Narrator: The delvers have been roaming around the Shining Coast for 7 days, and have now encountered a manor house overrun by orcs.

Narrator: The delvers are now fighting an advance part of orcs, while several crews at the manor house are preparing ballistas.


Bedlam: umm... that's kneeling right?

GM: What's kneeling?

Bedlam: he has an icon on him... does that mean he's kneeling?

GM: No, looks like a -3 shock penalty for the 6 injury he took last turn.

Bedlam: ah, okay then

Bedlam: attacking #13 there - can he pounce or does he need to start from further away?

GM: He can pounce, but he won't have very much momentum from there.

Bedlam: hmm... i'm just going for a bite instead

Mouser: Bite result: ?succeeded by 5 »

Orc Warrior: 13 blocks the biting cat result: ?succeeded by 2 »

ROUND2: YOU ARE UP, Lyralen!

Lyralen: It looks suspiciously to me like I have Orc 13's back, since he's distracted by a cat.

Orc Warrior: You're on my flank!

Orc Warrior: oh, wait, I'm wrong.

Orc Warrior: Bedlam is on my flank. shoot.

Lyralen: Fast-Draw: result: ?succeeded by 2 » and Fast-Load: result: ?succeeded by 11 »

Lyralen: -4 for 10-yard range, +4 for acc, -5 for skull (rear), no other mods that I can see?

GM: Looks good.

Lyralen: Bow: result: ?succeeded by 3 »

Lyralen: Damage is 6 imp to the skull.

Lyralen: Oof.

Lyralen: ###

Lyralen: (Seriously, bodkins.)

Ystävä: (( also don't roll 1s ))

Orc Warrior: Takes 4 injury. Uhm... resist falling over! result: ?succeeded by 2 »

Orc Warrior: "Owwww!"


Bedlam: Okay, I'm operating under the assumption I have my harpoon at the ready. Am I wrong?

GM: ... I thought you had your sword ready, but if you'd rather have the harpoon, I'm good with the harpoon.

Bedlam: actually... i don't think I even readied my sword

Bedlam: or my harpoon

Bedlam: so I'll roll fastdraw then make my move

Bedlam: k?

GM: ... sometime in the 3 minutes it took you guys to get from the eagles to hear is plenty of time to get out a weapon. Pick one and go!

Bedlam: okay - harpoon is cool with me then

Bedlam: #6 is flanked by me?

Lyralen: #6 has his back to you.

GM: No, you're behind him and none of them have seen you anyway.

Bedlam: okay, i'll go with that extra effort step and backstab #6 then

Bedlam: Backstab with Greatsword, telegraphed (darkness penalty negated) result: ?succeeded by 5 automatic deceptive attack for -8/-4 »

Bedlam: oh, i forgot to target the neck

Bedlam: can we count that in the roll please?

GM: I'm not trying to be difficult, but I thought you had the harpoon out?

Bedlam: my brain isn't working

Bedlam: crap, i can't keep track of what i'm doing tongiht, sorry

GM: we'll go with a telegraphed backswing to the neck, great. Roll damage.

Bedlam: right, so i'm backstabbing with harpoon then

Bedlam: or that

Bedlam: Greatsword does 16 (cut)

Bedlam: really sorry... i think i'm sick

Orc Warrior: Hey, I have DR3! I take 26 injury! I fall over.

Bedlam: i know i'm usually scatterbrained... but man

Narrator: The big man runs up behind the orc and carves through his spine.


Ystävä: one sec

Ystävä: So yeah. "Why the fighting there!?" Turn and Move.

Ystävä: ***

ROUND2: YOU ARE UP, Beltarne!

Beltarne: Moving!

Beltarne: Rather, stepping and Readying axe!

Beltarne: ###

ROUND2: YOU ARE UP, Torvall!

Torvall: Drop crossbow to its sling. Fast-draw broadsword - result: ?succeeded by 5 ». Ready shield 1 of ?. Step.

Torvall: How many turns to ready a med shield?

GM: I'm willing to assume that everyone is using Buckler shields that can be readied as 1 action.

Torvall: ###

Torvall: ok

GM: Because Low-Tech made it clear that only suckers use the other kinds.


Osgar: does #9 have a shield?

GM: Yes.

Osgar: zap #3 with my d4 lightning bolt, -5 range

Osgar: Lightning result: ?CRITICALLY FAILED by 14 »

Osgar: um

GM: that was a hit, I see that.

Osgar: should have been by 1

Orc Warrior: Block! result: ?succeeded by 1 »

Osgar: um, block to his back?

Osgar: while stunned?

Osgar: (( I think that is the stun icon ))

GM: oh, sorry, thought that was #9 for some reason. No, the Brute will just take it. Damage?

Osgar: Lightning does 0

Torvall: WTH?

Lyralen: o.O

Osgar: sec, die roller dead

Osgar: uses LUCK at 2011-05-02 17:34:28 CST.

Osgar: Lightning does 12

Osgar: Lightning does 6

Osgar: guess it is just not my day

Osgar: still, 12 isn't bad

Lyralen: 12 on 4d6-4 is downright average!

Ystävä: (( 0 is just statistically mind boggling. ))

Torvall: 2 above average

Osgar: yes, someday I will learn not to use stuff with -1 per die

Orc Warrior: I'm a big, tough brute in heavy mail, so I take 11 burning injury. Eeek! Resist knockdown result: ?succeeded by 5 » and resist stun result: ?succeeded by 3 »

Orc Warrior: Also, now on fire

ROUND2: YOU ARE UP, Orc Warrior 9!

Orc Warrior: Brute tries to remember he's in a fight result: ?failed by 2 »

Lyralen: I think he should get a bonus to the IQ roll to recover from 'fight started' stun.

Lyralen: For BEING ON FIRE.

Orc Warrior: 13 steps to the side, blinking with pain, and cuts at Mouser again from the flank result: ?succeeded by 3 »

Mouser: does not like being attacked.

Mouser: that -3 still apply?

GM: Shock never applies to defenses.

Mouser: groovy

Mouser: Dodge(11) result: ?succeeded by 2

Orc Warrior: 9 notices Bedlam - "hey, dere's a big man there!" and thinks about what to do... he's go to close with Bedlam, it's his only choice. ... crap!

Orc Warrior: He steps and uses extra effort for an extra step and cuts at Bedlam's right arm result: ?failed by 1 » DA-2/-1

Orc Warrior: ...

Bedlam: grins at him. Then frowns as he is attacked.


Bedlam: does not care for orcs with shields that see him coming.

Mouser: sigh

Mouser: pouncing orc 9

Mouser: any problems with that?

GM: Nope.

Mouser: i'm on his flank right?

Mouser: or at least hard to block?

GM: Nope.

