The West March is divided into many regions.

The Shining Coast Edit

Polisberg sits in the northeast corner of the West March along the Shining Coast. The farm Villages of Lee's Crossing, Sudsgate, Nimfferry, Brass Cove, Firhill, and Cape Shad are all within a few miles of the city, in the safe areas patrolled by the Polisberg Militia. The Silk Road runs west out of town through the coastal plain.

The Westwatch defines the limits of Polisberg authority. This observation tower lies roughly 8 miles west of Polisberg in the Sylwood Forest. The Militia and the Outriders regular patrol for a few miles beyond the Westwatch, and the immediate vicinity is mostly safe and free of monster lairs. The Outriders have partially repaired Kirkengard, 20 miles down the Silk Road, and use it as a haven during their longest patrols. Beyond Kirstengard are the untamed wilds of the West March.

The land rises to the Dergan Hills a few miles south of Polisberg. The twin peaks of Ettinhead are a visible landmark throughout the area, but they are overshadowed by the high peaks of the Grey Mountains beyond. No one is really sure what lies beyond the Grey Mountains, but there is generally believed to be a pass a few miles southwest of Firhill, and surveyors and scouts report seeing a large lake from the highest peaks.


The Storm Coast Edit

West of the Shining Coast, south of the Mage Storm, the Storm Coast's most prominent feature is the Fens of Despair. West of the Fens, the Severn Mountains rise suddenly and provide protection to the southern lands from the fury of the Mage Storm.

The Black Coast Edit

Past the Storm Coast, the black Cliffs of Shattered Fortune rise above the Sea. The low mountains of the Kuroy chain roll south, often descending into forested foothills. The Silk Road turns south here, avoiding most of the Durpold Wastes and tracking the Donjeng River upstream.

The Govia Plains Edit

The Silk Road turns sharply to the south as it crosses these broad plains south of the Storm Coast. The Abbey of Last Resort sits on top of a rocky tor, the highest point around.

Ganshai Edit

This realm lies south of the Black Coast, past the Dupold Wastes. The Kuroy Mountains come to end here, submerging into the brackish waters of Lake Chutzi. Shigrad sits in the plains west of the Lake.

See Also Edit

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