Osgar: oh well

Osgar: you might as well try leadership then

GM: Need to roll Tactics first to make sure you have any rerolls available.

Osgar: or I can since I default leadership to 11 if that's better

Ystävä: Tactics (7): result: ?succeeded by 1»

Ystävä: Leadership (9): result: ?failed by 2»

Osgar: I ment torvall, but ok

Ystävä: Oh, shoot.

Ystävä: He was probably a better choice.

GM: Ystava, want to use your luck there?

Osgar: I'm sure his is better

Ystävä: I am CONVINCED his is better.

Osgar: I'm just grappled, right?

Ystävä: And my luck is down for another 20 minutes.

GM: ah.

Torvall: OK...I have tactics of 12. Should I roll or is it too late?

GM: Okay, Osgar is grappled by the dying mimic.

ROUND7: YOU ARE UP, Lyralen!



Bedlam: head north to mouser


Ystävä: Ystava the Feeder of Bears trudges towards the crab frenzy around Torval.

Ystävä: **

ROUND7: YOU ARE UP, Beltarne!

Beltarne: Can he walk away with my axe buried in him?

Beltarne: Whatever.

Beltarne: Same drill as before, yank and hit.

Mimic: actually, you need to make a ST roll to keep your axe - he can walk anywhere he wants with ST30.

Beltarne: ST check result: ?succeeded by 1

Ystävä: It's a free break free attempt on your part, really.

Beltarne: So does that mean I followed him?

GM: Right.

Beltarne: Or did he pull the axe out himself?

GM: No, he pulled free...

Beltarne: Very well, Rapid Strike, EE: Mighty Blows

GM: and is slowing down and oozing everywhere.

Beltarne: Rapid strike with Axe result: ?succeeded by 0 » result: ?failed by 1 »

Beltarne: That'll do.

Beltarne: Axe does 6 (cut)

Beltarne: +2

Mimic: Parry result: ?failed by 4 »

Beltarne: And that would be a failure on the break free.

Mimic: Collapses unconscious, popping its top open, revealing a mess of silver, gold, steel, and fish bones.

ROUND7: YOU ARE UP, Torvall!

Torvall: OK. I have grip mastery. What do I need to do to reverse grip my sword? Skill at -6 right? result: ?succeeded by 5 » If that succeeds I will stab at crab #12. Attack: result: ?succeeded by 7 » -2/-1 DA.

GM: Uhm, something like that (another -4 for the grapple, but hey)

Ystävä: Hurrayyyy!

Large Crab: Crab 12 dodges! result: ?failed by 1 »

Torvall: Right forgot that, but its all good

Beltarne: "Let go! Let go!"\

Torvall: 7 imp normally

Large Crab: Damages? (normal sword thrust at +1)

Torvall: So 8

Large Crab: turns into a crab-kebab

Narrator: The remaning crabs skittle off, disappearing into the water.

Torvall: The one on my neck isnt going to try one more time?

GM: Didn't you just stab that one?

GM: And if not, why not?

Torvall: There were 2 next to behind and one off to the side a bit

Torvall: The one behind I couldnt even see on the map soi I assumed it would be like a wild swing.

GM: I'm not even sure that it can break your neck with your armor protecting you.

GM: Back strike, look it up. =) but no, crabs run away.

Beltarne: Scuttle

Ystävä: Swim?

Beltarne: Do crabs swim?

GM: Whatever.

Beltarne: Heh

Bedlam: just scuttle

Bedlam: i think

GM: So what are you folks up to now?

Lyralen: staggers to his feet, blood still streaming from a broken nose, eyes slightly unfocused, clearly on his last legs.

Beltarne: steps up to Lyralen layes his hands on him muttering under his breath.

Beltarne: Major Healing (Holy) result: ?failed by 1

Beltarne: Boo!

Torvall: "Let me take this one friend."

Torvall: Lay on Hands - Will(14) result: ?succeeded by 0 »

Beltarne: "Thank you. I am... shaken for some reason."

Osgar: healing the sick, looting the loot CAREFULLY!

Ystävä: collects bear food while the medics do their thing.

Lyralen: ((what does LoH give me?))

Torvall: spending 5 fatigur for 10 on a normal person ...20 here.

Bedlam: i believe mouser has 1 hp

Osgar: how many is mouser down?

Bedlam: about 20

Beltarne: Where the hell is Torval?

GM: He's at 3 HP of 21.

Bedlam: and bedlam is down about 4

Osgar: full major healing on mouser

Torvall: oops i thought i was on Ill spend a bit more to heal Lyr to full

Torvall: Yeah i cant see the icons again

Osgar: Major Healing result: ?succeeded by 3

Osgar: doh, forgot -5

Osgar: luck! :/

Osgar: uses LUCK at 2011-02-21 20:54:44 CST.

Osgar: Major Healing result: ?succeeded by 3

Torvall: How much was Lyralen down? I spend half that in fatigue.

Ystävä: Remembered it that time

Osgar: Major Healing result: ?succeeded by 3

GM: Lyralen was down 13.

Lyralen: (( was down 13, not sure if the Lay on Hands is being counted as happnening or not.))

Osgar: mouser gets healed 8 HP doubled to 16

GM: I have no idea what the healing situation is.

Ystävä: Osgar's healing Mouser, Torvall appears to be healing Lyralen, Beltarn failed a roll...

Ystävä: and I think that's it so far.

Beltarne: Yup.

Torvall: I will heal Lyralen to full...eating half the damage he took in fatigue for myself.

Ystävä: Ystava has a bag of bear bait.

Lyralen: (( was down 13))

Torvall: so 7 for me

Osgar: after healing mouser I will examine the mimic for loot/traps/valuable body parts

Beltarne: And I'll be helping.

Narrator: In the mimic's corpse: there is a sharpened ring of meteoric iron in there, a flail, 83 copper coins, 31 silver coins, 2 gold coins, and a mess of crab shell and fish bones.

Lyralen: "Thank you for your blessing, Torval."

Osgar: sharpened ring = throwing weapon size?

Ystävä: Or finger ring of weirdness?

Narrator: The coins are marked with unfamiliar symbols - a castle in the clouds on one side and an elaborately scriped CG on the other.

Ystävä: Creepy Diadem?

GM: The ring is throwing weapon size, yes.

Ystävä: I think that's A Clue.

Bedlam: hmmm

Osgar: Cloud Giant?

Beltarne: Cary Grant


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