Mouser: okay, i'll take a chance

Mouser: Pounce result: ?succeeded by 6 automatic deceptive attack for -2/-1 »

Orc Warrior: Block! result: ?succeeded by 4 »

Orc Warrior: Does my shield break? 2 on a 1.

Orc Warrior: weee!

GM: Jumping roll for Mouser to land on his feet?

Mouser: Jumping result: ?succeeded by 9

ROUND3: YOU ARE UP, Lyralen!

Lyralen: Fast-draw: Two arrows, result: ?succeeded by 9 » and result: ?succeeded by 8 »; Fast-load both: result: ?succeeded by 10 » and result: ?succeeded by 4 », step forward, and fire at Orc 9's face. The first is a Feint, I want him to dodge INTO the second one. I have -1 for 3-yard range, -1 for DWA, -2 for Mouser in the way, +4 for acc, no other mods?

GM: Right.

Lyralen: Feint: result: ?succeeded by 8 » and Fire: into the face, result: ?succeeded by 5 »

Orc Warrior: Resist feint! result: ?succeeded by 7 »

Lyralen: -2 to defend total from the DWA.

Orc Warrior: Dodge! result: ?succeeded by 2 »

Lyralen: Might hit Mouser, might hit the Brute.

Lyralen: Wait, dodge at +2 -1?

GM: No, you don't get the DWA effect unless you actually throw down two attacks. A feint and an attack shouldn't get the DWA defense penalty (he has a shield).

Lyralen: Ah, right.

GM: Hitting Mouser? result: ?failed by 5 » and result: ?failed by 4 »

GM: Hitting the Brute? result: ?succeeded by 0 » and result: ?failed by 2 »

Lyralen: Not the brute's day.

Lyralen: Off-shield flank, too.

GM: The brute can dodge, but shan't bother because -6 penalties means he's more likely to fall over than succeed.

Lyralen: Damage is 9 imp

Orc Warrior: The brute takes another injury but stands, staggering.


Bedlam: if i stab instead of swing, can i avoid hitting mouser easier?

GM: Nope.

Bedlam: It should be okay.

Bedlam: Attack with Greatsword result: ?succeeded by 6 automatic deceptive attack for -2/-1 »

Ystävä: Looking good.

GM: Did you include the -2 penalty for Mouser being in close combat?

Bedlam: no

Bedlam: sorry, forgot

Bedlam: success by 4 is still success

Orc Warrior: Dodge and sidestep! result: ?succeeded by 0 »

GM: I'm just taking the DA penalty as the close combat penalty.

GM: Attack hits Mouser? result: ?succeeded by 3 »

Bedlam: ack!

GM: Mouser can Dodge, but not retreat.

Mouser: Dodge(11) result: ?succeeded by 3

Bedlam: whew

GM: Don't kill your own cat!


GM: Double MP to move through the woods, Ystava.

Ystävä: Aha! No, I won't be goring him because there are trees in the way

Ystävä: Is he crazy enough to charge into the Reach of the longhorn minotaur?

Ystävä: ***

ROUND3: YOU ARE UP, Beltarne!

Beltarne: I move!

Beltarne: ###

ROUND3: YOU ARE UP, Torvall!

Torvall: Trundle forward...ish!

Torvall: ###

GM: Heh.


Osgar: step, cast lightning

Osgar: Casting Lightning result: ?succeeded by 3 -1 FP

ROUND3: YOU ARE UP, Orc Warrior 9!

Osgar: er, 4d sp 2-1=1 FP

Orc Warrior: Warrior 9 looks at his odds, panic reaching his eyes as Beltarne and Ystava move to surround him. Bellowing in panic and rage, he closes with Lyralen, swinging his axe madly result: ?CRITICALLY SUCCEEDED by 10 » All-out determined attack DA-6/-3 description bonus

Lyralen: Well.

Lyralen: Defensive luck.

Orc Warrior: sigh... result: ?succeeded by 1 »

Orc Warrior: sigh... result: ?succeeded by 8 »

Orc Warrior: Warrior 13 moves back toward the fight.

Orc Warrior: Brute tries to figure out what's going on result: ?succeeded by 4 » and takes damage 2 and 0

Lyralen: Also, are you sure he doesn't want the square directly north of me instead?

Orc Warrior: No, he likes the space he's in.

Lyralen: Oh, I guess I can retreat either way. Never mind.

Orc Warrior: Brute also tries not pass out result: ?succeeded by 1 »

Lyralen: Retreating dodge: result: ?succeeded by 1 »

Orc Warrior: "KHHAAAAANNN!"


Bedlam: okay, NOW mouser has #9 flanked?

GM: Nope, now he's behind #9 who all-out attacked anyway and can't defend against anything.

Mouser: flanked, behind, can't defend... all the same

Mouser: pouncing

Mouser: Pounce result: ?succeeded by 2 automatic deceptive attack for -2/-1 »

GM: nah, flanked is different than behind.

GM: Mouser does 16 to the orc, and takes 4 from him (knockback only)

Mouser: Jumping result: ?succeeded by 5

Narrator: Mouser jumps on the warrior's back, slamming him into the ground beneath the trees.

ROUND4: YOU ARE UP, Lyralen!

Lyralen: Takes to the air, drawing and readying an arrow.

Lyralen: Aerobatics check to maneuver in tight spaces result: ?succeeded by 6 »


Bedlam: okay, 1 step puts him in range of #13 or no?

Lyralen: Needs 2.

Lyralen: And I'm back.

GM: No, you only have reach 2.

Bedlam: i'll take extra effort

GM: Excellent. I mean, go ahead.

Bedlam: Attack with Greatsword result: ?succeeded by 8 automatic deceptive attack for -2/-1 »

Orc Warrior: 13 parries with his axe result: ?succeeded by 6 »

Bedlam: hmmf


Ystävä: SIgh. More running!

Ystävä: ***

ROUND4: YOU ARE UP, Beltarne!

Beltarne: Moar moving!

ROUND4: YOU ARE UP, Torvall!

Beltarne: And attack, even!

Torvall: What he said!

GM: wait, is Beltarne attacking?

Beltarne: result: ?failed by 5 »

Torvall: without the attack...

Torvall: ###


Beltarne: And failing.

Osgar: zap 13 in the vitals, -3 range, -3 vitals

GM: Roll it.

Osgar: Lightning result: ?succeeded by 0 »

Orc Warrior: Block! result: ?failed by 1 »

Osgar: Lightning does 9

Orc Warrior: nuts!

Lyralen: Can't you not target the vitals unless it's tight-beam burning?

Osgar: I thought lightning qualified?

Lyralen: Nope, it's bu.

Lyralen: Get Sunbolt, it's TBB.

Osgar: oh

GM: Oh.

