Geography Edit

The Westmarch is mostly rolling hills covered with forest and divided by rivers, though there are some swamps, plains, and mountain chains in the land. Scholars snidely point out that the Westmarch proper is only the central plains, and that the other territories commonly called the Westmarch have other, proper names. Most people ignore them.

A few caravan tracks and trade-roads cross through Westmarch, delivering rare goods at high prices.

Sites of Interest Edit

The Fens of Despair Edit

The Killen River runs inland from the Antillan sea to this fetid, low-lying swamp. It is rumored to be the home of bandits and beasts that prey on caravans on the Silk Road.

The Caverns of Madness Edit

Somewhere valleys and canyons of the Hobar Mountains lies this natural cave network. During a period of peace and prosperity, it was mined by a colony of Polisberg that has since been destroyed.

The Tomb of the Bloody Baron Edit

The Bloody Baron carved a small realm out of the wilderness of the Westmarch in a series of violent wars a few centuries ago. Paranoid in his old age, he ruined his lands in building a highly defensive tomb, so that his enemies could never steal his remaining wealth. The location of the tomb was deliberately obscured, and details have been lost in subsequent wars and unrest. Legend has it that it is less than a week's travel from Polisberg.

The Cliffs of Shattered Fortune Edit

These cliffs are down the Antillan seacoast from the Fens of Despair. Sharp reefs and black rocks make for a difficult approach, and many ships have foundered during the low tides. In earlier times of prosperity, a lightcoast was built to enable safe passage, but it was abandoned udring ancient wars.

The Shrouded Valley Edit

This valley in the center of the West Marches was once the home of a powerful ogre tribe. It was an strategic location in many of the wars fought over the West Marches. Now, an occult cloud hangs over the vale, leaving it in shadow.