Orc Warrior: Resist stun! result: ?failed by 3 »

Orc Warrior: Shivers, shakes, spasms, and prepares to die.

Orc Warrior: also wants to run away but it's good to have goals.

ROUND4: YOU ARE UP, Orc Warrior 9!

Orc Warrior: Brute takes 0 fire damage.

Orc Warrior: Resists falling unconscious result: ?succeeded by 3 »

Orc Warrior: Staggers forward, turning, and all-out attacks (Double) at Beltarne "die foul dwarf!" he shouts as flames burn his skin result: ?succeeded by 4 » DA-2/-1 and result: ?succeeded by 8 » DA-2/-1

Orc Warrior: warrior 13 recovers from stun result: ?succeeded by 3 »

Beltarne: Beltarne curses and tries to block the first.

Beltarne: Blocking(13) result: ?succeeded by 7

Orc Warrior: warrior 9 looks at his situation, rolls over result: ?succeeded by 0 »

Orc Warrior: headbuts the fricking cat result: ?succeeded by 1 »

Beltarne: And dodge!

Mouser: Dodge(11) result: ?failed by 2

Orc Warrior: Rarr!

Beltarne: And my dodge macro is broken!

Mouser: 's eyes roll around in his head as he's headbutted.

Beltarne: Dodge(11) result: ?CRITICALLY SUCCEEDED by 7

Beltarne: Success!

Orc Warrior: Damage to mouser is 3 crushing to the face!

Beltarne: grins as the Brute leaves himself completely open.

GM: Mouser takes 2 injury, needs to roll HT or be stunned.

Table CriticalMiss (Orc Warrior): Weapon Unready

Mouser: Health check result: ?succeeded by 0

GM: Beltarne slides under the orc's wildly swinging axe, and the orc looses his grip.


Bedlam: mouser's gonna bite the crap out of him

Mouser: Bite result: ?succeeded by 9 automatic deceptive attack for -2/-1 »

Orc Warrior: uhm... Dodge? result: ?failed by 1 »

Orc Warrior: no dodge.

Mouser: Bite does 13 (imp)

Lyralen: ...Those are some fangs.

Orc Warrior: Uhm. Takes 20 injury. Gives up the ghost.

Ystävä: (( omnomnom ))

Mouser: om nom nom

Narrator: In a massive spray of blood, Mouser's fangs carve deep into the orc's chest.

ROUND5: YOU ARE UP, Lyralen!

Lyralen: flies past the orc to his rear, banks quickly, and snaps a quick shot into the hand holding the unreadied axe. "Bad boys don't get to keep their toys!"

Torvall: ((oooh...fancy))

Lyralen: I have no penalty for range, -2 for MaA, -5 for hand, no mod for size, no bonus for acc, anything I'm missing?

GM: -4 for hand, nothing else.

Lyralen: Aerobatics: result: ?succeeded by 4 »

Lyralen: Bow: result: ?failed by 1 »

Lyralen: Oh, tactician?

Torvall: ((perhaps a little too fancy))

Lyralen: (Failed by 1 on a 14?)

Osgar: Tactics result: ?CRITICALLY FAILED by 3

Osgar: uses LUCK at 2011-05-02 18:24:19 CST.

Osgar: Tactics result: ?succeeded by 6

Osgar: Tactics result: ?succeeded by 4

Osgar: take the by 6

Osgar: IQ check result: ?failed by 1

Osgar: doh, no roll anyhow :(

Lyralen: From here I might hit Ystava or Mouser, though neither's in the direct line of fire.

GM: hits Ystava? result: ?failed by 5 »

GM: hits Mouser result: ?failed by 9 »

GM: Nope.


Bedlam: attacking again

Bedlam: Attack with Greatsword result: ?succeeded by 5 automatic deceptive attack for -2/-1 »

Orc Warrior: Axe parry! result: ?succeeded by 6 »


Ystävä: Weee!

Ystävä: charges the hapless orc, tossing his head at the last moment to drive his horns up through its ribs.

Ystävä: I'm not sure if I can actually target vitals with a horn move-and-slam but hey.

GM: Certainly, you can target stuff.

Ystävä: Horn Thrust to SM 0: result: ?succeeded by 6 » (SM0)

Ystävä: Sold then!

GM: Damages?

Ystävä: Horn does 18 (imp)

Orc Warrior: ... hmm, 18 minus 5 is 13, x3 is 39, I'm already at 0 HP remaining...

Narrator: Lyralen dodges back with a grin as Ystava's horn rips through the orc's chest and out the back, only held away from the elf by the dangerously stretched mail.

ROUND5: YOU ARE UP, Beltarne!

Beltarne: looks startled as his opponents suddenly is lifted in the air by minotaur horn, then shrugs philosophically and turns to AoA(strong) with extra effort fo an extra step.

GM: ... AoA gives you half move.

Lyralen: (AoA allows the move already, don't need the Extra Effort.)

Beltarne: Swinging for the nexck!

Beltarne: result: ?succeeded by 5 »

Orc Warrior: Dodge and retreat result: ?failed by 2 »

Beltarne: Axe does 10 (cut)

Beltarne: +2

Orc Warrior: Takes 18 damage. collapses and starts bleeding out from his partially sundered neck.

Beltarne: "To the wall!"

Narrator: A few moments of violence, and the orc scouting party is dead.

GM: What are you guys up to?

Ystävä: Prying an orc off my head. And then stomping on its head.

Beltarne: I suggest "book to the wall and have Ystava boost us over."

Osgar: I drink some paut

Bedlam: if mouser is done playing with guts, bedlam is going to go pet him to apologize for almost killing him

Beltarne: Maybe followed by "burn the animal pen, and take care of the ogre that might be in the barn."

Orc Warrior: Randomly fire ballistae shot through the woods while people are hanging out there result: ?succeeded by 3 »

Bedlam: oh yeah, and dealing with the camp is a good idea too

Bedlam: "I think they've seen us."

Ystävä: I'm optimistic there might be a riding bear in the barn. But YARK!

Osgar: I think we need to go to the wall

Osgar: so he hits a tree?

Beltarne: We still moving in combat time, GM?

Osgar: starts timing the reload

GM: No, he doesn't hit a tree. And no, we're not quite on combat time.

Lyralen says to the GMs: If it doesn't hit me, you KNOW I'm about to fly up and start pelting the crew with arrows.

Orc Warrior: 15 lbs of loose rocks for everyone! Mouser result: ?failed by 1 »

Lyralen result: ?failed by 2 » Bedlam result: ?succeeded by 0 » Ystava result: ?failed by 4 » Beltarne result: ?failed by 1 » Torvall result: ?failed by 7 » Osgar result: ?CRITICALLY FAILED by 10 » all attacks 4d crushing rocks, Rcl 1

Beltarne: So... not a ballista then?

Narrator: A blast of rocks pelts the area, multilating some of the dying orcs and shredding nearby trees. Bedlam dodges madly as a rock veers in on him.

Ystävä: Ballista is a fuzzy word.

Beltarne: Ah.

Ystävä: Because it meant "our current seige weapon technology" for a long time.

Ystävä: But that tech changed.

GM: Look it up in Low-Tech. It's a stone-thrower that can fire shrapnel-ish rocks.

Ystävä: So yeah.

Beltarne: I thought it meant giant friggen crossbow.

GM: Bedlam can Dodge. Or get hit. His choice.

Bedlam: fair enough, but a balista is a giant crossbow

Bedlam: Dodge(9) result: ?failed by 2

Beltarne: That's what I get for playing too much Rome Total War, I guess.

Orc Warrior: Damage is 6 crushing.

Bedlam: you accounted for my toughness?

GM: No, that's raw damage, I have no idea what the effective injury is.

Bedlam: DR is 4 vs crushing, so...

Ystävä: So 2 crushing

GM: You've had worse.

GM: More orcs move onto the manorhouse roof and start working the ballistae there, while the ones in the watchtowers frantically reload.

Beltarne: Do we get to do things while they're doing all this? And if so, how much?

GM: Certainly you can do stuff!

Osgar: so, we move next to the wall so they can't hit us, correct?

Beltarne: That was a two-part question.

Lyralen: flies up to assess the situation, ready to pelt siege gunners with arrows.

GM: It will make targetting really tricky (they could lob stuff high, but hey).

Osgar: also, vision roll to see if they also have a supply of meteoric rocks

GM: And you can run for at least 30 seconds before they're getting close to ready.

Beltarne: Kay.

GM: Uhm... you're going to detect meteoric iron rocks from their loading baskets that are above you from 150+ yards away? Sure, Vision -12 roll.

Osgar: how long does it take to get over the wall, 30 sec might be enough

Osgar: no, the ones they fired at us

Ystävä: Vision-12+magery?

GM: First, everyone move to where on the wall you want to be.

Osgar: Vision check result: ?succeeded by 2

Osgar: vision-12 by 2

Bedlam: how high is that wall?

Lyralen: ((I expected you guys to make for the corner. I move at least twice as fast as any of you. :P))

Osgar: "Why don't you all get over the wall before they reload?"

GM: The rocks they just launched weren't meteoric, but some of the ones they're reloading have metal ores in them.

GM: Wall is 8 feet tall.

Bedlam: ((i'm assuming we have time))

GM: Torvall are you moving?

GM: Beltarne, Bedlam, Mouser, and Ystava can make Vision-2 rolls.

Osgar: (( yah, you're also moving past the cover from the seige weapons ))

Lyralen: GM - my goal here is suppressive fire, splitting it between the two siege engines. Hitting people is nice, but the goal is to slow them down and make them keep their heads down.

Mouser: Vision check result: ?CRITICALLY FAILED by 5

Torvall: oops didnt see people moving tokens...was watching chat

Lyralen: Everyone else - You should be going to the corner, not following the guy flying 24 feet up.

Beltarne: "Ystavea, boost me over!"

Osgar: "Lads, you might want to stop and go over to avoid their fire"

Bedlam: Vision check result: ?succeeded by 5

Bedlam: so... we going to the corner?

Beltarne: They can shoot right at the corner, we want to go over where the animal pen is in between them and us so they're firing blind.

Narrator: Mouser suddenly jumps vertically, then lands poorly, screeching and licking at his foot.

Bedlam: bedlam sticks with the group, and mouser sticks with him

Narrator: Mouser just stepped on some caltrops and crippled his front paws.

Bedlam: ((can he be helped?))

GM: Magically only.

Beltarne: Sounds like a job for me.

GM: Lyralen, the guys on the roof have -4 cover, you're at range, yadda yadda. How many arrows are you loosing?

Osgar: (( the pen isn't cover, the barn is ))

Beltarne: Vision check result: ?CRITICALLY SUCCEEDED by 9

GM: Also, Mouser is at -3 HP, so he's going to be basically unconscious if he does stuff.

Ystävä: starts chucking people over.

Bedlam: can bedlam use a healing potion on him?

Ystävä: As/when they co-operate but yeah

GM: Bedlam and Beltarne easily dodge the caltrops.

Beltarne: Major Healing (Holy) result: ?succeeded by 9

Beltarne: For Mouser.

Lyralen: I'm going to stop trying to make them worry about me when I'm down to a dozen arrows in the quiver.

Beltarne: 4 FP worth of healz

Beltarne: 8 HP unless he's over 20 HP.

GM: Okay, Lyralen: make 6 archery rolls.

Torvall: I believe he is

Bedlam: just

Beltarne: Then 16 HP healed.

Bedlam: 21 max

Lyralen: I'm going to make these unmodified but for Acc. You decide what my penalty is and if I hit. Fair?

GM: Mouser's feet are less hurt but he's still down. No longer half-unconscious, though.

Osgar: can I zip over the wall and go next to the back of the barn or will that trigger combat early?

Bedlam: okay, nvm on that potion then

Lyralen: Bow: result: ?succeeded by 10 »

GM: Lyralen: yes.

Lyralen: Bow: result: ?succeeded by 8 »

Lyralen: Bow: result: ?succeeded by 8 »

Lyralen: Bow: result: ?succeeded by 16 »

Lyralen: Bow: result: ?CRITICALLY SUCCEEDED by 18 »

Lyralen: Bow: result: ?succeeded by 14 »

Bedlam: "Mouser, you stay here. I'll come back for you."

Mouser: seems to nod and curls up small next to the wall.

GM says to the GMs: 2 and 1 You say to the GMs: 2 and 1

Narrator: Lyralen launches a half-dozen arrows at the orcs, forcing their heads down and dropping two of them.

GM: Okay, 20 seconds gets everyone to the wall and past the caltrops. How are you getting over?

Torvall: I will throw 4 points of healing at him for an effective 8. Will(14): result: ?succeeded by 1 »

Ystävä: I'm tossing a dwarf.

Beltarne: Ystava enthusiastically boosting us over, AFAIK

Ystävä: Dunno about the rest of you.

Bedlam: ((minotaur method))

Beltarne: ESPN 8, the Ocho!

Ystävä: My plan after that is, roughly, grab the top of the wall and scramble over.

Ystävä: It's not even eye height.

Bedlam: ((ystava can boost bedlam up to the top, then bedlam can help him up))

GM: Right. Who's going over first?

Beltarne: Think that's me.

GM: Also, Mouser is now healed, needs to roll HT twice.

Mouser: Health check result: ?succeeded by 6

Mouser: Health check result: ?succeeded by 3

Lyralen: "Three on the left, three on the right!" *twang, twang, twang* "Two on the left, two on the right! Let's see them load that ballista with a third of the crew gone!"

GM: Mouser is healed, the caltrops are removed, and he can act normally.

Bedlam: oh good

Mouser: gets up and nudges Bedlam. Looks like he's ready to go.

Beltarne: So... I need to roll Climbing, Ystava needs to roll ST, what?

Osgar: while they are going over the wall, I move, and then start casting if it looks safeish

GM: You can pretty much just do it. It'll take about 5 seconds (1 ready action to grab, 4 ready actions to lift) for Ystava to lift anyone over the wall with 2 hands.

Beltarne: Kay.

Narrator: Beltarne jumps off the wall and lands in the muck and much of the paddock. A half dozen massive and evil looking war boars and war horses turn toward him.

Beltarne: snarls at them as he moves towards the barn.

GM: Hold your horses! They're attacking!


Torvall: ((uh oh))

Bedlam: he can jump over the wall right?

GM: 8 feet is less than 4.44 yards, so yes.

Bedlam: do i need a jump roll, or just do it?

GM: It's just a Move maneuver.

ROUND1: YOU ARE UP, Dire Boar 2!

Mouser: leaps over the wall, all cat-like. He snarls at the beasts.

Dire Boar: Boar 2 moves toward Beltarne. The other two boars also charge forward.

War Horse: The two war horses trot forward, eyes narrowing and nostrils flaring.

ROUND1: YOU ARE UP, Lyralen!

Lyralen: spies the boars going for Beltarne and calmly draws a pair of arrows; he leads the targets for a split second, then looses, looking to down the creatures mid-charge.

Lyralen: Fast-draw: Two arrows, result: ?succeeded by 2 » and result: ?succeeded by 2 »; Fast-load both: result: ?succeeded by 7 » and result: ?succeeded by 9 »

GM: He's probably got -1 cover from the wall at that angle.

Lyralen: What if I add 2 vertical yards as I step forward?

GM: Good enough.

Lyralen: Range penalty on both is -5 with the step, size is +1, acc is +4, DWA is -1, anything I'm missing?

GM: Nope.

Lyralen: Boar 2: To the vitals, -2/1 DA result: ?failed by 1 » and Boar 3, also to the vitals, -2/1 DA result: ?succeeded by 5 »

Lyralen: Tactician can't see or hear me. Beltarne, how's your Leadership -2? >.>

Osgar: eh? I can totally see you

Beltarne: Defaut. What is that, average?

Lyralen: Oh.

Lyralen: In that case, tactician?

Dire Boar: Dodges the shot to his torso result: ?succeeded by 1 » and the one to the vitals result: ?succeeded by 1 »

Osgar: IQ check result: ?failed by 4

Osgar: uses LUCK at 2011-05-02 19:09:02 CST.

Osgar: IQ check result: ?succeeded by 4

Osgar: IQ check result: ?failed by 2

Lyralen: Well, I missed anyway.

Osgar: "No, on the other right!"

Lyralen: Boar 2: To the vitals, because it might crit with tactics. -2/1 DA result: ?succeeded by 3 »

Lyralen: Yeah, no.

Lyralen: ###


Ystävä: Gnnn.

Ystävä: Heck, Bedlam can help Torval over the wall, right? Right.

GM: Uhm, sure.

Bedlam: i thought bedlam was going first...

Ystävä: You seem to have fallen out of the initiative!?

Ystävä: peers.

Osgar: (( he isn't even on there! ))

Bedlam: it seems so

Ystävä: You go first. Guess I'm doing it.

GM: What was Bedlam doing?

Bedlam: climbing the wall

Torvall: ((Ready an action to vault me over?))

Bedlam: he'll wait on top to help if needed

Bedlam: otherwise, just go over

GM: okay, make a climbing roll.

Bedlam: Climbing result: ?succeeded by 1

GM: alright, Bedlam is half on the wall, what's Ystava up to?

Ystävä: Readying an action to boost Torval over the wall! By the way, Torvall needs to be in the initiative order too.

GM: I'll add him once he's on top the wall.

ROUND1: YOU ARE UP, Beltarne!

Ystävä: Uh.

Ystävä: Then what triggers me?

GM whispers to Ystävä: what do

you mean?

Beltarne: Am I actually going now, or are we dealing with the initiative sequence?

GM: You're actually going now. Sorry for the confusion.

Ystävä whispers: I've got a readied action and he's not acting, so how's he getting on the wall?

Ystävä whispers: the goal is to boost him in a jump so he gets there faster

Ystävä: afaik

Beltarne: Wait till a boar gets near me and whack it in the leg with my axe.

Ystävä: woops

GM whispers to Ystävä: No,

you're taking Ready Actions to lift him. If he assists, we'll have it to 2 actions.

Ystävä: misstell

GM: Right.

Ystävä whispers: He was talking about vaulting. *shrug*


Osgar: I ready the mace with the long range casting enchant on it

Osgar: ###

ROUND1: YOU ARE UP, Warhorse 2!

War Horse: okay, this time they move for real.


Bedlam: AoD dodge

GM: Clever.

ROUND2: YOU ARE UP, Dire Boar 2!

Dire Boar: Boar #2 decides to eliminate Beltarne by running him over and stuff result: ?succeeded by 4 » all-out determined DA-4/-2

Beltarne: And triggers my wait!

GM: oops.

Beltarne: Telegraphed attack to the foreleg.

Lyralen: Clearly the boars went to the Leprechaun school of tactical thought.

Beltarne: Actually, rapidstrike telegraph!

Beltarne: Hooray!

Dire Boar: Boar 3 makes a Move and Attack (Gore) on Mouser result: ?succeeded by 2 » DA-2/-1

Beltarne: result: ?succeeded by 4 »

Beltarne: result: ?failed by 1 »

Beltarne: Boo!

Beltarne: Axe does 5 (cut)

Beltarne: Again boo!

Dire Boar: Boars 4 and 5 keep moving forward at the trot.

Beltarne: Ah well.

Beltarne: And now I defend!

Beltarne: Blocking(11) result: ?failed by 1

Dire Boar: Boar 2 ignores Beltarne's slash and runs him over.

Osgar: tactics? why not?

Beltarne: Luck!

Osgar: IQ check result: ?succeeded by 0

Beltarne: Blocking(11) result: ?succeeded by 6

Beltarne: Blocking(6) result: ?failed by 6

Beltarne: uses LUCK at 2011-05-02 18:21:34 MTN.

Beltarne: Take by 6

Osgar: doh

Dire Boar: ... 44.1

GM: Your shield takes it.

Osgar: hmm, did that use tactics or luck?

Beltarne: Luck

Osgar: ok

GM: Did Mouser defend?

Bedlam: i didn't see the attack, sorry

Bedlam: what's the aod bonus?

GM: +2 to a single defense (Dodge, presumably).

Mouser: Dodge(13) result: ?failed by 1

Osgar: hmm, can I tactics an animal?

GM: Certainly.

Osgar: IQ check result: ?CRITICALLY SUCCEEDED by 8

Mouser: Dodge(13) result: ?succeeded by 6

Bedlam: i'll take it

ROUND2: YOU ARE UP, Lyralen!

Osgar: do the boars hit the wall?

Bedlam: and get stuck? (hopeful aura)

GM: Nope, they stop just short.

Lyralen: So all of my targets are in close combat, but either AoAed or Move and Attacked.

Lyralen: Well, the ones I was shooting at last time.

GM: That's true.

Ystävä: Not known for rational thought.

Lyralen: "If at first you don't succeed, try putting more arrows into their spleens. Or something."

Lyralen: Fast-draw: Two arrows, result: ?failed by 1 » and result: ?succeeded by 7 »; Fast-load both: result: ?succeeded by 12 » and result: ?CRITICALLY SUCCEEDED by 14 »

Lyralen: Uh. Hm.

Lyralen: Tactician?

GM: Spend the round drawing an arrow, it looks like? Or Tactician.

GM: Is Osgar using Tactician?

Osgar: sure!

Osgar: IQ check result: ?failed by 3

Lyralen: I spend the round drawing an arrow!

Lyralen: ###

Osgar: sec, looking at luck

Lyralen: Oop.

Osgar: uses LUCK at 2011-05-02 19:27:20 CST.

Osgar: IQ check result: ?failed by 5

Osgar: IQ check result: ?failed by 4


Torvall: ((Not meant to be...))

GM: Take a Change Position maneuver to stand up on the wall, or make an Acrobatics roll to roll off and land more or less on your feet as a Move maneuver.

Bedlam: can i jump down and attack? or do i use up my turn jumping down?

GM: You can try to Move and Attack, but you're still mostly straddling the wall.

Bedlam: how about climbing roll? i'm not an acrobat

GM: You'll have to try a Change Position Maneuver, tehn.

Bedlam: okay, i'll do that


Ystävä: continues boosting Torval!

Ystävä: ***

ROUND2: YOU ARE UP, Beltarne!

Beltarne: Sidestep, and swing for the neck, telegraph.

GM: You'd have to evade to move SW.

Beltarne: result: ?succeeded by 3 »

Beltarne: Kay.

Beltarne: Axe does 5 (cut)

Beltarne: I hate ones.

Beltarne: ###

Dire Boar: Has DR3, 26 HP, HPT, and is thinking about going Berserk. Your 4 injury doesn't do much to him.


Osgar: can I do some kind of "all-out-tactics" to improve my shouting of orders if it's all I do?

Osgar: er, all-out-leadership

GM: Uhm, sure! +2 to Leadership, no defenses. Sounds fair.

Osgar: hmm, ok

ROUND2: YOU ARE UP, Warhorse 2!

War Horse: Run forward! Both of them!


Bedlam: hmm...

Bedlam: mouser steps and bites the boar

Bedlam: penalties?

GM: Nothing.

Bedlam: and the boar can't defend right?

GM: No, he Moved and Attacked, not All-Out Attacked.

Bedlam: okay

Mouser: Bite result: ?succeeded by 2 automatic deceptive attack for -2/-1 »

Dire Boar: Dodge! result: ?succeeded by 0 »

Bedlam: lucky sob

ROUND3: YOU ARE UP, Dire Boar 2!

Dire Boar: 2 keeps all-out stabbing at Beltarne result: ?succeeded by 2 » DA-4/-2 AoA determined

Dire Boar: 3 steps back and stabs at Mouser result: ?succeeded by 0 » DA-2/-1

Beltarne: Blocking(14) result: ?succeeded by 4

Beltarne: Blocks and retreats.

Dire Boar: 5 advances

Dire Boar: 4 runs down Beltarne result: ?failed by 2 »

Mouser: Dodge(11) result: ?failed by 1

Dire Boar: or misses in the process.

Osgar: tactics!

Osgar: IQ check result: ?succeeded by 6

Mouser: Dodge(11) result: ?failed by 2

Bedlam: ugh

Osgar: :(

Dire Boar: Damage to Mouser is 13 impaling vs DR1.

Bedlam: well he's a pincushion now

GM: The Boar rips into Mouser, slashing a huge gash down the cat's ribs.

Narrator: The Boar rips into Mouser, slashing a huge gash down the cat's ribs.

GM: Mouser takes 24 injury, needs to roll HT or be stunned.

Mouser: Health check result: ?succeeded by 1

Bedlam: "Mouser!"

ROUND3: YOU ARE UP, Lyralen!

Lyralen: swoops in directly above where Torvall is being boosted over the wall, and sends an arrow winging into a boar's eye.

Lyralen: I have -1 range, +1 size, -9 eye, -2 MaA, anything else?

GM: Nope.

Lyralen: Here's hoping. result: ?succeeded by 0 »

Lyralen: Woo!

Dire Boar: Hey!

Ystävä: Nicely done

Lyralen: Damage is 8 imp to the eye.

Dire Boar: 32 damage... Berserk is not going to help here result: ?failed by 5 »

Dire Boar: Not at all.

Narrator: Lyralen flies over the raging boar and puts an arrow in its eyes. It spasms and turns into an uncooked dinner.


Torvall: ((Mmmmm...pork later))

Lyralen: "THAT is how you bring home the bacon."

Bedlam: fast draw sword, and jump down attack that cat-goring bastard?

GM: Sure, it's a move and attack so you're at -2 on the fast-draw roll, but then you're good.

Bedlam: Fast-Draw (Two-Handed Sword) result: ?failed by 1

Bedlam: angrily draws his sword.


GM: Torvall, make a Climbing, Jumping, or Acrobatics roll.

Ystävä: This is three turns of tossing Torval over the wall.

Torvall: Climbing roll? result: ?failed by 3 »

Torvall: Whoops...

Ystävä: So I guess I see two more turns of shoving his butt over the wall in my future!

Narrator: With a mighty heave, Ystava tosses Torvall over the wall!

Torvall: And I fall on my face

GM: Torvall lands in the mud, face-down and takes 6 crushing to the face

Osgar: tactics?

Lyralen: ...Ow.

Osgar: IQ check result: ?succeeded by 2

GM: Reroll the Climbing check, Torvall.

Torvall: Climbing roll again? result: ?failed by 2 »

Torvall: blargh

Ystävä: Ow.

Ystävä: Helping!

Torvall: Not a major wound so I'm mostly ok!

GM: Yeah, but you took damage to your face, so roll HT.

Torvall: HT(13) - result: ?succeeded by 2 »

GM: Okay, you're good.

ROUND3: YOU ARE UP, Beltarne!

Beltarne: Step some more and rapid strike at the legs.

Beltarne: Extra effort, flurry of blows, that is.

Beltarne: result: ?succeeded by 6 »

Beltarne: result: ?succeeded by 0 »

Dire Boar: 4 didn't All-out attack, so he Dodges result: ?CRITICALLY FAILED by 4 » and result: ?succeeded by 3 »

Dire Boar: then he falls over. Shoot.

Beltarne: Axe does 9 (cut)

Beltarne: he make that second dodeg?

Dire Boar: Yes, even with the -3 for being prone.

Beltarne: Kay.

Dire Boar: Angry about that? result: ?failed by 2 »

Dire Boar: Yes, yes he is.


Osgar: more all out leadership

Osgar: ###

ROUND3: YOU ARE UP, Warhorse 2!

War Horse: 2 slows down as he approaches Torvall.

War Horse: Clearly planning to kick him to death or something.

Torvall: Bad horse!

War Horse: 3 keeps moving forward.


Bedlam: he need to roll hp?

GM: Mouser needs to roll HT or fall unconscious and is at -4 to all DX and ST rolls this turn.

Mouser: Health check result: ?failed by 1

Bedlam: oh

Mouser: just lays down in the dirt.

ROUND4: YOU ARE UP, Dire Boar 2!

Dire Boar: 4 is upset. His leg hurts. He fell over. This nut keeps hacking at him. All-out attack Determined on Beltarne! result: ?succeeded by 2 » DA-2/-1 rapid stabbings!

Dire Boar: 3 looks up and prepares to turn Bedlam in a shish-ke-bob (wait, stop thrust against Bedlam).

Beltarne: Blocking(14) result: ?succeeded by 4

Dire Boar: 5 keeps charging toward Beltarne.

ROUND4: YOU ARE UP, Lyralen!

Beltarne: steps back and casually swats aside the boar's tusks with his shield.

Lyralen: shifts his bow to his left hand and draws his sword. Extra effort, fast ready. DX: result: ?succeeded by 2 »

Lyralen: Flies between the two charging warhorses, flailing madly with the flat of the blade to get their attention.

Lyralen: Aerobatics: result: ?succeeded by 4 »

Lyralen: I want them mad at me, not Torvall.

Lyralen: I don't want to hurt them.

Lyralen: (Much)

GM: okay, Animal Handling (Horses) roll

Lyralen: IQ-5?

GM: I think so.

Lyralen: IQ: result: ?failed by 3 »

Lyralen: That's not a bad failure! Still might work. Horses are dumb.

GM: The horses don't decide to kick the crap out of you immediately.

Lyralen: "Make a horse angry at me" should be a pretty easy task.


Bedlam: jump down and attack boar #3

Bedlam: penalties?

GM: It's a move and attack action... you're swinging against a 9, can't defend with the weapon, and can't retreat. No other penalties.

Lyralen says to the GMs: I really kind of feel that 'annoy a warhorse with flapping wings and flailing blade' should be getting a bonus. It's not like I'm asking it to do something it *doesn't* want to do.

Bedlam: okay

Bedlam: Attack with Greatsword result: ?failed by 2 »

Bedlam: not sure where to move him to

Osgar: leadership for reroll!

Osgar: IQ check result: ?succeeded by 5

Bedlam: Attack with Greatsword result: ?succeeded by 1 »

Dire Boar: Dire Boar all-out attacks Bedlam on the way down (double) result: ?succeeded by 0 » and result: ?succeeded by 9 »

GM: Make your damage roll, and make your defenses.

Bedlam: O.o

Bedlam: Greatsword does 9 (cut)

Bedlam: Dodge(9) result: ?succeeded by 3

Bedlam: "That's for Mouser!"

GM: Second Dodge?

Bedlam: Dodge(9) result: ?succeeded by 3

Dire Boar: Resist going berserk result: ?succeeded by 2 »

Dire Boar: Better part of valor!

Bedlam: what's that icon?

Narrator: Bedlam jumps down, narrowly dodging between the boar's tusks and smartly smacking it with his sword.

GM: He's fleeing.

GM: Or at least intends to.


Ystävä: scrambles up the wall!

GM: Make a Climbing Check

Ystävä: Any penalties?

GM: Nope. Success gets a leg over the wall.

Ystävä: Climbing (12): result: ?failed by 3 »

Ystävä: wee!

ROUND4: YOU ARE UP, Beltarne!

Ystävä: Luck on that >.>

Ystävä: uses LUCK at 2011-05-02 21:14:06 EST.

GM: oh, right.

Ystävä: Climbing (12): result: ?succeeded by 4 »

Ystävä: Climbing (12): result: ?failed by 1 »

Ystävä: flails and accidentally hooks a leg over the wall.

Beltarne: Swinging for the neck, here.

Beltarne: result: ?succeeded by 7 »

Lyralen: ((It AoA'ed. Telegraph a pick to the eye?))

GM: Are you stepping in next to him?

Beltarne: ((Get stuck when I need to deal with 5))

Beltarne: Yes.

GM: Damage?

Beltarne: Axe does 6 (cut)

GM: Blood sprays as Beltarne cuts at the boar, but it keeps struggling to its feet.

ROUND4: YOU ARE UP, Torvall!

Torvall: Struggle to a kneeling position.

GM: You're good.


Torvall: ###

Osgar: more all out leadership

ROUND4: YOU ARE UP, Warhorse 2!

War Horse: Horse 2 steps forward and starts on the kicking the crap out of Torvall plan result: ?succeeded by 4 »

War Horse: 3 considers who to beat up 2, attacking Lyralen on a 1 or 2.

Torvall: Block: result: ?succeeded by 2 »

War Horse: Turns and tries to slam the flying elf result: ?succeeded by 1 »

Lyralen: retreats up and back. Dodge: result: ?failed by 1 »

Lyralen: Defensive luck!

Lyralen: retreats up and back. Dodge: result: ?succeeded by 5 »

Lyralen: retreats up and back. Dodge: result: ?succeeded by 5 »


ROUND5: YOU ARE UP, Dire Boar 2!

Mouser: is busy trying not to die.

Dire Boar: 4 turns and keeps slashing and stabbing at Beltarne with tusks (all-out determined) result: ?succeeded by 8 »

Beltarne: Blocking(13) result: ?succeeded by 3

Dire Boar: 3 turuns and runs off.

Dire Boar: 5 moves and attacks, trying to run over Beltarne result: ?succeeded by 1 »

Beltarne: Retreat and dodge.

Beltarne: Dodge(12) result: ?failed by 1

Beltarne: Luck

Beltarne: uses LUCK at 2011-05-02 19:23:54 MTN.

Beltarne: Dodge(12) result: ?succeeded by 1

Beltarne: Dodge(12) result: ?succeeded by 1

GM: When did you last use luck?

Beltarne: 18:21

Beltarne: By two minutes!

GM: Nice.

ROUND5: YOU ARE UP, Lyralen!

Lyralen: flies backwards, yelling taunts at the horse.

War Horse: snorts and keeps chasing after Lyralen.


Bedlam: reverse grip and quick sheathe the sword

GM: is that a free action if you make both rolls?

Ystävä: AFAIK yas

GM: Yep, MA51

Bedlam: if i do, i'm fastdrawing a major healing potion and readying it to pour in mouser's mouth

GM: ... sure, why not!

Bedlam: okay... remind me what's the reverse grip roll?

Torvall: skill -6 afaik

GM: alternately, you could just shift grips to 1-hand, unreadying the sword as a free action thanks to your Grip Mastery, and then fast-draw the potion. Otherwise, Greatsword-4.

Bedlam: you know.... i'm fine with that suggestion, gm

Bedlam: Fast-Draw (Potion) result: ?CRITICALLY SUCCEEDED by 10

GM: Free action to ready the potion and pop the cork, you can pour it on Mouser as your maneuver.

Bedlam: on him or in his mouth? (i don't know if it matters)

Beltarne: ((It matters))

GM: It doesn't - you can pour it in his ear a la SHakespeare.

Bedlam: okay, then, great

Bedlam: grabs a potion of major healing, pops it open with a thumb, and pours it on Mouser.

GM: how much does it heal?

Bedlam: i thought i had this macro but i don't... what's the roll for major healing pot?

GM: 1d+6

Bedlam: 11

Bedlam: and doubled, right?

Torvall: should be

GM: Mouser is now up to 19/21 HP


Ystävä: tries to hook one horn around Horse 2s forelimb, yanking it off its hooves.

Ystävä: This is a Sweep attack, which can be done with a striker at Reach. There is no hitlocation penalty just the -3 technique penalty, if I succeed we make a contest of (my sweep or ST) vs its sweep. Do I use my full horn striking ST? what SM is it?

Bedlam: hugs Mouser, manly tears in his eyes.

Lyralen: (vs. its sweep or ST)

Ystävä: Says his ST, DX, Acrobatics or best grappling skill

Ystävä: not sweep

Ystävä: And it's ahorse, so I'm betting on its ST.

GM: The horse is SM+1. You're at -2 for awkward position hanging off a wall. Use the full horn Striking ST.

Ystävä: Hokay! Rolling to hit first! Brawling-3 result: ?succeeded by 2 » no SM modifier, -2 for position.

War Horse: Dodge! result: ?succeeded by 1 »

Ystävä: Ah well.

ROUND5: YOU ARE UP, Beltarne!

Beltarne: Step to the rear, and swing for the legs, rapid strike, telegraph.

Beltarne: result: ?succeeded by 7 »

Beltarne: result: ?CRITICALLY FAILED by 3 »

Beltarne: Poop.

Table CriticalMiss (GM): Loose balace, no action and -2 defences until next turn

Beltarne: Axe does 8 (cut)

Beltarne: To one leg.

Osgar: leadership?

GM: Go for it.

Osgar: IQ check result: ?succeeded by 2

Narrator: Beltarne hacks at one of the boar's legs, but they huge and thick.

Beltarne: result: ?succeeded by 2 »

Beltarne: Axe does 8 (cut)

Beltarne: Double it up.

Dire Boar: resist losing a rear leg result: ?succeeded by 5 »

ROUND5: YOU ARE UP, Torvall!

Torvall: Stand and apologize to the horse as I hack at one of its legs. result: ?failed by 0 »

Torvall: ffs

Osgar: last one?

Osgar: sure!

Osgar: IQ check result: ?succeeded by 3

Torvall: result: ?succeeded by 6 »

Lyralen: Wait, how do you fail by 0?

Torvall: 17 skill

Lyralen: Oh.

War Horse: Dodge! result: ?failed by 3 »

Torvall: 13 cutting damage.

Torvall: ###

Narrator: Torvall's sword slashes out, dropping the horse as cuts the leg.

War Horse: #2 Decides that enough is enough and focuses on screeching in pain.


Torvall: feels like crap now...

Osgar: concentrate on daze!

ROUND5: YOU ARE UP, Warhorse 2!

War Horse: 3 keeps charging at Lyralen result: ?succeeded by 1 »

Lyralen: Bloody accurate horse.

Lyralen: Keep giving ground. result: ?succeeded by 0 »

War Horse: keeps running.


ROUND6: YOU ARE UP, Dire Boar 2!

Bedlam: no ht rolls to regain consciousness?

GM: No.

Bedlam: okay

Dire Boar: boar 4 keeps turning and slashing at Beltarne result: ?succeeded by 5 »

Dire Boar: boar 5 turns and stabs at Beltarne result: ?succeeded by 7 » all-out determined DA-4/-2

Beltarne: Blocks the first!

Beltarne: Blocking(13) result: ?succeeded by 6

Beltarne: Retreats and parries the second!

Beltarne: Parry with Axe(16) result: ?succeeded by 3

GM: why hadn't you been doing that earlier? whatever.

ROUND6: YOU ARE UP, Lyralen!

Lyralen: turns and whacks the horse's rump with the flat of his blade as he flies towards the roof of the stable. Move and Attack: result: ?succeeded by 1 »

Lyralen: That's not a damaging attack, just an annoying 'HELLO I AM HERE COME GET ME'.

War Horse: Dodge! result: ?failed by 4 » I have peripheral vision

War Horse: and I'm pissed!


Lyralen: Also, I'm not sure if this orc I'm seeing is on the roof or inside.

GM: Inside.

Lyralen: K. How high is the roof?

GM: 30 feet or so.

Bedlam: this fight looks about wrapped up, right?

GM: Pretty much, I don't think the last two boars are going to survive long enough to actually damage Beltarne.

Beltarne: I am a tiny fortress of dwarfy protection!

Torvall: Well Ys and I will probablly eviscerate #4 pretty quickly.

GM: Say it takes 2 more seconds to finish them off.

Beltarne: So we're running towards the barn as we fade to black?

Narrator: Ystava jumps over the wall and he, Torvall, and Bedlam put down the last two boars with a flurry of steel.

GM: Is that the plan? Sure.

Osgar: ok

Ystävä: Sounds good.

Lyralen: Does this horse crash comically into the wall?

GM: Nah, horses don't do that.

Narrator: The delvers rally and run for the barn, with Ystava and Bedlam half-dragging Mouser as the orcs finish readying the ballistae and start aiming at the delvers.

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